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BL20-🎄CLXXXvI – Tomorrow my last charges come before a justice

A Judicial Pre-Trial is in a Zoom court room tomorrow, November 3, 2020 before a justice for the very first time. Well, the first SINCE a justice dropped one of the 3 false charges police chose from a total of 11 offered by a paralegal on March 4, 2020.

That justice’s job is now is to decide whether the matter, or more precisely.. the 2 surviving charges…goes to a trial.

It has been great fun for all the women in my life. With everyone in law enforcement and the Crown’s office helping them, they have had me arrested 7 times… wrote up 26 charges, prosecuted me on 21, lost 16 outright and the last 5 are appealed or get seen first time tomorrow.

The two charges tomorrow are the remains of 3 complaints brought by the same woman 19 days AFTER the alleged incident of February 14, 2020.

She brought 11 breach charges to police March 2, 2020 after being called in to do so by Det. Sgt, Heather Bentham. Loyal followers will recall that on February 28, 2020 I blogged about recording secretly the confessions of DS Bentham right in her own police offices on Prospect Street.

3 DAYS earlier, on February 28, I had blogged…

She admitted and I recorded:

  • My Probation Officer who sent me to be arrested was wrong, I was not under ANY investigation
  • Specifically, I was NOT under any investigation of trespass on a Catholic elementary school yard claimed by Principal Ines Donato
  • If she ever wanted to arrest me, she would call me in for my side FIRST
  • Neither she nor ANY York Region cop knew that the fired Bylaws Manager of Aurora had ever been a Halton Region cop.
  • She questioned why I FIRST blogged about her in 2017 after the cop she assigned, Jeff Brown, arrested me falsely, and she clearly indicated she was not pleased.

So, on cue, as soon as I had the nerve to blog the truth Friday, Feb. 28, bright and early on Monday March 2 she assigned 4 more detectives to create a reason to arrest me and send me to Lindsay Prison during COVID-19. The weekend strengthened her resolve to put me behind bars for good… or worse… CORONAVIRUS was here to help her.

March 2 at around 9:00 pm, my accuser came in with her client and with 11 brand new charges from 19 days ago. She had a sudden recollection of what she saw February 14, 2020 in Court Room 401. She miraculously recalled I spoke to her in a court room in front of her two chosen witnesses, lawyers Barry Stork (York) and Charles Painter (Aurora).

She explained to the cop how her interpretation of my extensive, complicated bail terms was that I was not to speak to her in court, nor was I to ever write her name on any court filings or on any papers passed up to the judge in court.

Now, keep in mind as the complainant, she was required to testify in court in person, and I was theoretically permitted to question my accusers. So how she convinced officer Goobie I could not speak to her in a court room is a leap of faith at best.

Yes, she convinced a trained detective to arrest me on bail terms which did not exist. She convinced him to pick any 3 of the 11 charges she held out and to get them ready for a 7:00 am March 4 arrest.

The tome from recording an interview the evening of March 3 to my arrest March 4 was just 33 hours.

And, NO!, DS Bentham did NOT call me first to get my side of the allegations. No, she simply ordered me to come in early next day March 4 at 7:00 am in to be arrested… with no explanation.

Once again, as in all 7 arrests, police decided they had enough evidence to convict me without having to waste time hearing my alibis. My alibis went bye-bye. Not one cop asked me one question before arresting me 7 times. Surely this is NOT in their training manuals.

DS Bentham was anxious for revenge, and so, despite having a full court day available to her, DS Bentham had me sent directly to Lindsay prison, where hand soap is banned, to wait for 3 days to Friday March 6 and court. I was placed under 100% house arrest with no access to any device that could use the internet.

And the charges?

I allegedly spoke to a paralegal accuser in room 405. And I allegedly filed in the Superior court scheduler’s office a document February 13, 2020 that had the paralegal’s name on it. The cop declined to charge me with passing a piece of paper to the justice with her name on it. Maybe he was growing a conscience he had just bought on Amazon or eBay.

Several questions arose in my mind when I was eventually informed of the charges. As always, I wonder why these questions only arose to me.

Who gave her the copy of my private Superior court filing?

Why did she wait 19 days? She had never awaited more than a few minutes in the past when she saw a breach. December 5, 2019 I was arrested 14 hours after the alleged breach. Why had she forgotten these 11 for 19 days? Alien abduction, maybe?

H0w could she suddenly recall she forgot to complain about 11 breaches by the most arrested person in York Region? After all, she was trained for this work and she in turn trained others for the Law Society of Ontario to be as ethical as she is.

Why did the cop believe her when this was just the latest of over 20 lies she used to get me arrested on 16 PREVIOUS false charges?

Oh, she is a paralegal I suddenly recalled, and that is why the cop believed every word. The Law Society would not just license anyone. Well, they will and do but they lose their licence if jailed for pedophilia. Briefly.

Why did she claim I spoke to HER oijn room 405 when I was in Court Room 401 before J. Edwards being convicted of contempt for filing a letter to Superior Court scheduler Llyshelle Barrett?

