BL20-🎄CLXX❻ – The Best Fun in The J. Rose Appeal are the 3 Victim Impact Statements

BL20-🎄CLXX❻ – The Best Fun in The J. Rose Appeal are the 3 Victim Impact Statements

J. Rose was SUPPOSED to be shown ONLY the blog page alleged to have breached my bail.

This one:

Imagine it on a small iPhone screen.. could YOU read anything? No, of course not.

On a tiny iPhone where it was created not ONE WORD can be read. Only the microscope Greg Elder constructed revealed it, And NONE of the 3 women desired using a microscope to read it

Sad note: The 4 inch stack of paper is Aurora’s argument that I’, vexatious and I talk too much in my blog..

Instead J. Rose was shown my ENTIRE blog the night before he read his draft decision from the Crown. And he asked me questions about posts not introduced into evidence. This is illegal. Judges CANNOT look outside the evidence presented for their decision.

So, it was not surprising he asked for all 3 victim impact statements. As if all 3 of them could read their names in the photo above.

One complained her mother could read her name in that post on her deathbed and she asked her daughter when I was going to stop terrorizing her daughter by writing her name on counter suits.

Did the main complainant of the May 30, 208 arrest truthfully describe how reading her own name affected her?

No, she related that she got ill to the stomach every time I showed up in her inbox, I have published EVERY email I sent her. Not one response from her indicated her stomach condition. EVERY one thanked me for getting her $70,000 for HER business to use free daily.

Did that retching happen in person? Like the day she invited me ALONE to her home when she was considering quitting her volunteering after Jim Tree bribed her to disparage me in writing?

No, I witnessed no retching as I sat at her dining room table. And she happily played along as Mayor Tom Mrakas repeated the EXACT same bribe offer for free wood chips next day on her cell as I watched.

Did the ex-cop try to cover up her past career as Det Sgt Bentham claimed she had done onFebruary 27, 2020? No, she OPENED with her “first responder” career. This trained street cop then swore to the trauma of seeing her name on my $1 million counter suit of HER $1 million suit. She told J. Rose that seeing her name on a counter suit brought back horrible memories. I guess her lawyer had not told her one day she may read her name on a countersuit.

Why did J. Rose permit such wide ranging statements not limited to the charges?

Because he was reading the script prepared by Crown Greg Elder. And that “draft” order led him to say everything at sentencing.

Luckily for me, it is illegal for a justice to rubber stamp the words of the Crown given to him on paper. He could NOT have written 185 IDENtICAL words and commas to those of Greg Elder,

Proof? Simple… J. Rose read into the record his recognizance of bail… exactly 185 words, punctuated IDENTICALLY to the one J. Dawe ordered eliminated December 11, 2019. And it was IDENTICAL to the one J. Fuerst ordered hm to delete November 16, 2019.

By keeping that set of 185 words and getting J. Rose to read it into the record AGAIN in ANOTHER charge is all the evidence required to prove SEVERAL breaches of trust by J. Rose.

And the double contempt of Greg Elder would go on into TWO MORE courts, J. Henschel Dec. 6, 2019 and JP Premji March 6, 2020 where the same 185 words were AGAIN imposed.

So, Crown Elder had confidence. His contempt before J. Fuerst November 16, 2019 did not slow him down. Contempt before J Dawe December 11, 2019 did not slow him down, and on March 6, 2020 Greg Elder AGAIN [\passed the 185 words to JP Premji for his rubber stamped release order.

What else could possibly be needed to prove J. Rose erred in his December 4, 2019 decision in my charges?

  • A copy of the draft order from Crown Greg Elder to J. Rose December 4, 2019
  • A copy of J. Rose’s reasons for sentencing where he quotes Greg Elder’s illegal terms,
  • Transcripts showing J, Rose admitting MULTIPLE TIMES that he read my entire blog when he went outside the evidence to conduct his own private investigation.
  • The questions J. Rose asked me about my BLOG, something NOT in evidence.

What was fun was listening as J. Rose read Greg Elder’s “draft” admonishment to the three that they should not stray beyond the charge at hand in their statements.

Snoopy’s Victim Impact Statement

Then, read the transcript as he ordered me to NOT even glance or look on my accusers as they recited their life stories. I was to turn away, shut up and listen he said.

When the appeal Friday is successful, the 3 victim impacts will be published here in their entirety, and you can judge fairness for yourself.

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