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BL20-19I – An experiment in adapting to Google Search

WEBDEV101: “Everyone” uses Google to find YOUR business, believe it or not. It is the best, and Bing and DuckDuckGo and the rest take a backseat. So, do your best to get Google to ONLY recommend your site. How? This is an experiment to find out. I will now post all my unique new words coined here. Then, we will give Google a chance to send its bots around to sniff me out. Then we will search on some of the words and see if anyone else gets displayed. is where you record your new words. I have the following:

PDF Embedder requires a url attribute

So, they are:

  • vexigant
  • vexattitude
  • yupyet
  • expunation
  • autovile
  • millientality
  • audience
  • orgamazon
  • gnu
  • Armedoggone
  • Trump-itis
  • Janefoolery
  • max-ditz
  • amateurlific
  • panedemicrophone
  • SWATLaws
  • Sick’s Fee
  • Oklakarma

BL20-190 – Cops Patron Saint is Michael… they just CAN’T catch a break!

WEBDEV101: Be sympathetic to the issues people around you have to deal with. State your opinion such that at once you show yourself compassionate at the same time you are being critical. Then, readers will see you as balancing the issues to come to a conclusion.

Have you studied Saint Michael? He is represented as an angel vanquishing the devil or Satan.

Regrettably, St. Michael is also Patron Saint of Minneapolis and was a 3rd party contractor teaching police tactics and weapons. His signature neck stomp may have once been “de rigeur” but is now a touch out of style.

The Vatican could not be reached as to when new artwork can be expected.

Michael (Hebrew pronunciation: [mixaˈʔel]Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל‎, romanizedMîkhā’ēllit. Who is like God?‘; Greek: Μιχαήλ, romanizedMikhaḗlLatinMichahelCoptic: ⲙⲓⲭⲁⲏⲗ; Arabic: ميخائيل ، مِيكَالَ ، ميكائيل‎, romanizedMīkā’īl, Mīkāl or Mīkhā’īl) is an archangel in JudaismChristianity, and Islam. In CatholicEastern OrthodoxAnglican, and Lutheran systems of faith, he is called Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Michael. In the Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox religions, he is called Saint Michael the Taxiarch. In other Protestantchurches, he is simply called Archangel Michael.

In late medieval Christianity, Michael, together with Saint George, became the patron saint of chivalry and is now also considered the patron saint of police officers, paramedics and the military.[35][109]

BL2O-189 – I figured out what I was doing wrong!

WEBDEV101: Honesty sells. Eyeballs search out honest posts and yours will drag them in if you speak from the heart.

All my life, people have told me I am an asshole, usually right AFTER I fix their problem though. And usually because I do that instantly, and then tease them, or smirk at their ineptitude… you know, just like every nerd in the world.

Nerd: : “What do you mean… EVERYONE knows that an intermittent bluetooth mouse on an iMac is fixed with a simple NVRAM/SMC reset! 😏😝

Well, usually what sets them off is the short amount of time I take to get something fixed.

You: Hello, Audi dealer, my “Engine Trouble” light is on! How much?

Audi: $145 minimum for one hour. We can get it done in an hour.

You: OK, go for it!

Audi: Go tighten your gas cap. That will be $145 plus HST please.

You: BUT that did not take an hour!

Audi: Yes. We used to give out fast and free advice, but we find people prefer thinking we had to work hard to fix it. So, we always stretch out the “repair” so you think you got value. Today, I have to go to lunch now so I wanted you to have your car back before I go. Next time I will shuttle you home and call you back in 3 hours, and charge you only for th eone hour. You’ll love how that feels.

So, everyone around me is so much happier now. I take their calls for help and simply do nothing. Sometime later in the week I will tell them it is fixed, and it is free. They love that. I get time off, they get a few days without a computer and everyone is happy.

Moral: Never give free advice quickly. Always crank the bill and always keep them waiting. It is what “they” prefer.

BL20-I88 – Offer made to settle costs in Aurora’s Vexatious Litigant appeal

WEBDEV101: Be clear and concise. State the fact, ask a tight question, move along!

Last September 20, 2019 or so, Aurora and Lloyd’s Counsel Charles Painter lost their bid to have me declared a vexatious litigant before J. Edwards.

I won, but, of course, since I am self represented I was NOT given any costs to compensate me for the loss of 9 months time in my suit.

Aurora appealed and on July 22, 2020 a teleconference at the Supreme Court of Ontario will consider “fresh” evidence they claim to have. I have seen no “fresh” evidence so far, that is stuff happening PRIOR to trial.

