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BL20-🏌🏻C&1 – Collusion Extrusion

aka “Spitting it out!”

Loyal readers know that EVERYTHING that has happened t0 me in the legal systems of Ontario are interconnected. One person is behind them all as leader of the pack. And the collusion gets squeezed out of the tube all over these people.

There are 7 defendants as I type this, and today I shall add two more for a total of 9.


If I do not, Aurora’s Chas. Painter will again accuse me of being a vexatious litigant. He hates it when I use Small Claims to start just to reduce costs for the defendants. I did that with the Catholic School Board who claim everything Principal Donato did to get me arrested March 4, 2020 is supported in full by them. They tell me if they had to do it all over again, they would ALSO have had me arrested again.

When asked about trespassing me from my home… the lawyer offered that Ms Donato did not lawn where I lived….. which may make sense until you read my address on her envelop. She knew all along she was trying to get me evicted once she had me falsely arrested <arcyh 4, 2020. And now the Board agrees, they would evict me as well.

I was not even on school property. I was ONLY on the town boulevard at the Town park street curb and bus stop 1208 and the video is on YouTube.

Keep in mind the Catholic Board has seen this video and they think it deserved a 1 km diameter circle around the school where I should not tread. They THINK they can trespass me in my own home WITHIN that circle.

There is only ONE reason they think that.

They had ONE person TELL them it was legal to trespass someone OUT of their home, and they believed that person. And that person was NOT a cop, not a lawyer, not anything really. That person just wanted yet another reason to arrest me. So, Principal Donato then put police on notice to arrest me if I came to the Bus Stop #1208.

I did of course, in late February, and so all 3 of the people who arrested me 6 times, called my Probation Officer for a 7th arrest, which DS Bentham kindly provided for them. My PO ordered me to go to DS Bentham Thursday, February 27, 2020 and I did. She thought about me Friday February 28 and by March 2, 2020 had assigned 4 NEW detectives to take names.

March 4 I was sent to Lindsay prison for 3 days and March 6, 2020 I was released under 100% house arrest and no use of the internet at all in any way. EVERYTHING uses the Internet, so I had no phone, no TV, no cell, no ANYTHING. I sat ion my couch. Period.

So, The Catholic School Board set out to get me arrested and shut up about them, too. I sued that Catholic Board in Small Claims and offed to settle for am apology. They refuse, so I will now add them to the combined suit because it is the identical crowd…. Aurora manager, York police, region and police board, 7 defendants now become 8.

Then, the spite fence matter is till very much live and they claim this winnings from me. I have a motion scheduled to tell the court the entire suit was a lie from day one and the proof is from the Plaintiff herself who on October 29, 2018 in sworn testimony in court admitted she knew the fence trespassed all along because the foundation rocks from her neighbours walls were drilled out o fteh ground before her eyes. She kept a souvenir.

I never countersued because we knew the suit to be suspicious the first day I measured the gap between wall and fence face as one inch north of the property line and one cannot cement in a 4X4 post without a twelve inch diameter hole filled with concrete. And that means the outer surface of the post and sonotube is 3 to 5 inches in trespass.

Today, I will add the spite fence builder to the big suit, making it 9 defendants, $9,000,000 and I can litigate 9 as easy as 7.

Last February, my case management justice Edwards detailed how I was required to amend my claim.

He said:

..until the Court of Appeal has ruled, you are to do nothing. Nothing, sir. It’s that simple. Once the Court of Appeal comes back and renders their decisions, we can move on with the litigation, one way or the other. Do you understand what I’m saying today? You can do absolutely nothing with respect to the litigation as it presently stands with the Town of Aurora.Β “

..that you will have zero contact with anyone associated with this court. That means court staff and judges of this court, as it relates to the two proceedings that are presently pending in this courthouse. Do you understand that?Β 

MR. LEPP: I do. May I contact my Town?Β 

THE COURT: I’m not going to give you any legal advice, sir.Β 

THE COURT: My order, sir, that I made, if you will look at it carefully, says that you can have correspondence with Mr. Painter that is civil.Β 

THE COURT: You can settle if you choose to do so, but if you….

THE COURT: And, very often that correspondence, in general terms, does not reflect well on one side or the other, or both. And, I can tell you that when I see that kind of correspondence, it ultimately can have an effect on the ultimate disposition.

So, the Court of Appeal has ruled in my favour in two matters…

  • Aurora’s vexatious claim… I AM NOT VEXATIOUS as confirmed ar Appeal… and the
  • Justice Rose guilty decision of December 4, 2019 was quashed and the probation order was struck and the Crown stayed the charges and will NOT prosecute. AND….
  • Aurora did not agree to extend the J. Deluca appeal so that is the same a closing at appeal. AND
  • J. Harpur is appealed awaiting a decision
  • J. Henschel will be appealed

So, in theory, I can now amend my claim as ordered to add two defendants WITHOUT any implication of wrongful arrest until AFTER November 27, 2020 when the JPT of the 2 breaches is heard. There is no way the LAST 2 of 21 charges will go to trial because the Crown has already been admonished by J. Dawe for REFUSING TWICE to amend the very terms they claimed I breached. It’s complicated.

But, I have no PROOF of that theory since I cannot get ANYTHING scheduled so I cannot get before J. Edwards to ask him if I am correct.

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