BL20-🏌🏻C7⛹🏻- Lawsuits and Crimes Prosecuted Must Be “In The Public Interest”


Fencing Bylaws are most certainly “Public Interest”, EVERY home has a fence and every homeowner needs to know how their neighbour can abuse them legally and illegally.

My neighbour has three separate fence structures collapsing onto my property. Bylaws says they can do nothing to help me.

Crimes prosecuted must be those assured to be in the public interest to spend tax money litigating.

Murder is obviously worth the expense to identify the culprit.

But a breach of an illegal recognizance of bail? Is it in the public interest to spend tax money, a LOT of it, to stop me from such acts as writing a person’s name on a page handed to the court clerk. Or, speaking to a lawyer in a court of law where the lawyer seeks to have me falsely imprisoned.

Is it appropriate for the Crown to prosecute me on 3 counts of writing a person’s name on a court filing?

Every lawsuit, and every crime is “public record” and you can go to the court office and buy a photocopy of it and see the same woman’s name… should I go to prison for showing her name to a judge iNSIDE a court room.

She show her name on at least 6 web sites in 6 businesses… I lost count.

If Superior Court Justice Dawe TRIES to read my “Term #6” in my old probation order and he CANNOT understand how to apply it in any court room…. can a “lowly” Court of Justice judge STILL rule that he CAN understand it?

NO! Because the precedent was set by SCJ Dawe. OCJ Smith cannot THEN claim he CAN understand how to apply it. I think I get a SCJ tomorrow as it is a pre-trial and they know better than to permit abuse of the Administration of Justice Act..

So, back on March 4, 2020 when I was arrested, Crown Greg Elder determined police had 3 valid charges HE would prosecute because HE understand Term #6 because he wrote it.

Tomorrow, a new Crown, Frank Giordano, will argue to either an OCJ OR a SCJ justice that because a Crown wrote term #6 that HE can understand it.

I will (figuratively) argue that NEITHER Giordano can claim to understand and apply Term #6 when J. Dawe already set the precedent.

In addition, J. Dawe ORDERED ELDER to remove the women’s names from Term #6 and he refused to do so.

Senior Regional Justice Fuerst a month EARLIER had also ordered Elder to drop the women’s names because she had just killed the last charges involving them.

And does a dog walking business merit protection for “fear” of me at ANY tome? Of course not, inanimate objects do not experience fear and that is the only reason for a bail or release term.

So, is Crown David Moull spending YOUR money in a responsible way and only litigating charges “in tjh public interest”?

No, he is pandering to a fellow Law Society “friend”, another Officer of the Court”… one of the MANY fringe benefits of paying LSO union dues…the Crown protects you, and gives you better access to their offices and better service to the accused who can afford a lawyer.

Justice for cash!

“The Court of Appeal ultimately concluded that the plaintiff’s claim survived the merit-based and public-interest hurdles and dismissed the appeal. Nevertheless, it is clear that the court is interpreting the public interest threshold quite broadly, particularly in the context of elections. While it remains to be seen if the court will continue to interpret the public interest threshold this broadly in other contexts, it appears that most of the argument and analysis should be focused on the remaining steps of the test.”

July 2, 2020, the Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision in Nanda v. McEwan.

Strangely. Americans concurrently believe BOTH Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories:

  • Man did not land ion the moon in 1969, and
  • Snoopy WILL land on the moon this year

If they believe both of those, why do Canadians not believe that police, Aurora, York and 5 women have conspired to silence me since July 14, 2017?

Author: Bob Lepp

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