BL20-🎄CLXXX🚢 – Making 3 Years Appeal-ing To The Audience

Friday, September 18, 2020 – Appealing J. Rose and J. Henschel convictions of December 4-9, 2019 and the Probation Order

If my “rule” works, asking for a reversal will only assure they will NOT let it happen.

My Wish For September 18, 2020

So, I insist I be left alone with my criminal records and let me retire totally defeated so my DNA sample, prints and photos live on forever! My future ancestors may want to clone me and they would NEVER think to ask for my blood now. Well… blood yes! but “sample size” no!

Listing is NOT sinking

Listing, but NOT sinking yet

So, in what sequence do I orally argue my case?

3 Years of false arrests started with an assault by A

A had police whitewash the assault with the OIPRD

B arrested me May 30, 2018

C arrested me August 23, August 3i, December 2018 ( 5 X Attempts failed), March 2, 2019, December 6, 2019, March 4, 2020

Not one charge of 17 by C was successful.

Only 1 charge by B succeeded, got a probation order with an illegal “Not to mention” term, and both are appealed today.

Both of the other convictions were breaches complained by A. Both are appealed today.

Keeping ABC on recognizance of bail terms illegally began Nov. 12, 2017 when Crown Moull stayed July 14, 2017 charges, but left “bail” in place illegally until July 14, 2019. 12 month is maximum, he went 24 months and then told Greg Elder the trick.

Crown Greg Elder kept ABC in “Term #6” ever as each charge was disposed of.

Elder’s Contempt #1 was refusing J, Fuerst in November 16, 2019 when she ordered him to drop ABC,

Elder’s contempt #2 was drafting a copy of “Term #6: for publishing by J. Rose December 4, 2019.

Elder’s contempt #3 was drafting a copy of “Term #” for publishing by J. Henschel December 6, 2019. J Fuerst had told him NO and he did it anyway.

Elder’s contempt #4 was December 4, 2019 when he forged court records and Lindsay prison records to show I had a telephone bail appearance from my Newmarket Emergency bed, and that I was sent there December 4, 5, 6, 7 2019 when I was still in Newmarket. How could I have been in HOSPITAL and at Lindsay on the sae days?

Elder’s contempt #5 was telling hospital guards from YRP to NOT let my family visit me in emergency December 4, 2019

Elder’s contempt #6 was telling hospital guards from YRP to NOT let my lawyer visit me in emergency until 26 hours had passed.

Elder’s contempt #7 was December 11, 2019 when J. Dawe ordered him to correct ABC in “Term #6: just as J. Fuerst told him in November.

Elder’s contempt #8 was March 4, 5, 6 2020 when he drafted the identical 185 words of Term #6 for J.P. Premji without telling him he had twice been ordered NOT to do so.

Elder’s contempt #9 was from May 30, 2018 to March 6, 2020 when he refused to follow the law and place a copy of orders. from J, Kenkel, J, Fuerst and J. Dawe INTO ny case paper file folder so future judiciary would NOT notice his contempt.

Elder’s contempt #10 was June 5, 2020 when J. Dawe ordered Term #6 STRUCK and he failed to go back “with consent” to change December 4, 9 and March 6 and remove and replace probation and release orders containing one or more of ABC.

Det. Sgt Bentham recorded an admission February 27, 2020 that she was upset back in 2017 that I blogged her name and that may have made her seek revenge setting 37 different officers in me,

She came out unsolicited claiming A was never known by ANY police as being an ex police officer. This lies was quickly. proven by simply reviewing the video and transcript of A on July 15, 2017 in which she related her career at Halton Region. Every video and interview has A declaring her police background. DS Bentham also KNEW the correct Dep, Chief as Andre Crawford and she knew YRP history has Chief Bruce Crawford STARTING the force in 1971. Many of Chief Crawford’s progeny work for Toronto Police and Fire. A married Strath Crawford. There may be. a family link which got her preferential treatment when I reported the assault.

Aurora’s HR Manager Sandra McKenzie was FIRST to meet with A and together they called in police. In the days that followed, multiple YRP officers called me to tell me to not email A anymore. I asserted the Charter but they persisted.

