Public Service Announcement

BL20-🎄CLV- Herd Immunity “Trump-Style”

The NY Times is reporting the best news ever!

unnamed White House staffers who say that the new “line” to be spun is that the USA should develop herd immunity…. let millions get COVID-19 and then everyone will be safe from it.

Close your eyes, relax, think about that for 30 seconds….

So, Democrats called for the herd of people who work in the White House to bring every living relative to work on Friday to be injected with the “finest, purest, best ever” strain and get the herd started.

Being Republicans with average IQ’s, White House staffers then resigned and went home to hunker down.

Donald and his entire bloodline came to work Friday and they were injected with DOUBLE doses distilled from pedigreed Wuhan bats in a room filled with actual Wuhan bats, and told to go far and wide and hold indoor rallies. Donald Junior shot a bat to mount on his wall.

…we interrupt this dream

It is good to dream, because only then will we learn what we are capable of.

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