Apart from these few discrepancies she had followed her Law Society of Ontario ethics oaths.

And, of course, Stork and Painter signed on as exceptionally cooperative, willing witnesses. This was Painter’s second accusation to police that I had breached. The first failed when the cop simply called Aurora’s front desk,,, NO, it was NOT me who served a lawsuit to an e-employee… it was my son. To these two lawyers,I represented $4,000,000 in an unbeatable law suit. They had lost all Painter’s initial 4 filings, 4 assaults on my rights I was easily able to defeat, and they were desperate to get ANY judge to find me guilty of ANYTHING.

So, 2 more full stripe lawyers swore they were ALSO in room 405 February 14, 2020 seeing me and hearing me breach at least 11 times. And they ALSO forgot to complain for the exact same 19 days until DS Bentham phoned them up for help.

And BOTH lawyers agreed to the room number the paralegal suggested to them. After all, as Law Society “friends” they implicitly trusted each other. They stuck together to send me to prison.

So, tomorrow is the first time any judge has heard this crap, and I fully expect the charges to be dropped.

I “expect” fairness. But I expect will get what I have been getting since June 3, 2017… abuse by York Region Police and the “Thin Blue Line”.

See, the original complainant was once a Halton Region cop and I charged her June 4, 2017 with Assault for June 3, 2017 when in plainclothes without any badge she shoved her hand fully into my armpit without warning from behind.

But I had no way to know who her family was. Bruce Crawford was the very FIRST police chief in York Region after leaving Metro Toronto police where lots of Crawfords still work today. Andre Crawford is Deputy Chief today. This woman had married a Crawford, one of which was ALSO coincidentally and concurrently a Halton Region cop until they both had emotional episodes leading to resigning together and moving to Calgary to start over.

Despite the obvious lineage, DS Bentham failed to know of any of her “Crawford” connections. But, even not knowing that, she refused to prosecute the June 3, 2017 assault. Months later I was simply phoned that they declined to investigate my assault.

Now, when a person is investigated for assault, one may assume cops do a background check on the “perp”. So we know THAT never happened because Bentham says she did NOT know of her police career,, and so they simply killed my complaint anyway.

And we know DS Bentham NEVER viewed any of my multiple arrest witness interviews, in which the Halton Region experience was described by my assailant to DC Jeff Brown.

So, DS Bentham BOTH rejected my assault complaint without a background check, AND, she also approved my arrest July 14, 2017 without once seeing with her own eyes what the complainant said about anything.

And not one of 34 cops she assigned EVER looked into the background of my accusers.

And so, May 30, 2018 when Bentham had me arrested after she got my email asking for police help with a dog attack.. she still did not think the Crawford clan had anything to do with it.

Yet, all 34 assigned detectives were so convinced of my guilt they did not even need to interview me even ONCE in 39 months now.

Was this because the previous complaints by the paralegal would ALWAYS result in clear convictions of serious crimes?

Well, simply put, no.

Not even ONE charge by this paralegal was EVER found to be true. Every single one failed, the most serious charges never got past the Judicial Pre-Trial by Senior Regional Justice Fuerst.

J. Fuerst took a 30 second look at the most serious indictable charges and called in the Senior Crown, Peter Westgate,who then very quickly had the charges stayed.

So what were the “most serious charges”?

Extortion, witness tampering, harassment… 2 had life sentences as options. Not one of these survived a 30 second look by the most senior justice in Ontario,

But, the same paralegal did not lose hope, and when DS Bentham called on her March 2, 2020 once more for arrest #7, she concentrated,,, she dug REAL deep, and her memory rewarded her with 11 complaints she had inexplicably missed 19 days previous.

So exceptional was the return of her memory, that she convinced BOTH Stork and Painter to ALSO recall the same place, events, dates and my actions that day.

So, now all 3 Law Society of Ontario (LSO) licensees placed their bet that I was in room 405 and not 401 where the transcript placed me February 14, 2020.

Normally, I would complain about such LSO licensees to the LSO. But I have learned. I cannot complain if I am in a “matter” involving the licensee. So, they would simply delete my complaint.

Instead, I must wait until after the matter is resolved to complain. That should be Wednesday, November 4, and so I have them all written up.

After all, Stork signed an affidavit… the most cherished document in a court trial, that, yes, he was ALSO in room 405 and YES! he WAS seated right beside the paralegal, in the next seat, yet, NO! he heard nothing said by me. He swears he heard nothing the paralegal reported. He is the best witness of the two, of course.

Because, Painter was clever enough to NOT sign an affidavit since he knows I check them for accuracy ever since his assistant lied in one that a fax I sent HIM was instead a TRUE COPY of some other hand delivered letter to Aurora.

My problem, as always, is to figure out how to succinctly relate all of this to a busy justice in court. Maybe I should write it all down and then simplify and shorten it by removing excess words.

I think I just did,,,, “Your honour, I submit my blog post of November 2, 2020 wherein I summarize the facts in this matter.”

“Could my client be innocent? Probably not. My point is it’s interesting to think about.”

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