BL20-πŸŽ„CLXt7 – York Declines my FOI on Joy Hulton – FOI 20-128

When I blogged the daily parking inside the bus stop #1208, Ms Hulton adminstered her Workplace Resolution skills

Her “Resolution”? She did not speak to me…then blocked my email address from contacting ANY Region staff, including the Provincial Offences courts.


Joy is now running “Hulton Workplace Resolutions”.

My FOI asked if she took a buyout package to leave and if she now still contracts to York Region. Because after 23 years maybe she does not have any other clients yet.

Adam Briggs, FOI Officer, on October 13, 2020 said I did not specify enough detail to identify the records.

He wants ME to tell HIM “name of firms that you believe Joy Hulton has been working for”…..

So, he expects me to KNOW the details of what I am asking about.

If she was NOT back consulting he would have said “NO”.

Now, this letter seems to say “MAYBE” and asks for proof of what I suspect.

I will tell him her company’s name.

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