ALL of the evidence Aurora is leading with in Appeal happened AFTER trial. That is called “NEW” evidence and is generally inadmissible. Because of course anything AFTER trial is not proof anything BEFORE trial.

Or is it? Maybe I set everything up to execute AFTER September, 2019 to “hide” my vexatious self. Maybe Mr. Painter figured that out!

Or, more likely, Mr. Painter has nothing else “fresh” to cite.


Anyway, Aurora asked for $30,668.07 (roughly) costs for losing, and now that they have appealed, they are again asking for that same amount PLUS.

I had asked for $291,500 which is half of the stock market profit of my $7 million over those 9 months, since my win is assured now with Det. Sgt. Bentham’s admissions. Today, 9 months MORE have passed so I will ask for double, or say $600,000 rounded up.

So, I offered to settle costs NOW with Aurora for $30K rather than my $600,000. Just 5% of what I have suffered as a real loss.

Aurora is being asked to decide.

I hope they make the correct decision.

BL20-186 – Batting CleanUp! I’m famous on Canlii, whatever that is!

WEBDEV101: You should always find reasons to make posts serving multiple purposes, 3 in 1 as it were… or as THEY were…. Here, I educate the reader on a new search capability EVERYONE should know and on who I am, and what a “cleanup hitter” is…. all in one post.

Go to because it lets you look up the court room lives of anyone in Canada. See Mayor Morris, Bill Hogg, Richard Johnson and ME!

So, type my legal name and press enter and all shall be revealed to you.

The ruling of J. Dawe on the ELIMINATION of my illegal recognizance of bail will be there one day.

But you will find the decisions in suits started by anyone else. So you will get to read about how I have been sued by the same people who swore to have me arrested.

Each time I have been sued, it is for blogging. I am sued because I stated facts here about “matters of public interest”.

Like, back May 11, 2018 I emailed Police and Aurora Councillors for help with a dog attacking two of us in the town park. And back in 2017 I blogged about having trouble putting a name to a face, or any body part really. I could NOT get a straight answer on a simple name.

J. Dawe: “…no evidence that Mr. Lepp has ever blogged about the complainants in a way that might raise legitimate concerns

Now, on June 3, 2020 Justice Dawe declared…

[47] The record before me also contains no evidence that Mr. Lepp has ever blogged about the complainants in a way that might raise legitimate concerns about their psychological health or personal safety. I recognize that when Rose J. sentenced Mr. Lepp for breaching the earlier version of this bail term, he described Mr. Lepp as having “engaged in a pattern of online postings, which constitute bullying” and declared that the bail term at issue had been imposed “to prevent him from online blogging in a manner which is hurtful and demeaning to a, b, and c. These conclusions may very well have been justified on the evidence that was before Rose J. However, the problem I face is that they are not supported by the record that has been put before me. To the contrary, the only specific 

information I have been given about Mr. Lepp’s blogging and other online activity is that he has “mentioned” the complainants’ names by posting documents from his civil case and other documents relating to the operations of the dog park, and once when responding to a negative “Google review” that attacked him personally. Nothing about the content of these posts as they have been described in the materials before me would appear to raise any secondary ground concerns. 

J. Dawe rules about my history blogging

So, a Superior Court justice saw the worst evidence and none of it proved a crime.

Downtown in Toronto court, a justice found I had NOT been blogging a “matter of public interest” when I blogged about Aurora Bylaws madness.

BUT, today, Aurora’s lawyer, Charles Painter DEFENDS the very same person as an employee of Aurora in the period I sued for.

How can the same person be BOTH a “matter of public interest” as an employee of Aurora, yet be NOT a matter of public interest when she sued me?

How can ONE person have two personnas? How can one person be “public” and “interesting” in Newmarket court, and at the same time be “private” and “NOT of interest” to a Toronto justice?

This is the neat thing about Ontario laws. None are worth ANYTHING without an opinion of a justice. BUT, they are required to opine in an identical fashion given an identical crime.

I have some work to do to get that Toronto justice up to speed with Newmarket. I’ve got men on base. ready to score.

In baseball, a cleanup hitter is the fourth hitter in the lineup. They are the ones with the most power in the team and their most important job is to bring runs in, the cleanup hitter “cleans up the bases” meaning that if there are runners on the bases the cleanup hitter scores them in ergo the name. There is much theory on how a coach sets up his lineup card before the game in order to maximize the effectiveness of his players during the game

Snoopy washing dishes?

