CV-18-00138394-0000 Aurora/YRP Suit

BL20-🎄CLXtnein – A Sure Fire Class Action Suit Against all Banks

Just cut me on for a taste.

Sue for: “Over Reaching Garnishment by Banks Makes Account Useless.”

The Bank Act controls what funds banks can garnish and how. It did not permit them to freeze your account. But all banks DO freeze your account because they refuse to modify their systems to let you use the account to pay bills etc. while capturing deposits for the creditor.

SO… all banks instead FREEZE you out of doing anything so THEY have control at all times. You re forced to GO to the branch to do anything, even if physically challenged or susceptible to COVID-19.

So, everyone garnished suffers. They cannot get their CPP and OAS and RRIF’s because the account is frozen.

Extra costs ensue because now you have to play cat and mouse to open a new account for CPP and OAS.

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