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BL20-πŸŽ„C9tii – My New COVID-19 Enterprise – Curbside Blowjobs!

I have found a new job!

When life grows lemons all over you, give yourself a squeeze!

You have heard of “Pay it forward!”?? The idea of the random act of kindness encouraging others to do the same and pretty soon we have developed a civilization?

I have just perfected an enjoyable twist on that old idea.

I call it “Blow it forward!”

What you do is buy one of those gas powered suckers at CrappyTire or Home Despot. Then, you pick a neighbour you like, and you reverse the machine so it blows and you go over to his or her home and you give them a free blow job.

Just put the throttle on full and start at the house and blow them all, every last one, down to the street at the curb.

Then, the neighbour cleans up the post-blow mess, and if he/she does that for you, then you come back next day and blow them again.

If your neighbour gets lazy and leaves the leaves, you refuse another blow job. Eventually you find all your neighbours who think like you do, that teams ALWAYS solve problems better than individuals.

See how the neighbours who work as a team do a better job than selfish neighbours?

Blow It Forward!

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