BL20-🏌🏻CLXvi – The 12 Meanderings of Christmas


Is There Hope For Me This Christmas?


I think only the people who play on the team and bought the uniforms should get saved by their respective gods.

I am in another league from all that. I am just Christian enough to stay in the Secret Santa draw my relatives use to spread around the joy of the season. And enough Christian to swear oaths… what ELSE is there to swear on? A fossil?

So, what are my “gifts” to be from this year?

If 2020 were over, here would be my list of gifts from last year.

  1. I learned again and again how FAST the law, police AND the courts can act as a team when it has an urgent need. You may recall that on the evening of Dec. 5, 2019 I blogged a photo of a threatening letter which Kramer, Simaan, Dhillon lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian mailed to my wife. In it, she warned my wife that Kramer clients were coming after HER money when they get all of mine. In less than 12 hours, the attentions of the entire York Regional Police Force, AND of Newmarket Crown Prosecutor Greg Elder were laser-focused on righting that wrong. Why? Because the threat was real and they would stop it? No, they wanted the person who put the photo out in the public for others to see put in JAIL so no one else could see that threatening letter. First “Runner-up” goes to the same lawyer who garnished a bank account I had just opened 11 hours earlier, even before I could deposit a penny. The clever Ms. Adrian told her boss she had figured out that she would get more money for her client by making sure I could NOT cash a check. That may sound counter intuitive, and maybe it is, but it worked! I have not HAD to cash a cheque since that day so I cannot say I agree the technique does NOT work.
  2. From FAST to s.l.o.w…… I was gifted time! The time to just read about stuff that interested me. Most interesting was learning that without eyeballs, the entire universe would be a black nothing, apparently void. Lots of radiation waves/and/or particles but there were no eyes to convert the many frequencies to colours in a brain. Only an eye functioning as ours do sees ANYTHING at all. So, evolution had to figure out a multi-species eyeball design because all previous attempted life forms kept dying by walking off cliffs or swimming into a gaping whale’s mouth. I was learning that God’s 7 days and nights were not enough to create the best solution first time out. If you can grasp how long it took to evolve just one eyeball…. you beat me. There God was, working in the dark, and he was trying to whip up the best image of himself… and he forgot that HE had eyeballs and he STILL left them out of “LifeOnEarth v 1.0” Yes! He left eyes out of ALL 3 BILLION SPECIES He created that week! I bet He wondered why He got no thank You notes, and he had failed to include vision, even on the high end models.
  3. “Time heals all wounds.” I learned that this year. Given enough time, EVERYTHING happens, even healing….. eventually. IF you have the time. I mean, last year’s portion of time gave me more evidence to my “tortal benefits” than I would have imagined. (Note to self: Copyright “tortal”, defined as “The human need to sue.” and “OOOOO, I love tortals”) How could I have imagined needing to record an hour of it though? And enough time passed that I could reverse my first criminal conviction, the theory being that out of respect for the courts I should reverse them in sequence. Yes, Justice Rose was re-taught what “mens rea” is, and why adults NOT be embarrassed to talk about theirs in court. I was emotionally wounded when the Crown so many times educated the judges that I was obviously in desperate need of a rigorous mental health assessment… J. Rose set my probation at the maximum 3 years, plenty of time, and he ordered them to fill it assessing my pink matter… AND YET, BOTH my Probation Officers, after several in person interviews, decided the only way for me to actually get the court’s suggested mental health assessment was to buy one myself, they would not waste the taxpayers’ money. Now, when a civil servant decides to NOT waste taxes supplied to him to spend anyway he wishes…. it is serious.
  4. Balance. I learned balance last year. I once demanded of myself that I had to win every scuffle in this life. When I realized even God can make a mistake by forgetting eyeballs, I realized that one day failure might even come to me. So, I did the math. When one chooses to do something, anything, one has to consider whether the “something” about to be chosen will succeed or not. That’s just what we do, even if it is just walking… “will I walk over a cliff?” and a million more possibilities must be considered and we choose the next best step. It can get quite tiring to plan for success. INSTEAD, I plan for failure, but IN ADDITION to success to shorten the “think time” to a minimum. Then, whatever I get is a win for me. Don’t tell anyone my plan!… or everyone will start doing it. Once I found out I should plan for losing everything I do, life got real easy for me. Consider also, that I combined my “If there’s something I don’t want done, I ask for it, and POOF! I don’t get it!” with “Plan to win and lose, and you’ll never lose again!” and now I am so at peace that I have to buy 50% less alcohol per pension cheque. That is a huge savings. In truck rentals alone. To find out how planning for defeat can make YOU a sure winner, read on! But be forewarned, it may take a while… and you STILL may not get it… I planned JUST for that to happen.
