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Woman #2’s statement is at:

Woman #3’s statement is at:

When will a victim impact statement be used?

An impact statement will not be used unless or until a criminal conviction has been rendered. It can also be used in the case of a plea bargain. Victims should discuss when to submit their statement with the Crown or the victim services provider.

The victim should note that the victim impact statement will be shared with the defence and therefore the offender will see it. Once an impact statement has been entered into court, it becomes public record. The victim should be aware that the defence may question them about their statement, but that this is a rare occurrence.

it becomes public record.”

Sentencing December 4, 2019 J. Rose

Justice Rose on December 4, 2019 ordered the 3 women THROUGH THE CROWN to NOT go outside the impact of this one charge, but everyone did and misled the Justice as to the facts. The Crown came back from telling them to keep to the impact of THIS ONE PHOTO. He had NOT had them edit their work, and instead he said he was defying J. Rose’s order because he “did not feel it is my duty to tell them what NOT TO SAY”… he told J. Rose he had just REFUSED his order. J. Rose did nothing, said nothing, and just let all 3 women say whatever they wanted.

Notice it does not specify WHEN I may question them. So I will do it at trial April 26, 27 and 28, 2021. It proves bias. And deception.

The Transcript of J. Rose’s court December 4, 2019

MR. ELDER: Now the – the way in which I propose to proceed is – they’re just going to read them into the record because there were so many edits, it’s just – I think – cleaner to do it that way. 

(Lepp: “So many edits”?…. none. )

THE COURT: That’s fine. 

MR. ELDER: I’ve disclosed the documents in question to Mr. Lepp.


“So many edits” was a grand total of zero, considering they added words and did not strike much except alleged awards to woman #1. These same awards are alleged in many blog pasts by woman #1 when she ran Roaring Women.

MR. ELDER: I’m going to be asking for a specific term on probation that he not publish those. 

NO, He did not and COULD not, its’ public record by law. Just the fact he WANTED them concealed is proof they are not really what the law permits, and he knew it from reading them FIRST. The problem each lady had was there was NO IMPACT at all on them of me blogging that photo. NONE.

“MR. ELDER: – I met with the individuals who wish to provide victim impact. And I’ll just put some comments on record. I, I obviously took Your Honour’s comments to them and reiterated that. At the end of the day, I don’t think I’m someone who can tell them what to write. But I reiterated the court’s concerns. “

J. Rose ORDERED him to have the witnesses comply with the law. Again, Crown Greg Elder feels he need not follow the orders of a justice. What is surprising is he tells J. Rose the women did not comply with the order and J. Rose does not even comment on the contempt.


“MR. ELDER: And they have edited their statements to a significant degree. (NOT AT ALL)

I have the originals. woman #2 did NOT change a single word. Woman #3 did not change one word. Woman # 1, herein, added many words, she struck struck a list of wards she had allegedly received, including “Business Woman of the Year – Calgary” which is a magazine “consumer choice” web click vote award and has NOTHING to do with the city of Calgary. It is called the “Calgary edition” of Consumer’s Choice magazine. The male choice was the Chairman of $330 BILLION Husjy Energy and so the magazine ended that category after the obvious abuse of the web vote. She struck :”Officer of the year Oakville 2000″ which was NOT the police force OR Oakville… it was a service club somewhat like the Lions.

“At the end of the day, there may be items in there that are not necessarily something Your Honour CAN consider. And Your Honour, I think is in a position to disabuse yourself of any information you can’t consider. “

Elder admits he knows the statements violate the law. J. Rose does not comment. he cannot “unheard” disparaging remarks and so both HE and Elder are in contempt of the law on impact statements. J. Rose lectured us on what he dod NOT want from the women and got it anyway with the knowledge and SUPPORT of Crown Elder.

As a refresher, here is the COMPLETE photo blogged March 2019 for this charge: (find the alleged false breach!)

Her name was on the law suit style page, at bottom left marked “Lepp” The page was shown ONLY to compare the THICKNESS of my tiny suit and Aurora’s STACK of meaningless defence papers. I could not have seen the names my iPhone, nor could anyone except police read it with a microscopic lens and even then it was so blurry it could not be read UNLESS you KNEW what name was there on the paper. THIS photo got me THREE YEARS OF PROBATION as a FIRST OFFENCE. Simply a ridiculous finding and absurd sentence for a breach of an illega; recognizance against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Please recall the judge ordered them through the Crown to LIMIT their remarks to this ONE CHARGE. She did NOT! None of the 3 did that. They all went back years into their own history to exaggerate what great people they all are. Great people do not go to police with duplicitous stories to get people arrested because that is a crime.

