BL20-🎄CLXXXvayeayei – ANNOUNCING!: The York Regional Police Page

BL20-🎄CLXXXvayeayei – ANNOUNCING!: The York Regional Police Page

Det. Sgt, Bentham’s force needs a spot light, so now at the top and bottom of every page, you can use the new menu item:

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Here you will find in one neat place how since June 4, 2017 York Regional Police:

  • Protected an ex-cop by mkaing my written assault complaint of June 4, 3017 to PC Gaudet disappear
  • Assigned Jeff Brown to put my wife in tears by telling her I “have a problem with the Town of Aurora”, She orally divorces me.
  • Had Brown and others phone me saying “Do not email the Aurora Bylaws Manager, email Techa Van Leeuwen instead.”
  • Sent Brown and his partner to Aurora Town Hall to brief Mayor Dawe, CAO Nadorozny, Legal Director Tech Van Leeuwen, the ex-cop on how he would arrest me 2 hours later,
  • Sent Brown to interview the Bylaws Manager BUT NEVER checks her photo id to know who she is.
  • Since on February 27, 2020 Bentham claims NO COP knew of the ex-cop’s jobs, yet on July 24, 2017 SHE DOES NOT PROVE THE IDENTITY OR LEGAL NAME of the accuser,
  • Had Brown arrest me July 14, 2017 WITHOUT a single question,
  • Told me to contact the OIPRD to complain about Brown, not her or headquarters or Profession Standards
  • Had the OIPRD issue a whitewash after 4 hours of conversation with me,,, despite BOTH charges being false and dropped, Brown did NOTHING wrong… ie: Even if a cop falsely arrests on no evidence, he has not made a single reversible mistake,
  • Continues to manage officers to be wrong on. fully 75% of all arrests, Only 1 arrested person in 4 is convicted in Ontario. 47% of arrested people never even SEE a court room, They take peace bonds and Ms Bentham counts that as a CONVICTION.
  • Read my May 11, 2018 email to Brown and to her asking for her help with a dog attack May 10, 2018,,,, and instead of helping, assigned the most senior Detective in York Region, Det James Ward, to go CREATE a case against me for reporting the dog attack.
  • Supported Det Ward when he created a plan to make the dog park contract PKS-011-15 disappear between the dog attacker and Parks Director Allan Downey, married, who was having an intraoffice affair with his subordinate Bylaws Manager… so I would be “harassing” her if I asked her to not let her dogs attack me.
  • Tells Ward to NOT ask me a single question and do not video me after arrest, so I cannot trip him up like I did Jeff Brown
  • Again told me the OIPRD is the only place to complain, threw Ward under the bus… but the “bus” turns out to be made of marshmallows, the OIPRD now refuses ALL of my reports.
  • Assigned her friend, a paralegal, Officer of the Court (OOTC)/Cosmetics sales rep to come up with 19 more charges, starting August 23, 2018 up to and including March 4, 2020.,,,so James Ward could just type them up. Told him to NOT ask me any questions first, add do not video me after arrested,
  • Bentham does NOT ask the OOTC for a photo ID before accepting her complaint about me. Just as for July 14, 2017 in the very first arrest,
  • Assigned the OOTC again a week later to complain 5 times August 31, 2018 and put me in jail over night. Told him to NOT ask me any questions first, add do not video me after arrested,
  • Assigned Det, John Loughry to work with the same OOTC to arrest me on 5 MORE charges based on an email from me to Crown Elizabeth Barnier STOLEN by the OOTC December 2018. Told him to NOT ask me any questions first, add do not video me after arrested,
  • Sent 2 officers to the OOTC’s house, while the OOTC was en route to Florida, to arrest me for defeating two security cameras, break, enter, dog murder by auto glycol, house repair November 2018,
  • Sent officers to the spite fence lady’s home to have me arrested for measuring how much her fence was built in trespass on Buckle’s land
  • December 2-3, 2019 trial, Ms Bentham testifies she had nothing to do with my arrests. February 27, 2020 she will be recorded claiming that this date is the first ANY OFFICER knew the ex-cop Bylaws Manager had EVER been a cop, Despite sharing the SURNAME of first police chief 1971 Bruce Crawford and current Deputy Chief Andre Crawford,
  • Despite EVERY arrest interview of the Bylaws Manager bragging about her police career, Bentham swears NO COP knew of the Crawford family name.
  • April 2, 2019 assign Det Loughry to enlarge, to blow up an iPhone photo to a 60 inch TV set in court of my $7,000,000 law suit for her pervious arrests and charge me with breach heard by J. Rose December 2-4 2019 and be appealed September 18, 2020, Told him to NOT ask me any questions first, add do not video me after arrested,
  • December 6, 2019 assigns multiple officers to arrest me INSIDE Justice Haprurs court room as I was leaving for blogging a threatening letter from the Ex cop Bylaws manager to my wife saying she was going to take her money too.
  • December 6-9, 2019 I have heart attack and spend 4 days on Southlake Hospital after Bentham had officers force court records that I was sent to Lindsay Prison with all my effects. Does not tell my wife. Or son,
  • December 6, 2019 leaves my family to find my car abandoned at court, where the Crown tells then I was sent to Lindsay.
  • My family and counsel track me to the cardio ward and tries to visit.
  • Det Sgt Bentham orders guards to keep my family AND COUNSEL away from me for 26 hours,
  • MS Bentham forges police records to show I had a telephone bail hearing on hospital, and they I was sent to Lindsay prison
  • February 27, 2020 Ms Bentham is recorded in her station admitting her motivations for all of the above.,, she disliked me blogging her name complaining about poorly managing Jeff Brown.
  • March 2, 2020 assigned 4 cops to get the OOTC to make up another false charge or 3,
  • March 4, 2020 assigns John Loughry to arrest me on 3 lies from 3 OOTC”s, two of which do NOT sell cosmetics, that I can tell.
  • Calls the two lawyers PERSONALLY to solicit their statements of support for the OOTC’s fabricated lies of “speaking to her in a court room”.
  • March 4, 2020 in the midst of COVID-19 and a time of releasing convicts from prison for safety, sends me to Lindsay prison for 2 nights. Lindsay tells me this is my SECOND stay and I now get frequent incarceration points and no hand soap. Prison guards photograph my face bloodied in the very FAST and BUMPY truck ride in a stainless steel box.
  • March 6, 2020 has officers swear for my Release Hearing, I am put under house arrest and forbidden from using the internet,
  • June 5, 2020 Justice Dawe orders bail terms are illegal, strikes them from my probation order.

Bob Lepp

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