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BL20-🎄CLXXXvIi – Trump Just Outdid Himself…TWICE!

Maybe he simply sees his time as limited and he has pulled out all the stops.

  • He promised to fire Dr. Fauci if re-elected. (To capture the millions of Fauvci haters out there)
  • He applauded the pickemup trucks, flags and brain dead supporters who terrorized the Biden/Harris bus on a highway, and encouraged more.

At a rally on Sunday, President Trump praised a caravan of his supporters who surrounded a bus belonging to the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, which prompted an FBI investigation. 

“You know they were protecting [Biden’s] bus yesterday — because they are nice. They had hundreds of cars,” Trump told rallygoers in Washington, Mich.

Videos of the incident involving the bus showed about 10 cars with Trump flags attached to them positioning themselves around the bus. Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), were not on the bus.

Speaking to the audience, Trump made note of the line of cars, saying, “Trump. Trump. Trump and the American flag. That’s it. You see Trump and the American flag. You ever notice when you see the other side — I don’t even see much of the other side. You don’t see any — they have no spirit. They have no enthusiasm. They have no nothing.

So, the President of the USA ENCOURAGES road rage?

And he thinks firing the most knowledgeable virus expert HE provided will fix things.

Dr. Fauci’s approval rating is 32% across all voters for doing an EXCELLENT job. Trump got 2o% saying “excellent job”.

79% of Democrats said Fauci has done a good or excellent job handling the pandemic, compared with 56% of independents and 54% of Republicans.

54% of REPUBLICANS adore Dr. Fauci so Trump rewards them by promising to fire Fauci if they will JUST give him a second term.

Can someone get Trump a calculator?

So he can figure out if 46% can beat 54% at the polls.

He not only thinks outside the box, he thinks outside the mathematics… and outside the known universe.

Anyone up for a Zoom group-watch of the election results tomorrow night?

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