  5. Learn from THEIR mistakes. Not just your own. This took a while to figure out, but luckily, time is exactly what I am left with. Once I conceded I will always lose the odd scuffle, I did the math. The math says….If I MUST lose something, I must make the loss be of benefit to me. Study your opponent, look for what he needs to succeed. Give him some. Learn from how he reacts to that win. That way, there is more of a chance I can win by just losing in the correct fashion. We all do this kind of assessment on all our smallest decisions… our TINEST decisions. aka “I’ll have the pizza, and if its awful, I will share your pasta!” It’s called “optimism” sometimes. Or “compromise” say the critics. Whatever. I hope you soon find out that if you properly plan to fail, you TOO can be successful! … my job here is done. ‘Nuff said.
  6. Be detailed. I learned I was not providing enough of the correct detail to those who may be able help me. I was providing lots of words, but not enough coherent thoughts. So, if 2020 appeared a little overwhelming because of the volume of anything I wrote, well, get ready for more thoughts instead. Example: I used to write a lot of words in the hopes someone would read them, and that they would then form the identical thoughts I had formed. That is just not a winning plan. Man is hard wired to split 50:50 on deciding ANY issue, so the chances someone would come to the same thoughts I had were slim to zero. So, instead of me typing words and hoping for agreeable thoughts, I now jump straight to stating my thoughts. Like: “I think one day soon, police will stop listening to those who deceive them for personal gain.” If instead, I had listed out and numbered every such deception in every interview for all 4 women, I would need YOU to FIRST read them all and THEN I’d need you to come to the same conclusion as I came to. So now I jump to the bottom line more often than not. Like: “It makes no sense that the Crown should provide their copy of my private email about others… TO those other people, so they can use my private words to arrest me.” This happened to me, but it takes a long time to write out who did what. Instead, “I think the Crown should keep my private emails private.” saves a lot of time for all of us. I will do more of that.
  7. I think that if Parliament spends the time and money creating new laws, ones which both improve life AND save money, that Ontario police and courts should implement them. That just seems logical to me.
  8. Like “eyes” and “beauty”…I think also that “logic” yet lies in the synapses of the confused. Capturing the hearts and minds of the people is not as important as capturing their synapses, and bu doing so, enslaving them to your sense of logic. Translation: “DO preach to the choir!”
  9. I think money has no meaning when you get it without hard work.
  10. I think if you have any meaningless money lying around, call me, I know what that money means.
  11. Just 3 words, THOSE 3 words. I think there are just three words you need to say and to hear that will forever inspire AND restore, in you and in those around you, the only TRUE human spirit that allows you and me to keep on fighting! And those 3 words are Donald, John and Trump. Because if we can survive those 3 words, we can survive anything. Even a pandemic.
  12. Twelfth thought. Oh, Bob! Make it a good one, Twelfth night. 12 days of Christmas. 12 months. 12 eggs. 12 dozen is gross. 12 apostles. 12 is 1100 in binary. A binary baker’s dozen is 1101. A hexadecimal baker sells a dozen as 0dx, or 0dh, or just 0D muffins. Romans would never have understood how to build computers because they had no way to write down a zero let alone how to get a transistor to actually BE a zero. I think. It’s a right we should all exercise more. We should write down all our rights right away so we remember them and be kn the right side of every issue. Right?

Merry Christmas!

13. To make this a baker’s dozen…. I’ve been thinking about being single. Then I read the following rationale, and I found I don’t have to read any more about it.

Is Being Single An Advantage? So to me it’s like not the very best, but it is the second best and that’s pretty good. It’s like you don’t have a Jaguar but you have a Honda, and it’s reliable and gets you were you need to go. And at least you’re not driving a car from the 70’s with a leak in the fuel-line and a plastic Jaguar-sculpture taped on the hood.

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