My dish washer made some ugly sounds and turned into a plate warmer.

Snoopy now washes all my dishes, while I bat Cleanup

See what I did there? Full circle. ALWAYS bring them full circle. Tie it up with a ribbin’. Because “Blessed are those who roll in circles since they shall be known as big wheels.”

BL20-185 – 🎶 When I’m calling GNU! Oo-Oo-Oo-Oo, Oo-Oo-Oo-Oo!🎶

WEBDEV101: You’ve heard this one before, COIN A NEW WORD. Stand out in Google search! Be the gnu-ager! Think of ways to bring people together, instead of looking for reasons to push them apart!

…But you can’t teach an old gnu dog tricks!

BL20-184 – Darwin never sleeps!

WEBDEV101: Invoking a famous historical name will attract those who follow that person. If he happens to have proven how life evolves and why we improve every generation, then he WILL capture lots of new eyeballs. Note: The decision to keep identifying photos of people you tease out of your blog is an important one. You WILL be attacked if anything IN the photo can be twisted around against YOU for blogging. You’re GONNA be called smarty pants, that is a GIVEN… but you do not need false claims of racial bias.

He quit his job to take a new position — but the job offer was a scam

The gene pool is constantly being screened of dead leaves. Sometimes one such cleaning calls out for aid.

  • Before I begin, I think it is essential people know just a few basic Google searches to do any time you are offered a job.
  • Google the name of the company who wrote you the cheque. Is it likely “Sobey” is a company of only ONE “Food”?

Who hires a person without ANY in person interview?

Who does NOT know you NEVER trade cheque’s with ANYONE!! Yours is cashed, theirs bounces, and GUESS WHO signed it?

Did the callback phone number MATCH to Sobey?

Who buys a job in 2 hours over a phone? Answer: ANYONE with $4,385.54 in the bank.


Sobeys is based in Stellarton, Nova Scotia and has 27 distribution centres in Canada, with six of those in Quebec.

Stores are located across Canada with 54 locations in Alberta, 1 location in British Columbia, 17 locations in Manitoba, 23 locations in New Brunswick, 14 locations in Newfoundland and Labrador, 42 locations in Nova Scotia, 90 locations in Ontario, 5 locations in Prince Edward Island, and 10 locations in Saskatchewan.

Please, NEVER send cheques ANYWHERE you have NEVER been before to someone you have never met. Use a credit card and claim fraud if it was a scam. Let the banks find the scammers.

If you work “in the telecom” industry, research SCAMS played out in the telecom industry.

Lastly, search on the name in the signature:

Thomas Jefferson was a President of the USA


The end of YOUR world is upon us!

WEBDEV101: You have qa company and products to promote. You have to attract buyers. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with over exaggeration, gloating, tongue out sticking, na-na-na-na-NA ‘ing about YOUR company and YOUR products…especially when it backs up YOUR opinions. Use confidence, pride, effusiveness! Wallow in it! Stay (digitally) in their faces if you have to. Show them something, an image, a story, a promise so OBVIOUSLY stating what you could *NOT* find words for. Show people the “edges” of your commitment, show them how far your expertise WILL take them. COIN A WORD! When gnu get a gift horse, you take a closeup photo of its mouth and you write PERFECT across it and you *TWEET* that word so they will remember you! You show that gift horse to everyone in town! Here is my latest coined word.

The dogs of hell shall rise, and shall be PUT UPON you at the end of days!

The Signs of The Beasts

BL20-182 – Happy Birthday to gnu! aka: god/nature/you speaks to Scheibe

god/nature you[gnu]: So, Scheibe! Your Boob…errrr.. your Bob’s birthday is coming. I grant you one gnodly act. One thing I will do for you to make your human happy for his birthday, ok?

Scheibe[S] woof (ANYTHING?)

gnu: If you can bark it, I will do it!

S: OK, get a pen…. We just cannot get evolve an opposable claw, our charter says everything about dogs MUST be perfect, so anything in opposition is banned.

gnu: I pressed “Record” on my iPhone instead….

S: Bob was born in Regina, loves dogs, loves the idea of dog parks, and he hates commercial dog walkers, and he wants his town to ban them from the SINGLE park in Aurora. His parents lived in Edmonton TWICE, once with Bob, for 20 years, so get an Edmonton guy to claim in a Regina newspaper that he’ll be a millionaire just as soon as he can hire enough people to let thousands of dogs loose, en masse, in EVERY dog park in Canada with NO OVERHEADS AT ALL!. PLEASE! Let Bob make fun of that ALL DAY today…. he will be in heaven!

gnu: Here?

