BL20-๐ŸŽ„CLXx4deux โ€“ CIBC fires me!

BL20-๐ŸŽ„CLXx4deux โ€“ CIBC fires me!

I got a letter today from CIBC. They no longer desire my business.

CIBC “Bites the hand that feeds ’em”


I could NOT make this stuff up!

CIBC gives the existence of my bank account, and some data ILLEGALLY to lawyer Gwndolyn Adrian so her client, an ex-RBC pensioner, can garnish it. CIBC says to my complaint that they did nothing wrong.

I escalated to the Provincial OBSI banking complaints and they offered that CIBC would pay me $1,000 for doing everything perfectly, as long as I did not EVER blog or tell anyone they did everything perfectly.

I could not agree to keep CIBC’s perfection private to myself, so I cancelled my OBSI complaint, I forewent the $1,000 pay off, and I sued them for $35,000 in Small Claims and I called for the arrest of Gwendolyn Adrian.

And the CIBC Fraud Department calls that FREAID BY ME and fires me.

CIBC thinks by calling me “fraudulent” I will be embarrassed, it is a “badge of courage” to be fired by a bank

Update October 2, 2020: CIBC Counsel Nick Fitz says

The September 14, 2020 letter from CIBC that you reference speaks for itself. CIBC has never accused you of fraud. The other items you raise regarding CIBC engage the subject matter of your lawsuit against CIBC, and we will respond through our pleading in that action.

Kindly ensure you continue to only communicate with me regarding this matter, and not directly with CIBC.

Nick Fitz October 1, 2020

So, of course, since only the OTHER items are off limits, Fraud Firing is something I can ask CIBC about

Bob Lepp

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