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BL20-🎄CLXI – How Breachy Was I?

All My “Convictions” are breaches. Save one which was an email to police asking for help with a dog attack. Am I TOO breachy?


a.1.Apt to break fences or to break out of pasture; unruly; as, breachy cattle.
Too funny… breaking fences in spite of myself

Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.

“APT TO BREAK FENCES” is just TOO funny.

In the past five months less than 12 people Average per day read my blog.

Three are alleged victims

Three more are me and my family, one more friend

at least three must be lawyers

my probation offocer, that’s 11.

some of 37 cops assigned

And your Attorney General has spent $250,000 conservatively since 2017. Ten trial days. Four inquiry days. A Hundred appearances. Waste.

For one ex cop. And only because of the “Thin Blue Line”.

I spent over $44,000 on lawyers and courts.

For 12 people a day. Ontario paid $228 per viewer per day

I paid another $40 a day per viewer

$268 a day we paid.

Is that “in the public interest?”

$268 a day.. over $10 an hour per person?

Discuss among yourselves.

I’m thinking ex cops are expensive to protect from public opinion. If they don’t want people blogging about them…. stop assaulting me and lying again and again. Two arrests, three charges all withdrawn as false.

When I went to Toronto police the first thing thing they asked ME for was photo ID. “Standard procedure” he said.

Why is it not STANDARD with York Regional Police?

Why can I not be shown PROOF of the name of the person who arrested me twice falsely? 3 charges. All withdrawn. Why can I not be told the legal name of such a person?

Since there was no name change between June 3, 2017 and January 30, 2018 when a married name was renewed as a POA officer in council minutes, she lied about her name in every charge and every lawsuit. Neither of her two lawyers have responded to a legal request to know my accuser’s legal name.

When after 5 days Toronto police called … they IMMEDIATELY opened with..” Why did you try to arrest in Toronto, you’re in Aurora?”

Second thing? She wanted my bank account number.

She’s not even planning to get the “legally executed garnishment from CIBC” to get the account number. She wants it from me?

Nope. I do not Gove my SON or bank account to anyone. Common sense.

If CIBC was legally freezing my account, she can now garnish RBC the same way. If she stole no account number for CIBC she should be able to repeat the process at RBC WITHOUT an account number. I’ve put my cash in the account. Go garnish it without an account number to prove your innocence.

If they give you my money they broke the law in s. 462. I’ve sued two banks already for breaking the Bank Act s.462 and eliminating my account, so to sue a third is easy.

Not garnishing RBC is an admission of guilt.

Your call.

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