DC Brown and partner can to my wife and told her “Bob has troubles with the Town of Aurora”. she collapsed.

Both cops came to meet Mayor Dawe, CAO Nadorozny, Legal Dir. Techa Van Leeuwen and A in town Hall at 11:39 am, and DC Brown detailed his plans to arrest me that day.

ON my arrest July 14, 2017 DC Brown asserted A came as a private citizen to complain earlier that day, NOT as an employee. he said “This is NOT what Aurora wants me to do!”

112 days later, Crown David Moull was forced to agree he had no evidence of any crimes. No lawyer was required.

3 people, ABC, were allowed REPEATED kicks at my can as they returned 7 times and claimed 27 charges. Even though the previous charges were lies, police accepted more and more.

Culminating March 4, 2020 when DS Bentham assigned 5 more officers including herself to get C to make up 3 more charges. All were breaches and all were based on the contempt of Crown Greg Elder who kept naming ABC in bail terms and approving arrests when the term #6 wording could NOT be understood as eventually ruled by J. Dawe June 5, 2020.

C lied to police that 19 days EARLIER I had spoken to her in a court room witnessed by two other lawyers. Both lawyers consented to back her up, one wrote an affidavit saying heat beside her and heard nothing at all, and the other refused to wrote an affidavit. J. Dawe June 5, 2020 ruled the ONLY place I was permitted to speak to her was in that very court room.

Elder’s contempt #11 was on June 5 2020 when he failed to correct the March 6, 2020 charges, the 2 December convictions and he failed to admit his contempt to me. Frank Giordano replace him.

Elder’s contempt #12 March, 2020 was NOT coming clean to Frank Giordano about contempt’s #1 through #11.

Elder’s contempt #13 March, 2020 was NOT coming clean to Peter Westgate about contempt’s #1 through #12.

To this day NO CROWN has admitted contempts by Greg Elder. Bit even one, They all tell judges that Greg Elder acted honourably at all times.

At least 12 Crowns signed my case file. Not one has come forward to attempt to purge the contempt of Greg Elder in the smallest way.

Elder’s contempt #14 September 2020 was REFUSING to provide his PDF’s of my trial transcripts beginning June 2019 transcripts as ordered by J, Harpur to his amicus curiae Michael Czuma. This forces me to pay all over again for them. Then, I will recover those costs plus interest when I sue for wrongful arrest. This makes no sense, to pay TWICE using taxpayers money. But reduction of waste is not a job requirement in the court systems where 75% of arrests fail to convict anyone.

Contempt #1 of David Moull is his refusal to implements BILL C-75 Judicial Referral Hearings (JRH) to de-emphasize constantly expanding numbers of breaches and simplify prosecution. He simply adds a “local practice’ to NOT have JRH’s, to his list which includes “:NO Crown Pretrials for self reps.”

Illegible, illogical, vague bail terms are the “weapons of choice” for poles AND Crowns. Breach convictions make them look “efficient”. In fact, they can manufacture convictions simply be drafting nebulous terms no one can obey.

As real crime drop, police and Crowns inspire to bulk up their statistics with breaches no ne can follow to the letter because no one understands the language.

My current Probation Order Term #6 has 185 words. J. Dawe could NOT decide what it said. He struck it entirely in a subsequent Release Order, and on September 18, 2020 I hope to finally get corrections made which David Moull, Greg Elder, Frank Giordano and Peter Westgate should have consented to months back.

If any of these men had respect for the law, they would have proactively fixed the mistakes of Greg Elder. Instead, they venerate him by simply refusing to correct anything, he messed up, even when ordered by multiple Superior Court justices since November 16, 2019… TEN months ago.

They refuse to give me any evidence of collusion with police I can use in my law suit. And, making corrections unasked would be admitting defeat,.

The Crown forces the judiciary to waste THEIR time with lengthy and expensive motions, when they KNOW Elder messed up badly.

I am fortunate the Crown took this “head in the sand” approach. It proves my collusion theory. Think about it.

The only reason the Crown will not remedy Elder’s contempt on its own is to “protect” police. If, instead, the Crown were to simply fix their own mistakes to save ME the trouble of more motions, it would signify police NEVER had ANY basis for the 7 arrests.

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