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BL20-🏌🏻C&2 – Just 7 More Sleeps!

aka “Judicial Pre-Trial is Nov. 27, 2020”

We both received invitations to attend the Estreet Hearing December 17, 2020. We are to explain why the court should not take our surety commitments.

But by then we will know the results of the charges.

Both charges are 2 of 3 by the same person as about 15 other false charges. It depends on whether I count the 5 submitted by this person after stealing a copy of a private email from me to the Crown E. Barnier.

ONE was withdrawn ALREADY…. such was the detective work accomplished in one full day by 4 guys assigned.

The 2 remaining two allegations simply did not happen.

Eleven charges were requested by this person, 3 were believed, one was BS AND WITHDRAWN.

EIGHT were rejected by police as being TOO far fetched

Q. If you’re a trained detective, and a person, known to have submitted 15 failed charges prior, now brings you 11 more, and 8 of those are useless again…. why do you accept the last three?

What was it that made these 3 stand out?

A. Was it that they happened 3 weeks ago and this person has NEVER wanted on hour to call police? No…..

Was it that she is a licensee of the Law Society?… No.

Was it that your boss TOLD you to?…. well… yes…..

So, Det Goobie did his best and picked 3 charges… Errr…. 2 charges

What kind of law do they allege I broke? And, who or what is the “victim”?

Is it:

  • “Justice”?? or
  • a person being “protected”??

I dunno either.

In this alleged act, one person, aka “The Protected Person” is one who had to suffer the alleged sound of my voice.

Where? In court room 405 the witness, one of 3 Law Society licences signed up to witness, says.

Why? Well, the witness decided to come to MY appearance to hear my voice speaking forward towards the justice. She took time from her cake sales site to come hear me.

THEN, she decides 19 days later to run to the cops and say “Hey! Lepp spoke in MY direction in court 4 weeks back. I got busy with faux finishing and cosmetics. Well it was actually Barry Stork he spoke to, but I could see his eyes and he called me “some people”!”

Now, Barry signed an affidavit on her support. Did the “aggrieved”?? NO. Barry swore he heard nothing anyone said. Painter avoided swearing anything… more experienced.

So, the SOLE victim in this charge was in now way offended at the time, but wakes up from a coma 19 days later and says “Hey! 3 weeks ago I was horrified when I attended Bob Lepp’s hearing and I heard him speaking in my direction… to Barry Stork… in room 405…… the horror, oh, the horror!!.”

Think of the cost to taxpayers of this absurd allegation.

OK, DON’T do that, you will just get mad.

“Madness” is spending one more penny on this 16th and 17th false allegation from the same person because SHE and ONLY SHE if pretending she is SCARED S$%TLESS to have heard me greet Barry Stork.

Detectives cost York $600 a day. Times FOUR plus some of DS Bentham’s time. Plus the office help.

How much more should taxpayers be forced to pay because, like DJT, she cannot accept she lost the other 15 charges?

How could she survive 19 days of being traumatized without either PTSD treatments, OR exacting revenge?

Did she complain to ANYONE in 19 days? Therapist? Husband?

HER FREE LAWYER in this suit??

NO, she cannot name ONO person to whom she mentioned this excruciating trauma and so there is but one expert witness, Barry, who heard,…. nothing. Hist sworn testimony is he saw me but did not hear me. I have always liked Barry because of his INATE HONESTY.

So, when you ask: “Do Lawyers get and give special treatment for personal causes because all the players are “friends” of hers… the answer is: “YES”. I know I treat my friends better with computer problems than random strangers. It is inevitable that lawyers are more trusted than alleged criminals. So criminals must buy lawyers to get treated fairly.

June 4, 2017 I took a WRITTEN, documented, photographed assault complaint to DS Heather Bentham’s detectives. I had 25 photos of proof, +2 Bylaws officers as witnesses, she even testified to me she had declined to have anyone check if the alleged complainant was once a mafiosa or a cop. DS Bentham just did not care because she knew by then she simply would NEVER accept ANY complaint from me. But a lawyer? OF COURSE, MA’AM… sit right down, I will get a couple of cops to type it out for you. Cappa?

So, May 11, 2018 when I emailed DS Bentham a second time asking HER to help ME with a dog attack, she knew she had to arrest me to get my attention once and for all. Then she would arrest me 5 MORE times after THAT as each charge fell to the justices’ common sense.

I had zero assault complaints of two in writing taken up, while “she who sells cosmetics” gets taken up orally 18 TIMES! And that’s the hardest way to be taken up. Heads Up! It is difficult to be taken up orally. You may have to take your lickings, and write it down and sign it.

So, it is with much jubilation, I announce it’s only one week away!


FUN FACT: Every day, just from 13 to 18 people read my blog.

THE SAME 13 to 18……. every day/

I get just one or two first timers every day.

So, since DS Bentham and Crown Moull feel that those 18 people need to be protected from seeing their names shown on my lawsuits or their threatening ;lawyers’ letters…. then Ontario taxpayers just wasted another $5,000.

Great Article:

According to the former Chief Justice of Canada, Beverley McLachlin, there is a β€œlack of adequate access to justice in Canada.” Access to justice, in her view, β€œis the most important issue facing the legal system.” In its review of the justice system, the Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters – a collaborative organization made up of leading voices from all justice sectors across Canada – concluded in 2013 that there is a β€œserious access to justice problem in Canada.” At the same time, former Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci – in the report of his independent review of First Nations representation on juries in Ontario – stated that β€œthe justice system generally as applied to First Nations peoples … is quite frankly in a crisis.” The Canadian Bar Association (CBA), in its national justice review, claimed that the state of access to justice in Canada is β€œabysmal” and further, that inaccessible justice β€œcosts us all….”

In 2016, the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs reached a similar conclusion regarding court delays affecting access to the criminal justice system.

And so, 4 cops spent 2 days getting me charged 3 times and paid for 3 days in Lindsay prison, transport, court services, wheelchair service, a full Release HEARING THAT COST ME $2,600 ALONE, A PROBATION OFFICER at $6 a day. The pay for a JP, clerk, reporter, Crown Prosecutor Elder

… ALL of that because an “officer of the court” CLAIMS I spoke to her, “nice to see some people are not afraid of me any more” (12 words, 20 vowels) and to her ALONE, to her face, in room 405 when I am documented on the docket and transcript as being in another court room, 401. And lawyers Stork and Painter agreed to be witnesses to the date, time and place and exactly what was said by ME at MY appearance others CHOSE to attend JUST to hear me.

$5,000 at least spent for, 19 days earlier, 12 words ALLEGED by ONE person to have been spoken by me to her alone IN A COURT ROOM WITH AUDIO recordings 24/7 which she CHOSE to attend when she had ALSO hired a lawyer for that purpose.

She chose to come to the same room with same man for whom, she testified at my trial, she bought a complete new security system and an armed guard standing duty at her home… so afraid of an attack by me was she. Now, she sits 25 feet away with NO COPS in the room at all. She has no fear anymore.

She once initially testified to police that the next day she had to be in the same building as me, was SO afraid of that idea that she asked for and got an armed escort to and from her car.

February 14, 2020 she CHOSE to sit unprotected in the SAME room she claims. Sadly, she had the wrong room and the wrong guy.

12 words. I bet that it’s at least $1,000 per word Ontario taxpayers spent on me due to ONLY HER prevarication. Now, times 18 other fabricated charges.

Even Wheel of Fortune only spends $250 per vowel.

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