BL20-🎄CLVaye- New Movie: Contemptible Me™©️ aka “Lying To Make Money”

BL20-🎄CLVaye- New Movie: Contemptible Me™©️ aka “Lying To Make Money”

Today, as always, a lawyer for an Aurora employee has me up before a judge to be given 30 days in prison and pay a $10,000 fine.

Lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian, (Kramer Simaan Dhillon LLP) claims my 600 answers to her questions about my financial history were inadequate. She says she MUST know the serial number of my lawn mower.

Subliminal Suggestion – Can you find it?

And of course, it is once again the Bible’s fault. I swore at it and look what happened? I mean…. I swore ON it and look…..

Lawyers do not ever swear on the Bible. But we peasants MUST swear on something. And that day, I was asked to swear on a “religious document”. But. it was on Zoom. So I grabbed the closest Torah to me and swore to tell the truth.

From that moment. Ms Adrian did not believe a word I said, and so, she set out to trick me into lying. Cuz that’s what the really good lawyers do. The good lawyers do not need bank account numbers to garnish , they need LIES to make REAL money, because “big money” is made in the game they call “COST-a-Rama”.

At the end of every case each lawyer gets a spin on the giant COSTS-WHEEL. Wherever it stops, that lawyer gets that much from that accused.

It all adds up.

If instead I had NOT sworn on a religious document, no one would trust me of course.

So, a suggestion when asked…. just “attest” to anything you like… they ain’t gonna believe you anyway. And it saves time.

And time is money to any lawyer. It is in their blood. A soaring “Lies per minute” is what they live for. Unless they come from their clients.

In which case, lies ARE money!

Bob Lepp

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