S: NO! “Blogger heaven”…. that elusive dream of going viral! Give him that dream!

gnu: It has been made so, check your inbox!

S: Cool! Can you also get the courts to email Bob about his Probation Order review this week?

gnu Hey, I’m only lower case god/nature,/you I am NOT UPPERCASE GOD! Bob can just park his fat ass and can just sit there forever and wait!

S: Oops! Here, want a ball?

gnu: OK, this is the best I could do on short notice:


Scheibe orders my birthday present!

BL20-181 – Currently/Now Playing

This will be in evidence at trial. It represents how we can slow down or stop blogging political oddities.

BL20-180 – Enabling Criminal Acts… aka My Birthday Gift from gnu!

WEBDEV101: Some days you do NOT need to make lemonade. If you get such a day, be sure to post every aspect of it to keep eyeballs coming back!

This Link [CLICK >HERE<] is beyond belief.

Keep the eyeballs coming back!

If you’re too afraid to click it, see the article as a pdf below.

Aurora’s refusal to kick commercial dog walkers out of Canine Commons has now brought, for *ALL* Canadians… chaos in off leash parks.

And I swear I did not make that up. gnu did!


By not enforcing the Bylaws against commercial operations within a town park, anyone can now be a millionaire by releasing thousands of off leash dogs into Town parks built with my taxes.

This is how things escalate. How the world will end… ignore the rules and the end is nigh.


Why This Is *WAS ONCE* Illegal in Aurora

  • Commercial dog walkers are banned on the Rules Sign at VERY dog park
  • FOOD is not allowed as stated in the Rules Sign at every dog park, it disrupts dogs smelling the treats an endangers the scrotal area of anyone with treats on their hips
  • A maximum of 3 dogs per person is permitted
  • Dogs must be under control at all times
  • Dog Trainers are banned on the Rules Sign
  • A licence is required for a kennel/boarding business

Edmonton has 40 dog parks to make money in


BL20-179 – The Most Common Sign of Insanity

WEBDEV01: Help your audience understand how life works on occasion. State what you know and how you feel about an issue so that you can have meaningful dialogue. Use simple words and images, and try to make things easy to understand. Remember, a web site is viewed by all levels of education and sanity and you cannot possibly keep everyone happy, so strive to keep yourself happy… after that, nothing else really matters.

Insanity in a nut (pun intended) shell: Trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

There are people who come to this web site 6 or more times per day, JUST to see if anything new was posted. Yet, by registering, they would get an email whenever something DID change.

No one registered.

One of you has been here at least 4 times a day for months and you know who you are.

64% of people stay 5 seconds or less.

15% of people stay over an hour.

39% of you use a phone , 6% use a tablet, 35% use a desktop.

Only 4% use Internet Explorer. 25% are Apple fan persons.

The most frequent visitor has seen 1207 page views using Chrome on an iPhone with a screen size of 320 X 568, an iPhone 5, and is on Rogers in the Brampton area.

#2 is on Teksavvy in Toronto. 375 X 812, it’s an iPhone X

#3 is also on Teksavvy in Toronto. 768 X 1024 and is likely an Apple iPad.

Now, what these 3 are looking for is their names in my posts, because they think I am not legally allowed to “mention” them. Yes, my probation order DOES say that, BUT the term, #10, has been declared totally illegal by Justice Jonathan Dawe. And his decision will mean a second judge will make the identical judgement about Term 10 in my P.O. SOON, and it will be struck.

At that instant, I can post my views on those 3 persons here. and if anyone comes here and registers, they can read my opinions of those 3 people.

I can also write a book. All will detail the corrupt nature of Ontario’s legal systems. The judges and courts are NOT corrupt, but the Crown is. The Attorney General is responsible for Crown Attorneys. And when they mess up, Ontario is responsible.

The Crown messes up 75% of the time it accept charges from police. The Crown wins only 25% of the time, and the OTHER 75% walk away, poorer, broken maybe, but innocent.

It should not be possible that the same 3 people can return 7 times and make 27 allegations and not be truthful in any of them. One would expect that, after maybe 3 or 4 tries, the police and Crown would get suspicious and actually investigate their wild claims. But they do not.

