BL21 – 0000 1111 – Police Extend The Thin Blue Line To Calgary


It is tragic whenever anyone is killed doing their job.

Police do it up right, a huge crowd at every turn on the road to the cemetery.

An officer was hit by a car he tried to stop.

And so the ending of his life is marked by support of police from around the world.

Why is it that at least SOME those same people do not show up for the funeral of a citizen murdered by a police officer?

Here is every photo Google can find for George Floyd’s funeral…

There are fewer police in attendance.

Like this poor man:

Why has no one invented a device to safely take a mentally deranged man into custody?

Why can we launch a Tesla to Mars and not do this simple thing?

There are tasers, chemicals and soft restraints.

The TBL embraces all policemen the same, so this is not an “American Thing” n any way. It is a worldwide phenomenon.

When will we admit testosterone is the villain?

You put more than one male in a situation, and testosterone rules.

As each additional make arrives, his testosterone tells him he is superior to every other male there and he acts accordingly.

Author: Bob Lepp

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