York Regional Police let the 3 women come in for 7 arrets on 26 charges yet nothing they brought PRIOR was proven in court. In fact their previous charges were all rejected by the courts.

“Your Honour, with respect, I heard your comments this morning and I’ve taken that into consideration. And I do not want to disparage Mr. Lepp in any way. “ (she stroked out a list of alleged “awards” which sound like official awards from a police force, a city or a Region when they are NOT.)

She did NOT consider it. In her first paragraph she states she will speak of my “actionS” plural, on her LIFE. Not just the breach being tried. What she removed was A public servant in my mind is is one of the highest callings there is and I have striven in my life to to use my experience, training and empathy to serve to the best of my ability.”

Her “experience, training and empathy”?? She underwent NO Bylaws Training. She apparently had been trained ONLY to assault me June 3, 2017 shoving her fist into my armpit. She showed no empathy at all. I reported her in writing for assault next day June 4, 2017 but police refused to even investigate.

“My intent here is to illustrate the impact of his actions on my life.

She goes WAY beyond a blog post of a photo of page 1 of my lawsuit naming her.

I’ll start with a brief history. This is really only two minutes long. “

She ignores his order in her VERY first sentence. She STARTS SIX YEARS BACK,,,,,,

Check out the history referenced below at

“A little over two minutes long. So, I ask your indulgence. In 2013, as a first responder in one of Canada’s worst natural disasters. I spent two weeks of my life working 20 hours a day rescuing and assisting the general public and my municipality to mitigate the effects of the disaster, and then I spent another year of my life helping them to put the pieces of their lives back together again. For this, I was awarded the Southern Alberta flood medal and commendations from the province of Alberta. In 2015, I moved back to Ontario to continue my 25 career in public service as manager of enforcement. It was in carrying out one of my duties that I first encountered Bob Lepp. In 2017, as a result of simply doing my duty of protecting the health and safety of the community 30 of Aurora, I issued a ticket to Mr. Lepp for an offence of which he was convicted.”

NONE of this related to the alleged breach. At her own public relations improvemnt event, she wrote me a $300 ticket because my two dogs, tied to each other, pulled the knot off a pole and walked to me 20 feet away. She assaulted me from behind shoving her fist and ticket into my armpit and leaving. The judge agreed she assault me and I paid $1 for the “loose dogs”.

“He was enraged as a result and began a personal assault on me. “

Hardly enraged, I wrote out and delivered to police office Gaudet an assault accusation next day, and I asked for the ticket to be cancelled,

“His practice was to blog, and email hundreds of people, including my boss, the CAO, the councillors and he claimed 800 or more businesses repeatedly, disparaging me, telling people I drank and drove, had several mental illnesses resulting in several break downs, and was unfit to serve as a public employee. “

She did not take timely legal action if she believed she was disparaged. In all 2017, 2 years before the alleged breach. I blogged her “Facetime Live” posts and photos wherein she invited people to come join her drinking wine, alone in the photos, at the Carrigan’s bar in Burlington according to the photos she posted. Her date may have been out of view and maybe he drove her there. But, based on the photos she posted she was there alone and lived in York region.

Here is a pdf of my complaint:

“He also launched two civil suits, both delivered at my place of employment. “

No. ONE Small Claims suit for public mischief, misleading police to arrest me, served to HER at Town Hall because the law says I can. Then, Aurora’s lawyer was paid to defend her PWERSONAL suit and he said I had filed in the wrong court. I changed the amount and the court to Superior court at their suggestion. Her lawyer refused to accept service until I had her before a justice who ordered her to accept it.

At one point, he was advised by police to stop emailing me and publicly indicate that he would not stop, despite that advice.

She went to Aurora’s HR Manager Sandra McKenzie who FIRST called in police. One called me and told me to stop emailing her about her name change. She allegedly changed from C….. to E…. in the 11 days between June 3, 2017 and June 14, 2017. Aurora called her C… up to January 25, 20918 and fired her February 2018. She used the term “terminated without cause” which is a legal term meaing “Fired, but paid out an estimated $80,000 cash to not sue Aurora.” Aurora refused an FOI asking for the actual amount. But in Linkedin afterwards she bragged about saving $80,000 working for Aurora at $130,000 annually.