March 4, 2020 I was arrested on 3 more charges and police did not even read my Probation Order Term 10. The complainants TOLD police what Term 10 means, and then lied that what I did was prohibited by Term 10.

Trouble is, Term 10 cannot be understood by anyone. Not a judge, well not J. Dawe anyway. And if a justice says he CANNOT figure it out, then no paralegal ANYWHERE is going to understand it. No lawyer can understand it, because judges are the best lawyers around.

See, term 10 does NOT say I cannot speak these names inside a court room. I told J. Dawe that as far as I can determine, Term 10 states that the court room is the ONLY place I *CAN* say the 3 names AND speak to the 3 women. He agreed, he said he could NOT tell me my opinion was in error, so he would rule FOR me.

Now, here is how stupid police think I am. They listen to the 3 complainants, and they agree with them, they agree that Ontario paralegal licensing will always assure us they can read Term 10 correctly. Police trust lawyers AND paralegals, and they do NOT trust me.

So, they do not ASK me what happened, nor did they ask me what Term 10 means. They trust paralegals, and in doing that they have cost Ontario taxpayers over $200,000 needlessly. They just poured the money down the drain.

So, for 3 people to come back here day after day after day to see if I blogged 3 names is absurd. Because the ONLY people reading my blog is them. And they keep looking for a different result.

Now, J. Dawe also told all of Ontario that I have not committed any libel, slander or caused any person to be afraid or upset. He cleared me after seeing the best Crown Prosecutor bring the BEST evidence he and police had collected. HIs best evidence was not enough to convince J. Dawe of anything illegal.

On March 4, 2020 3 licensees of the law Society of Ontario swore to the court I spoke to a person in a court room, the only place I am allowed to do so. And police believed what the paralegal told them about Term 10 and what it meant.

Instead of believing J.Dawe, police believed a paralegal instead. They did not ask LAWYERS Barry Stork or Charles Painter. They did NOT ask Lloyd’s of London to get a second opinion. They believed the person on the LOWEST rung of the LSO ladder to decide I am in need of arrest.

Then, police charged me twice with breaching Term 10 in a different way, by emailing the Courts. And again the paralegal says “Trust me, Term 10 means he cannot even TYPE my name in a court filing.”

Well, common sense would tell you she is wrong, and J. Dawe *TOLD* us she is wrong, but police do not know that because they ONLY ask CPIC. They do NOT ask me my opinion.

Now, the Law Society allows pedophiles to practice again soon as they are out of prison. Even in family court. They let lawyers practise again if they are criminals or if they stole money from their clients.

Police unions force York Region to keep an officer at full salary even if he is out on bail awaiting a murder trial. Union lawyers are the only lawyers who will successfully argue “innocent until proven guilty.”

On March 6, 2020 I was ASSUMED GUILTY, through “reverse onus”, even though cops did not even ask me ONE question before they arrested me.

A cop can shoot dead a teenager holding a BB gun and get paid 100% of salary for years awaiting a trial.

I get house arrest for 3 months for filing a motion naming the 3 women.





And so watch this space for the facts and the names soon.

I offered a compromise… let me blog the STATEMENTS about me MADE to police by the 3 women without naming them. I was refused.

So, when the next justice removes Term 10 from my P.O. the gloves are off.

I will then do what I have always done. I will point out the illegal acts of others and ask taxpayers, police and the courts to hold them accountable.

And if the Law Society and Aurora and Police continue to support the three as they have since 2017, then we will “dance” once more.

But, I will not give up and go away.

I just binge watched The Last Dance. Michael Jordan’s career. It is simply excellent.

And if anyone wants to KNOW what it takes to be the best in their sport, watch this series.

He did not become a billionaire by backing down, compromising or cheating. He demanded as much of everyone around him as he did of himself.

Kids who get “Participation ribbons” in every game will NOT become a Jordan. Their brains will simply not accept the concept of not being told at every turn how special they are.

Men like MJ excel because they simply KNOW what they have to do to succeed. MJ insists the world fit into HIS model for success, not the other way around. They never compromise. Never. It is evolution at its finest, Darwinian selection that has Brough humanity to our current state after billions of years of trying.

The frustrating thing about evolution is that Jordan AND Trump can co-exist. And the sad thing is that Trump already reproduced several times. “Right to life” advocates got what they deserved. Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka…. chips off the old blockhead.

