BL20-🏌🏻CLXviii – Unsurety

I now have my son as my surety, and several terms of my order were altered. I do NOT yet have a new amended version on paper. All I have is the signed approval by the J.P.

That got me thinking about the role of the surety.

Our Government Says:

Responsibilities of a Surety

Making sure the accused person comes to court on time and on the right dates.

Why would NEITHER police nor the Crown contact my surety before or after the day of my arrest? How can my surety get me to court on time if she is NOT told I was arrested again?

Our courts are BASED ON PAPER. And unless a NEW piece of paper gets created, the OLD piece of paper stands.


Except, to get a new piece of paper published is a VERY difficult task.

On December 6, 2019 while INSIDE the courtroom of J. Harpur I was arrested for allegedly blogging a threatening letter to my wife from Kramer Simaan Dhillon lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian the night before.

The letter itself was mailed, my safe brought it to me in tears.

It just made it clear that my wife would ALSO be financially attacked once Ms Adrian got all my pension money. All of that wording in the letter was fine to blog, but in the middle of it, she named ONE of her clients. I missed that, my eyes were red with rage.

And even though on November 13, 2019 J. Fuerst told Crown Elder to remove her name from all future release terms, there she was… named AGAIN WHEN SHE HAD NO CHARGES OUTSTANDING.

Everyone in the Crown’s office knew on November 13, 2019 that the last charges for woman #1 and #3 were just stayed before J. Fuerst. Seriopus counts, some with life terms, all dropped because J, Fuerst simply ASKED Peter Westgate to get together with Crown Greg Elder, then come before her November 13, 2019. Mr Westgate was able to convince the Crown to stay ALL of the serious charges. That means woman #1 and #3 should be dropped, their names should be removed from all future release orders and recognizances of bail.

They were NOT removed by Crown Greg Elder. He left the names in place when ordered by TWO Superior Court Judges to remove them. That is Contempt times two.

Crown Elder left her and the others in his copyrighted “Not to mention” 85 word rubber stamp. He defied Senior Regional Justice Fuerst. He defied the same order from J. Dawe.

So, on December 6, 2019 when I was arrested, my surety should have been informed at some point one would think. Instead, at about 11:30 am, I was left in a cell where I suffered a heart incident and after 9-1-1 was eventually called, an ambulance eventually arrived. It took forever, almost as though they hoped I’d die in the interim.

I spent all that day, Friday December 6, and the next 3 days in the Southlake Hospital cardio ward. Chained, 2 legs, 2 arms…. to a bed.

No one contacted my surety. My family lost track of me December 6, 2019.

So, when I did not come home, my son and wife went looking for me. They found my car in the court lot. They found a Crown who said I had been taken to Lindsay prison for the weekend until bail court Monday the 9th.

He added that I had been “telephone remanded” to be in court Monday before they sent me to Lindsay.

The Crown, Greg Elder, needed to show I was put before a justice within 24 hours. I was not. I was double leg chained and double handcuffed to a cardio bed from mid-day Friday the 6th to Monday the 9th.

I saw no justice by mid-day on the 7th as is required by law.

And I was being refused my counsel in hospital as well. For about 26 hours I was “lost”. And the Crown lied in its records that I went to prison.

My wife and son finally tracked me down on the 7th and came to see me in Emergency. They were first physically barred from seeing or speaking to me. My son was told to leave the hospital or he would be arrested on the spot. He left.

My counsel was permitted to see me later Saturday the 7th. Well after 24 hours.

Why was my surety not contacted BEFORE my arrest 11:30 am December 6th, or at least soon AFTER my arrest and hospitalization? They had her name. phone and email address, it would have taken just seconds.

Lindsay Prison records show I was locked up there December 6, 7, 8 and released on the 9th for court.

Which is strange, since I was in Southlake in Newmarket December 6-9th inclusive.

On March 4, 2020, I was imprisoned again for no legal reason, and I had the Lindsay reception staff tell me I had been there before. I argued I had not, but they are used to liars I guess.

So, what chance does a man have if the Newmarket Crown can:

  • Ignore the role of the surety BEFORE and AFTER arrest
  • Falsify prison records to show I was locked up when I was actually in a hospital in another town.
  • Fail to get the accused before a justice within 24 hours
  • Withold access to defence counsel for 26 hours.
  • Threaten my family with arrest for asking to see me in Emergency with heart troubles
  • Ignore Bill C-75 and Judicial Referral Hearings and bring me before J.P. Premji March 6, 2020 using Elder’s rubber stamped recognizances saying “not to mention” Woman #1, 2 and 3 despite them NOT being victims of any outstanding charges since November 13, 2019.
  • Use the sworn witness evidence from 3 Law Society Licensees who told 4 different stories… no two of which agree on anything that allegedly happened. And one affidavit says simply “I sat beside her and did not hear Lepp say one word.”
  • On my bail review application December 11, 2019 when J. Dawe ordered the names removed from my bail, Crown Elder again refused to amend the December 4, 2019 J. Rose Probation Order AND the December 9, 2019 forced guilty plea to J. Hentschel.
  • On my June 3, 2020 RELEASE ORDER REVIEW by J. Dawe, the entire “Not to mention” term was struck, but the Crown did NOT re-visit ANY decision based on this error. One expects that when the Crown cheats, gets caught and ordered to correct their cheat… and they admit it happened… and THEN refuse to amend court decisions based on their crime… well, one assumes the law must have anticipated this and have a cure.
  • When my successful appeal of J. Rose reversed the guilty finding and struck the entire Probation Order with the illegal “Not to mention” term… the Crown STILL did not proactively correct the December 9, 2019 forced guilty plea. My counsel said I had to plead guilty even if the wording was illegal in the term causing my arrest.I was told I would go back to prison during COVID-19 if I did not plead guilty to the illegal “Not to mention” term before J. Hentschel. Even though the Crown TODAY knows the “Not to mention” phrase “violated” was illegally rubber stamped as a draft order from Crown Elder… it will NOT correct its own errors, and instead it insists I have to undertake appeals.

So, Merry Christmas!

I hope you get better gifts than I got.

Author: Bob Lepp

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