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BL20-๐ŸŽ„CLXX๐ŸŽ„i – Open Letter to Justice Favreau and Justice Schabas

You have both acted to enable Gwendolyn Adrian to seize my pension. Then, you ordered I answer her questions to collect that $18,000 despite her not giving me one day to pay it.

She asked for my answers to all the online banking security checks, SIN, birther date, wife’s full maiden name, mothers full name and age. All of the extra password protection we set up.

I refused.

Then, she admitted how she had stolen my CIBC banking data to garnish it legally. She admitted she did not use her client’s 40 years’ of banking career in Aurora, but stopped short of naming the person. She then admitted “None of your business” stole it.

Toronto police are being offered a far bigger raise than other city workers
Byย Jennifer PagliaroCity Hall Bureau
Wendy GillisCrime ReporterAccording to the police association, the Toronto police board was unable to extract any major concessions during negotiations.

So I reported her to Nicole Ozretic, Toronto police detective, but her FIRST question to me was “Why not report in Aurora to YRP” and then “What is your bank account number?”. When I refused because it had no value to her investigation, she refused to investigate at all. So I emailed Mayor Tory and he advised some senior police official. Dead end.

Today, I told the Canada Pension folks to direct deposit at RBC Aurora. I opened it so I could get cash nmonethly so Ms Adrian could not take it again.

I sued CIBC and Ms Afrian’s biss Michael Simaan for failing to train her.

I will ask YRP to investigate instead. They will decline, and wil claim it is a Toronto crime.

Then I wil try the OPP and RCMP. Then I will fond someone else.

Justices, you created and enabled this mess and I ask you to fix it,

Thanks if you can.


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