BL20-๐ŸŽ„CLXx4 โ€“ Perfection nears for James Ward’s charges

BL20-๐ŸŽ„CLXx4 โ€“ Perfection nears for James Ward’s charges

I await the last two trial day transcripts the crown and Michael Czuma refused to share.

Then my appeal will get scheduled for a hearing.

This conviction was for the May 30, 2018 arrest when I emailed DS Bentham and PC Brown for help. J. Harpur convicted me after he refused to permit my counsel to defence me because she had opposed the paralegal witness in court one day. NOT a legal reason to exclude her.

AFTER the Crown mixed one indictable charge, all of its evidence and biased the judge with lies to argue it. The Crown often lays extra charges like this to “mistakenly mix them up” with Summary charges so they can lie about serious offences and then they have plausible deniability of they get caught. Crown Elder did get caught. But too late to keep the lies from being heard,

Rubber Stamps are fun for kids, but are illegal for justices

AFTER a long string of other errors in the law and in his decisions. He ruled my alleged charges to go back 18 months in time when 6 is maximum. NOTHIGN happened in the 12 extra months, NOTHING.

AFTER J Harpur read out a sentencing decision written FOR HIM BY THE CROWN.

Yes, and he even failed to fFILL IN THE BLANKS LEFT BY CROWN GIORDANO.

Neither man remembered to modify the published decision and they left the blanks untouched for my son’s name and the day and time for when I could go shopping weekly under house arrest.

And of course, I asked the Crown for copies of all drafts to the judges and they:

  • Accused me of insulting them by suggesting draft orders are EVER passed unchecked to the justice.
  • In the alternative, if they DID wrote some, they refuse me copies

No, what this describes its bad faith by the Crown in not letting me see what they claimed in their draft.

Judges get lazy. Crowns know this. So, a cozy deal exists. The Crown agrees to write up what the judge is required to write in exchange for getting DONE what the Crown wants done.

They literally swap jobs, the Crown makes all the decisions in the law, the judge does nothing strenuous.

NOT all judges of course.

BUT, ALL Crowns draft orders for rubber-stamping,

Bob Lepp

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