BL20-🎄CLXx4i – OPINION PIECE: For a change

BL20-🎄CLXx4i – OPINION PIECE: For a change

In my opinion, the faeces is hitting the rotating, helically inclined plane

My inbox is strangely quiet, ALL the lawyers stopped replying to all my questions and suggestions for a more efficient law suit.

2 Possible Final Outcomes – 1) No guilty charges, or, 2) 1 guilty charge

The mistakes by J, Harpur cannot be reversed, and so those charges will fall. He should have let me use a defence counsel, and he should NOT have agreed with the Crown that a Small Claims appearance by my counsel against his witness should disqualify my counsel to defend me.

Justice Rose’s decision and Probation Order will be reversed

The J. Rose decision WILL fall. The Justice NEVER asked for, nor did he obtain evidence or proof of my mens rea… my mental state on April 2, 2019. J. Rose rubber stamped the decision and the probation order passed up to him by Crown Elder. …WITHOUT showing me first.

J. Rose imposed the SAME 185 word “Not to mention” term that ALL the other judges chose.

The real problem is Crown Draft Orders and Draft Sentencing Orders

No Judge should see drafts unchallenged by the accused.

Elder can and did say WHATEVER lies he wanted about me in the drafts. He biased the judge against me, unchecked.

My mens rea MUST be proven

On appeal, Crown McCallion argued he had no obligation at all to prove my mens rea, that I KNEW I blogged a legible photo of my law suit, he argued as long as I DID THE ACT, the actus reus, that his burden was carried.

J. Dawe straightened him out, but it took 20 minutes and many repeated questions. Every criminal charge DEMANDS that the Crown PROVE the accused’s mens rea. McCallion did not know that.

Only Crowns in Newmarket think they can escape proving mens rea, For a senior Crown to CLAIM he did not KNOW he had to prove mens rea is very revealing of a lager, more institutional failure.

Police DO KNOW they should be able to prove it. BUT, even then, they did not EVER interview or video me BEFORE any arrest to nail it down. Twice, police called me to say I made an obvious mistake in a post and they let me delete it and not face new charges.

So, Cops: 1, Crown: 0

So, the Rose conviction and Probation Order must fall.

And that leaves ONLY the minor breach charge I pled guilty to March 9, 2020, For clarity, I only posted a photo of a letter Gwendolyn Adrian illegally and without provocation threatened my wife with. That she would take my wife’s money AFTER she emptied my accounts. Adrian snuck the name of her SECOND client into the letter, and that upset the client SO MUCH!

And instead of telling ME to not “transfer assets” she CHOSE to illegally contact my wife and to discuss my private legal issues with my wife.

J. Dawe made the point that it will be very tough for me to reverse a guilty plea. He says the probation order existed, with ALL its flaws, and MUST be obeyed.

Probation Orders must be legally formed

I disagree. If the Probation Order asked for an illegal action, it cannot EVER have been in effect LEGALLY. In my opinion, The illegal “Not to mention” term… the 185 canned words rubber stamped by J. Rose, was ruled on June 5, 2020 by J. Dawe to have been illegally assigned, and he struck it in the March 9, 2020 Release Order.

The premise that a justice can put ANYTHING they dream up in a probation order is flawed.

Other conditions sometimes included as part of a probation order are: 

  • report to a probation officer (sometimes every week or month);
  • not buy, carry, or drink alcohol;
  • not have or use drugs that aren’t prescribed by a doctor;
  • not have or carry any weapons (e.g. knives etc.);
  • perform community service;
  • stay away from a certain person or persons, and not go to their house or where they work;
  • not to call, text message or email a certain person or persons;
  • give money back to a victim;
  • go to counselling or rehabilitation.

“Not to mention (in bed)” is NOT a legal probation order

NONE of these is “Not to mention in any online media”… because that is a Charter Right. You are permitted to face your accusers. To know their names. To have an opinion of them and of their illegal motivations. And to publish that opinion on the New York Times front page if desired.

J. Dawe now has the tricky job of deciding how to rule on my plea reversal. He has just 2 choices:

  • Rule the illegal term still applied
  • Rule that obviously an impossible and illegal term cannot lead to a conviction on successful appeal of the underlying charges that caused the order to be created.

Murder convictions are reversible.

A most minor breach plea should be reversible.

I was NOT told or warned before pleading guilty that….

The Crown and my lawyer forgot to warn me of the repercussions of a criminal record for a Canadian… I am blocked from the rest of the world through the USA. They will refuse me entry because I have a criminal record. I was not told my job nd friends would disappear.