At the same time that MJ ruled, Dennis Rodman was a huge success. But he would disappear to Las Vegas and miss practice the day of a big game. He knew when he HAD to either relax or have a nervous breakdown. He KNEW that he had to do to AVOID taking the rifle in his truck again to an empty field somewhere. He knew his limits.

Rodman KNEW how to be himself and never wanted to be MJ. So, he too, had a storied career.

Both the mentally ill and the world’s most perfect athlete can co-exist on the same team and respect each other. They do it with mutual respect.

Try it! What can you lose?

Oops, Donald just interrupted us with a hot deal on a spray bottle of Lysol and some fish bowl cleaner.

Subscribe to Sarah Cooper, you’ll need rubber pants.

BL20-178 – Why You Should Not Blog Using Apple “Speech To Text”

WEBDEV01: NEVER be tempted to dictate your post to Siri or Alexa…. if you INSIST, be sure you have someone edit it for you. OTOH, if you fail… NOTHING beats a good “your anus” joke!

What is the name Shakespeare gave to the most admirable rock up around your anus?

I was researching the music of Miranda Lambert and came across a reference to our solar system.

Miranda is a Spanish, Portuguese, Sephardic Jewish, Swiss, Italian and Maltese surname of Latin origin, meaning “worthy of admiration”.

Even Snoopy knows Earth is NOT the only planet with a moon.

Uranus has 27 of them!


BL20-177 – And it serves a hundred men per day – Persondamus!

WEBDEV101: a) Change “sexist” words to be gender-neutral. b) You should do a certain amount of “Public Service Announcements” just as any other form of media publication would offer. In this post, I examine how “Mandamus” is the solution for Clerk Michael de Ronde who mistakenly declared Terry Redvers need not pay $40,000 in taxes every year.

What is Mandamus?

A writ of mandamus or simply mandamus, which means “we command” in Latin, is the name of one of the prerogative writs in the common law, and is issued by a superior court to compel a lower court or a government officer to perform mandatory or purely ministerial duties correctly. Mandamus is a judicial remedy in the form of an order from a superior court to any government, subordinate court, corporation or public authority to do or forbear from doing some specific act which that body is obliged under law to do or refrain from doing, as the case may be, and which is in the nature of public duty and in certain cases of a statutory duty. It cannot be issued to compel an authority to do something against statutory provision.

The applicant pleading for a writ of mandamus to be enforced must demonstrate that s/he has a legal right to compel the respondent to do or refrain from doing the specific act. The duty sought to be enforced must have two qualities:

1. It must be a duty of public nature; and
2. The duty must be imperative and should not be discretionary.

Canadian Bar Association:

So, my suit of Aurora and York Region includes the illegal declaration made by Clerk Michael de Ronde to the Minister of Finance for Ontario swearing that Aurora Sports Dome is now a Municipal Capital Facility, as if it is owned or run EXCLUSIVELY for taxpayers in Aurora. It is NOT. It is a privately held, for profit business OWNED by Terry Redvers. He asked for tax exemptions for both tennis and soccer domes.

The lie Michael de Ronde told is that the soccer dome BUSINESS is owned and operated by The Municipality of Aurora exclusively of the benefit of its residents only. Like a fire hall. Or a cop shop. Or a library. The idea is the Town “property or venue” should not pay taxes to itself. So, land used for a new fire hall does not pay business OR education taxes.

Aurora Sports Dome and Marilyn Redvers Tennis Club are PRIVATELY HELD by Terry Redvers and he put up all the money to build the businesses, they generate cash profits which he gets 100% of, and NOT ONE PENNY flows back to Aurora for any soccer field rentals.

Allan Downey came up with this idea to help his friend. Techa Van Leeuwen then paid an anonymous lawyer to give HER an opinion that “Aurora Sports Dome” is a “Municipal Capital Facility”.

Well, Aurora CLAINMS it has such a legal assessment.

What it ACTUALLY got was an OPINION of a lawyer, because that is ALL they can do, is sell YOU an dOPINION they hold. So they found a lawyer, maybe Charles Painter or Barry Stork who in exchange for money would write them a letter with their opinion on the matter.

That letter and $5.80 will get you GO Train to Toronto. It is worthless.

No lawyer’s opinion is “permission” or “Approval” or “meaningful” because ONLY a judge can make a decision in the law. Only a judge can say “Aurora Sports Dome” does NOT have to pay taxes.

So, I guess the nest step is to get a “writ of mandamus” ordering Michael de Ronde to collect taxes from Aurora Sports Dome through York Region. If Michael got taxes turned off, he should be the one to turn them back on.

