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BL20-πŸŽ„C9tJuan – The Power of Fonts

Do you realize how sensitive we all are to the way words are typed online or in an email?

Today I offended a man because I changed the font size of one word of his email when I replied to it. He took the time to point it out to me and I apologized in writing to everyone I had copied.

He typed a 16 point “no” and I changed it up to 36 point so readers would see the context of why I was replying at all. He was saying “no” to mean “no, I do not want to know why you filed what you did” and I enlarged it for effect.

Because he had said he did could not figure out why I filed an application to be allowed to have my paralegal defend me December 8 at pre-trial. I thought the Crown should be able to figure out why I am forced to file stuff… they FORBID me from meeting them outside of a court room. So EVERYTHING must be filed as an “application” or as a “motion”. One day I will ask the difference between the two.

I filed today because his predecessor was much more clever, and he had figured out a surefire way to lie to a justice that I should not be permitted the services of my crack paralegal at trial. It was so slick. He just made up an excuse, the judge asked him to document his theory and he simply refused. So the next trial date the justice forgot he needed an affidavit of that proof and he just assumed the Crown’s theory for exclusion of defence counsel was legally justified.

Which of course it was not.

So, since the identical situation is scheduled for December 8, I thought I would get ANOTHER judge to countermand the first judge… NOW.

I filed an application for “pre-approval” in case Crown Elder is allowed back on my case. He is so skilled he gets all the choice cases and mine was fobbed off to a junior I guess. A trainee?

Uppercase is a SHOUT.

Large font is


Italics is …. sarcasm

Smileys are πŸ€ͺ fun!

GIF’s are humour

OK, forewarned. Which is 25% better than threewarned. And so much better than afterwarned.

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