I was not told my wife would leave me behind as a criminal so she cam move on to retaining a legal lifestyle.

I was not told I could not possess a forearm.

I was not told my SON cannot get a firearms licence because someone in hs family has a conviction.

I was not told of the high cost of appealing a guilty plea.

What person, faced with the statement from the Crown to my family that if I did not please guilty they would keep me in prison for showing TWO WORDS in a legal document from a complainant’s OWN lawyer meant to anger me, who would NOT plead guilty?

What choice did the Crown leave me?

NONE! They left me no choice. Their STATEMENTS on December 9, 2019 that I would stay in prison unless I pled guilty.

FOR 2 words naming the person, an ex cop from Halton Region who lied twice to arrest me July 14, 2017 and August 23, 2018 And the same woman who CONCURRENTLY sued me for $1,000,000 for losing her two jobs she admits she agreed to leave after accepting cash buyouts to not sue them for firing her.

Gwendolyn Adrian filed the suit with NO EVIDENCE I was able to get her client fired twice. THEN, her client testifies IN MY TRIAL that she was not fired AT ALL. She was offered money to leave and she take it. Twice.

Adrian cannot sue me that I caused her termination, when HER CLIENT caused her OWN termination.

AND, to top it off, when I MENTIONED her by publishing her lawyer’s own letter about her…. I made no editorial comment about her or her actions.

Here is the breach letter, redacted of course so the person is not traumatized to see her name online:

I posted that letter in the evening of December 5, 2020. Adrian’s client went looking for her name and saw t and was petrified. Terrified, And ex street cop FEARED seeing her name in print.

Scopophobiascoptophobia, or ophthalmophobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by a morbid fear of being seen or stared at by others.

Allodoxaphobia. An extremely rare phobia, allodoxaphobia is used to define the fear of opinions. 

Panphobiaomniphobiapantophobia, or panophobia is a vague and persistent dread of some unknown evil.

Gelotophobia is a fear of being laughed at, a type of social phobia.

Perfectionism, in psychology, is a broad personality style characterized by a person’s concern with striving for flawlessness and perfection and is accompanied by critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others’ evaluations.

Androphobia is defined as a fear of men. The term originated inside feminist and lesbian-feminist movements to balance the opposite term “gynophobia,” which means a fear of women.

Misandry, another term that arose from the feminist and lesbian-feminist movements, is defined as a hatred of men.

Nomophobia (short for ‘no mobile phobia’) is a word for the fear of, or anxiety caused by, not having a working mobile phone.[1][2] It has been considered a symptom or syndrome of problematic digital media use in mental health, ( I just liked this one a lot)

Logophobia or Verbophobia (from the Greek lógos, “word”) is the fear of words. This fear typically originates from childhood, where the frequency of learning new words can cause distress and dread. 

LOGOPHOBIA – the fear of words, names being words… the fear of names

Som the complainant may have a number of the above ailments. She claims perfection in Business in her old women’s support group web site and blog, She and her daughter both fear men. And drunken, horny men in particular.

So, a drunken man blogging words about her lack of perfection may have triggered her lies in an attempt to rid her eyes of seeing her own name.

But WHY would she go searching the Internet for people blogging her own name? That seems pretty odd.

Additional Conditions

The Criminal Code enables the court to require a probationer to “comply with such other reasonable conditions as the court considers desirable for securing the good conduct of the accused and for preventing a repetition of the same offence or the commission of other offences.”

Conditions of probation must:

  • detail precisely what conduct or acts are prohibited, avoiding ambiguous, uncertain or contradictory wording
  • be enforceable
  • be relevant to offence and rehabilitation, as determined by case law.

The same 185 words were ruled by J. Dawe June 5, 2020 as ambiguous, not clear, not understandable even by a justice. he struck them.

The full 185 words CANNPT be enforced since they decree acts in private between me and my family. No one can enforce that when I speak to my wife in bed.

Relevance is not maintained when media OTHER than my blog are banned. It is NOT RELEVANT that I not speak the name of a dog walking company to my son in private.

NO REHABILITATION was ordered or done.

So, the Probation order was illegal AT the outset.

I cannot be convicted of failing, WITHOUT LAWFUL REASON, to follow this probation order.

My “Lawful Reason” may well have been to prove to authorities who refuse to read my emails to read of the illegal threats to my wife.\

I have asked for the arrest of Gwendolyn Adrian. For fraud, for stealing my banking data from CIBC.

Bob Lepp

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