The result of the posting in question today was also posted and sent out to multiple if not hundreds of people.

The post in the falsely accused breach was the photo above.

“After ten months of this continual harassment, I found work in another municipality.”

“Met her June 3, 2017. Arrested 6 weeks later July 14, 2017… no “continual” anything. Erin, 6 months contract, parking officer as announced. Notice, she does not mention being forced to get a new job

“You can only imagine why I had to find work in another municipality; forty-five minutes away from Mr. Lepp’s home, and even out of the region where he lived.”

No one needs to imagine why, she was terminated by Aurora less than 12 months after she began an affair as a married women with the married senior Director and obviously one of them had to leave, so Aurora covered it up as a firing with cash payoff instead.

“Relentless in his pursuit to get even, he contacted the mayor of the new municipality I worked in and advised him of the lawsuit which is posted in this breach that was posted online. “

“Get Even” ? for $1? ONE DOLLAR? Mayor Allan Alls of Erin is a personal friend of my friend, I wrote him to advise him of her history with the van Deckers and me, the assault, the false arrest, the constant misleading alternate facts she swore were true to police. I did not want him to be embarrassed later. The residents of Erin grouped together and met the mayor and told him of her illegal actions around Erin and she had her contract ended after 4 months of 6. They paid her there remaining two months anyway. So she came out ahead financially.

“He was again, as a result of this, arrested and charged, released with new conditions that he not mention my name, or contact me. “

She had been terminated 6 months BEFORE ths. She stole a copy of my private email to Erin’s Mayor Alls and took it to police August 20, 2018, where she recorded a second interview filled with alternate facts. She was told to bring back a legally obtained copy, I was charged with CC s.301 Publish Defamatory Libel… a charge ruled unconstitutional since 1995. She never did get a legal copy. The charge was added Augist 23, 2018 to 4 other false charges brought by woman #2 and woman #3. All 5 charges were withdrawn, dismissed or stayed by Justice Fuerst November 13, 2019. She is the Senior Regional Justice and she spent just 5 minutes disposing of the 5 charges and admonishing the Crown for prosecuting them.

“Once released, he defied the terms of his release by emailing insurance adjusters, my old employer, police, the Crown, and many others; again disparaging me in blog posts and video presentations – one which is before the Court, but it has been, he’s been acquitted of. “

Wrong. I blogged a photo of page one of a lawsuit no one could read. I did not contact her, I did not name her or the other 2. The charge CANNOT be BOTH “before the court” and :”acquitted of”. I emailed insurance adjusters to determine if they KNEW she was NOT acting as an employee when she arrested me. yet Aurora was claiming insurance to defend her because of her friendship with the Director.

“The justice system has tried to protect me, but Mr. Lepp illustrated his blatant disregard for the justice system repeatedly, almost tauntingly by using my name in more breaches than have been before this Court. “

Wrong. All “BREACHES” are against the administration of justice, they are NEVER against HER. I did not “use her name”. I blogged a photo of my lawsuit page one.

These are only two instances before the Court today. The effects of his crime, although may be seen by the Court as trivial, have not been trivial or insignificant in its effects on my day to day life. Just google my name.”

Google her married name C……., not her maiden name E….. Her many years of running a pyramid-like scheme selling business advice in an allegedly woman’s support group Roaring Women modelled on a USA scheme. She continuously claimed expert business skills she never learned, she had never worked for a for-profit business, just civil service jobs or self employed. Yet, she claimed to be expert in “business” to the ladies she targeted for profits.

“Or, ask the dean of Niagara College, or 800 business owners, or York Region Transit, or the Provincial Courts, or Mike Waters of Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority if they’ve ever heard of me. “

She assaulted me June 3, 2017 and, the “provincial court” justice she refers to read the affidavits of her employees, compared it to her version and sentenced me to pay $1 because I did admit my dogs pulled their rope off the pole. York Transit knew of her because she covered up the No Parking signs at Our Ldy of Grace School at the request of Principal Ines Donato. I just blogged photos of bus stop #1208 filled with parked cars and the buses dropping kids in the street instead. Her Bylaws officers did not know AND STILL DO NOT KNOW it IS against the law to park in any bus stop anywhere in York Region. Transit police did not even know. Mike Waters knew of her because he let her boyfriend build many illegal chainlink fences in multiple floodplain locations, dog park, ball parks, etc. and to dump tons of scrap wood in the dog park without a permit. Fish were killed in a flood due to the illegal fencing which becomes a fishing net in a flood.