Collecting taxes from every business is BOTH a public duty AND that duty is IMPERATIVE and NOT discretionary.

Aurora refused to give me a copy of the lawyer’s opinion under an FOI request. That is suspicious. My taxes PAID the lawyer for the opinion, and I wish to read that opinion I helped pay for.

I also want to see proof Terry Redvers has been paying his land lease every month.

The lease deal with Terry Redvers I public knowledge.


Snoopy rents entire Aurora Sports Dome for HIMSELF!

BL20-177 – Ultimate Dog Tease

WEBDEV101: Dog and Cat humour = HUGE EYEBALL GRABBERS. Every few weeks, inject a cute pet story or video on YouTube. People cannot resist them. In this one, a dog named Clark or Clarke Griswold in Colorado achieved a measure of fame…. and BACON! You can never put ENOUGH bacon stories in your blog.

If you don’t laugh at this… you don’t love dogs OR bacon… and life is just not worth living without BOTH a dog and bacon!

At least I STILL have bacon. Det. Sgt. Bentham took away my dog….

See the similarity?

BL20-176 – Years later, in 2030 DN-eh! Proved Who Blogged About Det. Sgt. Bentham

WEBDEV101 – Sarcasm.… God’s gift to bloggers, is NEVER to be forgotten. On occasion, stray from the facts and write a whimsical piece on something absurd. Eyeballs! Sarcasm brings back eyeballs from all over the world. People LOVE sarcastic articles. Fox News, Breitbart, any Tweet by any POTUS, past or present.

WEBDEV101 – BLM.… In honour of Black Lives Matter, we salute Jayesse Cosmetics, an e-commerce site developed by a woman of colour. Actually, as a professional cosmetician, she can be any colour she wishes!

Preamble: On December 4, 2019 my DNA was contributed to the Canadian National Amalgamated DNA Data Bank Accumulation. This sets the premise for my “Jayesse Story Of The Future”

Dateline: June 28, 2030

Source: The CNA DNA DBA, eh? aka the “DN-eh? bank”

And, it popped out the solution to a cold case.

Bob Lepp was convicted on June 28, 2030 for blogging about police detectives for ten straight years. And the conviction is all due to DN-eh!

Detectives were able to buy the telescope,” Hubwont”, precursor to the Hubble. Police had taken out a warrant to obtain a DNA sample excreted digitally into a 2029 blog post critical of police. The fingerprint sensor on the iPhone used to blog was able to isolate the DNA from the raspberry jam transferred to the sensor. That jam had enough “stick” to pull DNA from the skin of the blogger.

Detectives simply used standard evidential protocols and aimed the Hubwont at the screen displaying Lepp’s latest drivel, and it recorded the DNA recorded within that blog post.

And, by yesterday, June 27, 2030 a bank (pun intended) of computers had matched that raspberry jam to the criminal named Bob Lepp from over ten years ago.

Lepp’s DNA as imaged by the Hubbwont telescope

Lepp had been required to submit his DNA to the CNA DNA DBA December 4, 2019 when Justice Rose and Crown Greg Elder sentenced Lepp’ for the very first time in his life.

Yes, Lepp had to bleed into a computer because his FIRST conviction was a breach of recognizance. A Canadian “FIRST”!

Super Computers matched the two samples.

Bob Lepp has been positively identified as having blogged CONTINUOUSLY about police for the past ten years.

His attacks have been relentless. He followed and re-Tweeted every news source in Canada and posted about every cop, anywhere, as they further embarrassed our country.

But, what Canadian law could POSSIBLY have permitted the DNA sampling of Lepp in 2019?

Simple. The Administration Of Justice Act, aka the AOJ-eh!

The simplest breach of ANY recognizance can justify DNA extraction. Such was the breadth and power of the Administration Of Justice Act charges that Judges ruled any crime against them, or their court “system”, was to be adequate legal grounds for DNA recording.

Ontario Judges Can Take YOUR DNA If You Eat Jam! or even if you just OWN jam, or “can reach” jam!

So, if a justice imposed a recognizance requiring “Defendant shall not use or possess raspberry jam OR peanut butter” on a man accused of making a PBJ sandwich for a pesky neighbour child with fatal peanut allergies, and that man is subsequently found in a Waffle House sitting at a table with a jam dispenser within reach… well, one can HEAR the squeal of him being pricked for DNA before he pays the tab.

