BL21 – 0000 1000 – Nashville Christmas ruined by I.T. Consultant who understood the universe


Nashville’s Christmas Day opened with a bang when a man taking leave of reality used his intimate oneness with the universe led him to blow himself up.

He had mailed some letters to friends, some with the clues to his bad judgement in the form of explosives. He claimed he had finally understood what REALYY drives the universe, and that lizard people walked among us, cloaked by special devices they wore.

in simpler terms, his brain departed the known universe in more ways than one.

Beware those who claim to have been blessed to know the REAL meaning.of the universe. That is the universal, yes, pun intended, the universal indicator you are in the presence of a nut job. Only nut jobs claim that knowledge. Some claim to to able to get stuff free from the universe just by knowing how to ask.

so, if a person blogs that they figured out the universe, run, run away. No goo can come from that person until their feet touch down again.

How to find the universe understanders among us.


just search for that phrase they all end up typing…

“I am also a student in the metaphysical science realm – in understanding energy and brain function and how the Universe really works.”

universal cognizance detector

if you Google that exact phrase, quotation marks included you will find those who have risen above us all, knowledge-wise.

if you stumble on such a person’s thoughts, read them all so you learn from them.

1% of us will depart reality today. There is no shame in the failure of a body part. It happens .

today in Canada alone 378,948 of us will need a tuneup to return to mortal thought. Chemical imbalances can be restored.

So, if anyone not named Neil Degrasse-Tyson sends you a letter claiming cloaked lizard people or personal knowledge of how the universe REALLY works,… contact the authorities and start helping your friend.

Be a true friend. Friends do not let friends leave the earth under their propeller hat and tinfoil. Be part of the solution.

Author: Bob Lepp

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