“Bob Lepp might be a nuisance to this court and many others, but he has ensured that my name is tarnished before hundreds of employers. Am I impacted? Yes, I am. “

HOW? :”MANY” others? New,arket is the ONLY court. ” is simply duplicitous.

“I could list off the awards I’ve received over the years, but I’m not here to speak to that. I’m here to speak to the impact. “

She DID list the awards, all alleged…and the impact was exactly WHAT? Is she saying she cannot get a job because I published a photo of my law suit? If not, she sho9uld NOT be claiming it as an impact.

“I stand strong, yet still unemployable as a result of his blogs and emails knowing I have served the public for greater good.”

No photo of any suit of mine stops her being employed. They state the very public facts of her career at Aurora, her affair admitted by the Director on the witness stand, and by her boss from Erin at my trial. She was terminated “without cause” and “we ran out of work for her”….by both towns and paid off in both towns to just go away and not sue them back. Every charge she made about me was found to be false by the Crown, and by the courts. And THIS breach was false as well and was struck down.

“I ask this Court to recognize the damage that this man has done to myself and others, despite efforts of the police and the courts to curtail his criminal actions. “

A photo of her name did not DAMAGE her. AGAIN, what was the “impact”? How can the court recognize the impact of simply seeing her own name typed on a public record lawsuit when viewed under a microscope?

“I ask the court to do as I did in 2013 for flood victims, to assist me in putting my life back together, by stopping the flood of misinformation and lies. “

She asks the court to put her life “back together”. She assaulted me. She chose to enter into an affair as a married woman with a married superior in her line of command. She moved in with him. She got cash from Aurora, cash from Erin to go away. Erin residents including teacher Lee Anne Goyeau formed a group to lobby Mayor Alls to get rid of her. She was in charge of her career. She made some unique choices.

“And despite restrictions that Mr. Lepp has had and may have in the future, to stop him from continuing to spout misinformation through blogs and emails. I ask that in his sentence the court include some sort of restitution and apology for his continual crimes despite the courts and police’s actions to try to stop him.”

Seeing her name on a lawsuit…. that is NOT “misinformation”. It is a sworn public record. “Restitution”?? An alleged breach is a crime against the “administration of justice”, not against HER and “restitution” for something with zero impact as she admits is just not a real thing.

“Failure to stop this bully will only serve to embolden him. In these breaches and others not before the court, he has shown his lack of respect for police, the victims and the courts. “

There was no breach. J. Dawe struck it down for a complete lack of proof of any intent, any mens rea. And BOTH the Crown and the justice were admonished in the appeal for not following the November nod December 2019 orders of two Superior Court justices, J,. Fuerst and Dawe, who BOTH ordered her name be REMOVED from all recognizances. This alleged breach was based on illegal terms Crown Greg Elder KEPT in effect despite two justices ORDERING him not to. He was removed from my case.

“It is of course, in Your Honour’s hands to begin the process of writing the wrongs that have continued to date. I implore the court to see this from the perspective of a dedicated public servant who wants to continue to serve but has been made unemployable, by the ongoing false information posted in emails and online, despite the conditions of his release. “

There was NO BREACH related to her name. I cannot make anyone “unemployable” by stating the facts of her two cash induced dismissals. She has never taken timely legal action for any of the elusive “impacts> she refuses to detail.

“And I beg this court to please find a way to stop the bully from continuing his bullying of these current victims and others who may disagree with him. “

EVERY charge by woman #3 FAILED, all 19 charges FAILED. All and every charge she HERSELF EVER made about me failed, was withdrawn, stayed, dismissed or dropped. Only woman #2 got a gui8olty finding and it is under appeal. She interviewed on video with police twice. She used stolen “evidence” from Erin’s Mayor and from my personal email to Director Allan Downey. She had in her hands at her interview copies of BOTH my private emails without approval from the recipients or me. Police asked her to get approved copies, She could not and never came back with them. Unless people choose to come read my blog they do not read about her. I state my opinions of her actions as a town employee during 2016 through February 27, 2018 when she was termninated.

MR. ELDER: Okay. And I just want to make sure she put her name on record, actually. 

THE COURT: M… E…. (no proof or photo id was offered)

M….. E….: Ah, I’ll – for the record, I’m M… E….

THE COURT: Thank you. Got that. Thank you, Ms. E…. Mr. Elder? 

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