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BL20-🎄CLXt5 – The Star HAS not responded, NOR Bob Aaron, Lawyer

Re: Atkinson… He was particularly concerned about injustice

Throughout his 50 years as publisher of the Toronto Star from 1899 to 1948, Joseph E. Atkinson developed strong views on both the role of a large city newspaper and the editorial principles it should espouse. These values and beliefs now form what are called the Atkinson Principles. For more than a century, they have provided the intellectual foundation on which the Star has operated and have given the paper its distinctive voice.

The editorial principles Atkinson espoused were founded on his belief that a progressive newspaper should contribute to the advancement of society through pursuit of social, economic and political reforms. He was particularly concerned about injustice, be it social, economic, political, legal or racial

Fundamental to his philosophy was the belief that the state has the right, and duty, to act when private initiative fails. While Atkinson’s beliefs were never codified in any set form, the central Principles can be summarized as follows:

Star Principle: Individual and Civil Liberties

Everyone must be equal under the law, and able to enjoy the fundamental freedoms of belief, thought, expression and the press.

Refreshing Your Memory

Gwendolyn Adrian, senior lawyer for Kramer Simaan Dhillon LLP and personal lawyer to partner Michael Simaan gave an interview to Alexandra Heck on Adrians’ suit against me litigated for an ex-cop, ex-Aurora Bylaws Manager, ex-Erin contractor. I asked for an opportunity to be interviewed but I got no reply in ten months.

The Toronto Star published her article. Google: “Alexandra Heck Robert Lepp Erin $950,000” and you may find the article is still in the Toronto Star web site.

This was the first of two misleading articles from The Star. Five days later, they have not responded AT ALL to my defamation notice and I doubt they ever will. The peril in taking that attitude is that it looks bad in court to be shown a pattern of bias spread by lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian.

Both AURORA and Erin terminated her client early and paid cash to make her go away. Part of ADRIAN‘s lawsuit claims I was responsible despite her client testifying in Newmarket court to exactly the opposite facts. She testified happily that she was terminated without cause in Aurora and paid a cash lump sum to avoid a lawsuit for letting her go “without reason”.

Her manager in Erin also testified in the same proceeding that he paid her two extra unearned months of her contract to leave early after just four months. Erin residents had applied pressure to the mayor for that decision at election time in October 2018.

The Toronto Court told Gwendolyn Adrian that she had not filed a legal lawsuit and that she was required to have filed it within three months of the alleged acts. Since that day ADRIAN has not advanced the lawsuit in any way. The suit has no chance of being litigated.

Gwendolyn Adrian has now been ordered by the court to justify 2 legal actions she took against me. The justice told her she litigated “the worst of the worst” allegations of me on October 14. That her motion was “grossly over reaching”, a “non starter” and “just not going to happen”.. she was ordered to write ten pages explaining why she chose to attack me in this fashion.

I, in turn, will do the same to show the court how she manipulated the press to quote her before the suit was even litigated. That seems inappropriate for a Law Society licensee. They have ethics rules for its members.

The true Toronto star articles were completely one-sided and were published after only a single interview each with Gwendolyn Adrian and others. I was not contacted for fact checking at all. so each article was merely a hit job orchestrated by Gwendolyn Adrian and the Toronto star.

neither Alexandra heck nor Bob Aaron chose to provide a balanced article and each must’ve had some personal motive for doing so. It is not conceivable that a real newspaper reporter would refuse a detailed interview with an alleged criminal. Imagine if Guy Paul Morin asked for equal time and was refused. Yes, he would have been sent to prison needlessly…

Oh?, he DID go to prison? Oops!

Well, so did I and now it is payback time. I had to give a DNA sample so maybe that will help.

It seems a tad unfair for The Star to be given unlimited access to broadcast lies about me, including those proven as lies by the court transcripts.

But our great Charter of Rights let’s them do it because we have a legal system designed to keep them honest. I do not need to get upset at all. All I need do is sue them.

And Ontario wonders why its courts are now terminally disrupted by a bat from Wuhan China.

Now, will someone go to bat for me?

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