BL20-🎄CLXV – Even duct tape can’t fix stupid

BL20-🎄CLXV – Even duct tape can’t fix stupid

We all remember a while back when a baby sex reveal party start a forest fire.

An over privileged MILLENIAL decided to use a rifle to ignite a pyrotechnic Which exploded in a puff of pink powder.

We saw that up here in CANADA. On the news. In the United States the president tells people not to watch the fake news so not very many people saw it down there

Well this week another arrogant over privileged millennial decided he and his buddies could do better and so they too fired an assault rifle at a pyrotechnic in a forest.

Now 7,000 acres of California are on fire and this is in the best country in the world led by the greatest president ever.

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