BL20-🎄CLXXXv – September 18, 2020 – A BIG day!

BL20-🎄CLXXXv – September 18, 2020 – A BIG day!

aka “Your honour….May I Please Have A Do-Over?.. of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020?”

What would I have to do today to get a do-over?

Crown Loses Sobriety Test

Yesterday, I made fun of the fantastic Ms. Rivet. I feel terrible now.

Not terrible enough to apologize, no one has EVER made me feel THAT bad.

I had asked her for the privilege of paying HER to go find out A’s legal name, I had come up dry, and BOTH her lawyers refused, and police refused…. I was stuck and I HAD to call for legal assistance.

She told me to get lost and do it my own self.

Well, not in so many words… actually not is so FEW words..

Divorce records, which was her speciality, would not prove a legal name, they only prove… well, a divorce.

So, she said ask the court.

So, I did.

I filed an application to J. Dawe, who I see in Zoomcourt today, to order the simply order the Crown to verify the past and current legal name of the main person who put me in prison.

Without THIS person being rock solid, the 7 arrests and 27 charges would be a sham. If she did not LEGALLY change her name from A as married to A’ as her maiden name again that means she lied and that means NOTHING she said could be trusted. And police should not have arrested me omg her complaint August 23, 2018.

So, it would seem the Crown would or should want to prove they had another rock solid witness before J. Harpur

not so much…

Crown Westgate refused to accept that was a. real need at appeal today. He would ALLOW my application to be seen BUT he would NOT support it,

Let’s see what he refused to do:

  • Pick up phone
  • Dial phone
  • Tell Det Sgt Bentham to verify and document the ;egal name cages of since June 3, 2017
  • Go back to sleep

No, that was simply too large a burden, especially during the extra work of COVID-18.

I replied who and why that it was important to me, but he was unmoved.

So, guess what kids?

He fell for Ms Rivet’s trap. She spun a web and he stuck like velcro.

J. Dawe will hear the story of the ensnarement.

She created an admission from the Crown verifying they often prosecute when asked by police on behalf of anonymous complainants

This is how the Thin Blue Line “protects” its own, by false prosecution

They take the trust if the people and BREACH it, such a coincidence. They have been OVERWHELMING courts with bogus breach charges and now the BREACHED the public trust.

Police have weaponized Ontario’s judicial systems for their personal benefit and pleasure.

I cannot even go file an online OIPRD complaint anonymously, BUT, after verifying with my driver’s licence number I can complain an anonymous person arrested me 7 times.

‘Do yu haf papers, ja?” “Nein?” lights out

So, I sent BOTH her lawyers a simple request that THEY have a photo id copy from signup day.

I think the Law Society suggests a Driver’s Licence so you can sue the client for not paying up.

So, if both counsel swear They have copy, I am happy.

I will worry whose name is on it at the law suit. They should match.

After J. Dawe hears that. I think I can do a mic drop. 🎤⤼

Imagine now a cartoon of Snoopy doing a mic drop.

Got it?

Now, how can he NOT drop it? he has no opposable thumb.

Bob Lepp

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