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BL20-🎄CLXXvii – SUED! The Star and Bob Aaron SERVED!

The Star would not relent and publish a simple correction or interview me

The Toronto Star published one article. Google: “Alexandra Heck Robert Lepp Erin $950,000” and you may find the article is still in the Toronto Star web site. “Bob Aaron” wrote another $70,000 shot in October, 2020.

They responded to my October 27, 2020 defamation notice saying they will change just one word, the name of the court.

That is a cover up. How could the name of the court be the ONLY error? Everything AFTER that statement MUST be lies.

No! Bob Aaron sticks by HIS story. This is one he wrote HIMSELF, ALL from court records… not a single interview or phone call or typed transcript in hand… I guess because I certainly did not get a call,

The two Toronto star articles were completely one-sided and were published after only a single interview each, likely with Gwendolyn Adrian and/or her clients. I was not contacted for fact checking at all. So, each article was merely a hit job enabled by the Toronto Star.

Neither Alexandra Heck nor Bob Aaron chose to provide a balanced article and each must’ve had some personal motive for doing so. It is not conceivable that a real newspaper reporter would refuse a detailed interview with an alleged criminal. Imagine if Guy Paul Morin asked for equal time and was refused. Yes, he would have been sent to prison needlessly…

Oh?, he DID go to prison? Oops!

It seems a tad unfair for The Star to be given unlimited access to broadcast lies about me, including those proven as lies by the court transcripts.

I grant The Star access to the Charter of Rights. And I grant them access by a judge to make a decision.

Maybe one will go to “bat” for me!

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