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BL20-🏌🏻C🌲 – Pffftt! It’s not to be done!

aka “I want to face the 3 LSO Licencees in court, so therefore I demand the charges be dropped, and POOF! they will NOT be dropped. Watch me do it again!

Justice Rose, while he was ignoring the entire lack of the mens rea component in my guilt, also read my entire blog and he bragged about that. That was an “independent investigation”, it was definitely illegal and it led DIRECTLY to his rulings being overturned on appeal. Only THEN did the Crown admit it had no case at all against me to begin with and stayed those charges.

The one phrase J. Rose did not understand was: “If there’s something I don’t want done, I just ask for it, and POOF! it is NOT done!”

He just could not grasp that for 3.5 years from July 14, 2017 to present the Crown, Police and Aurora and York and the 3 (soon to be 5) ladies have NEVER done one thing I requested, but BETTER, everything I DO ask for is refused and the OPPOSITE action is GUARANTEED to be executed.

This means they dance only to the music that I play. I can control them all, precisely, yet without speaking even one word. I just ask HERE for it, and there is no way on earth it will EVER happen in my lifetime.

Example: The March 4, 2020 charges brought by LSO licensees Barry Stork, Charles Painter and Cos, the metics seller… I cannot WAIT for the trial. The JPT Friday will be FUN, feigning to cajole the justice out of a trial, but that will most certainly result in a trial date being set. Then the real FUN begins, as I will then be allowed to self rep and CROSS EXAMINE those 3 people for a change.

After all, Justice Harpur forbid me to have a defuse counsel, so the same is likely to happen again.. Common Law works like that… BIG on case law, short on common sense.

The charges are AGAINST justice, so there is NO human target of my alleged breaches and I can ask all the accusers ALL of my questions… MYSELF.

I can ask “Cosmo Metics” how many PREVIOUS complaints she made against me and how many were truthful… 18 charges made, NONE were truthful. Every last one was withdrawn in some way.

For 18 charges to fail that completely, Metics had to tell fibs. A lot of fibs. And to tell fibs JUST to get someone arrested is “Public Mischief” in the Criminal Code s.140.

“The purpose of the law is to discourage and punish false reporting and of course to prohibit people from falsely accusing others.Β  Making a false statement transpires when the person makes the statement with the intention of misleading justice. One cannot be convicted if it is determined that they genuinely believed the statement to be true at the time it was made.

Canada:Β What Are The Consequences Of Filing A False Police Report In Canada?
08 March 2019Β 
byΒ David Schell

But, by asking for her to be charged, she NEVER WILL BE CHARGED. You watch, never.

Next, I can ask Det. Goobie how it is he believed Metics when she cried “Wolf!” yet again? How did he believe all that without even reading my Probation Order “not to mention” term STRUCK in total by J. Dawe? Did he not see “except in a court room”, “in court documents” and “through a LSO licensee”? Did Metics not tell him SHE is an LSO Licensee so ANYTHING I may have been so stupid to say THROUGH her to herself was legal anyway?

And he will have to agree he was assigned to the police report GO# 77377 March 2, 2020 and that DS Bemtham originated that report on her own AFTER she called Metics to think up some more dirt on me. I need that report Friday. So now I will NEVER get it, because “POOF! It’s gone!”

Then, of course, I get Metics on the stand under cross. I get to question her every motive in ALL the previous false charges and why she waited 18 days to arrest me when her best record time was less than 18 hours December 5-6, 2019. Why THIS time did she let me have those 19 peaceful DAYS at home instead of in prison?

So, I hereby demand these last two charges be withdrawn NOW so that we can skip the expense of a JPT Friday November 27, 2020.

OK, POOF! I am rejected and the JPT shall continue.

Such power I hold, but you can trust me to use it only for good and never for evil.

It is just too bad JPT’s have restricted attendance, and my 3 accusers may NOT watch the carnage. Metics could come be scared $#%tless again seeing her name on my lawsuits against her.

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