Of course, it was the possibility of the most extreme AOJ-eh! charge which opened up EVERY AOJA charge to DNA storage… “Feh!lure to appear”….if a perp did not show for court and instead “Snowbirded” (SnowBorded?) to the USA and, of course, to certain death in Florida by COVID-19, the Canadian courts could prove that the body contained DNA matching the CNA DNA DBA.

RCMP sources, who refused to go on record, acidicly went on record as saying “We always get our deoxyribonucleic, eh?”

But it is really Apple’s CEO “Tim” who made this happen. He personally Cook’d up the DNA transfer and digitization protocols in the “Bring-’em-Home button” drivers. With the anal precision of all things Apple, he personally coded 10,000 lines of Cobol on his Saturday birthday so it could be in the next iOS release Monday.

The Apple iCloud accounts of billions worldwide now contain the digitized DNA from their jam stained fingers. Not one of them were suspicious when the Smuckers raspberry jam jar had been delivered FREE by Amazon as a “Tim Cook says…Thanks for being an Amazing PRIME Amazonian! Your next jam is on us!”. Each one opened the jar and gorged, unaware they had sealed their fates for years to come.

AP News Flash: Dateline June 29, 2030

“Julian Assange, from prison, posts the DN-eh! of billions of Apple ID’s”

… in handy PDF formats for download on a premium blog site run by Bob Lepp. He had hidden the thumb drive in his anal cavity on intake to San Quentin. There, the computers in the prison library had NOT yet been stripped of USB ports. The rest is history.

As always… Snoopy has the last word!

Snoopy I took a DNA test and God is my father shirt

BL20-175 – I have a bank account! Payments on your web site

WEBDEV101: The simplest way to make your web site an e-commerce site is to insists on payment by Interac

Finally I have a bank account I can use for my pension and OAS deposits. I doubt Ms. Gwendolyn Adrian will ever find this one.

That’s just my $.02 worth!

First Deposit: June 27, 2020

BL20-174 – Proof Aurora is in contempt of a court order

WEBDEV101: Catchy headlines grab eyeballs, and so today we show how to generate any spin you need on any issue.

Aurora’s lawyer, Charles Painter, was ordered to pass all my emails to Council and Mayor MRAKAS. I was ordered to not contact Aurora directly in any fashion. I was ordered to make contact ONLY through counsel to get to Council.
Only through counsel.
Counsel was ordered to be conducive in being my conduit to Council.

Counsel then became my “con-DON’T-it instead, I suffered from a constipated conduit. A contrary conduit.
I had contracted contrary-itis in my Council conduit conspicuously controlled by J. De Sa.

Can counsel now conduct a conscientious return to compliance?

Course not.

Council will continue to be controlled by counsel, contributing to continued constipation, communication-wise.


So, I would send my emails for Council to counsel Painter and he should have passed them along.

He never did that and that is contempt for Justice de Sa’s orders

But, did I snitch? No. I did not. I told HIM, Mr. Charles Painter, he confirmed he got it by later saying I vexatiously claimed contempt but never filed a motion for contempt.

And then? He redoubled his efforts to claim I was a vexatious litigant. He submitted yesterday 54 pages MORE to go with the 746 pages already submitted.

A nice round 800 pages he compiled on why I am vexatious.

The irony is….. well, the whole mess. It’s all ironical.

So, now I’m forced to make up 55 pages of fresh evidence that not only am I NOT vexatious, BUT, Mr. Painter is contemptuous.

Things I will submit:

  • J. Dawe’s ruling on the improper bail terms on my March 4, 2020 Release Order
  • February 14, 2020 Order of J. Edwards saying I may contact the court politely.
  • March 4, 2020 arrest disclosure showing Charles Painter and Barry Stork given evidence to police to arrest me for speaking in court to a lawyer and saying the name of said lawyer to the court clerk.
  • Police report Mr. Painter made in 2018 to arrest me for a breach of my recognizance of bail not to go to a complainants workplace, town hall, to serve my $7 million suit of Aurora and YRP.
  • 2 separate attempts to arrest me, half were successful.
  • He instructed Aurora’s Director of Legal, Ms. Techa van Leeuwenhoek, to NOT give me any of the many services my taxes buy.
  • he instructed all of Council to NEVER even reply to my emails asking for help.
  • He has tampered with my rights to representation by elected officials.

So, Monday, I will email my 54 pages to the Appeal court.

BL20-173 – Andy of Mayberry *PULLED*, joins COPS! PD Live and Beverly Hills Cop (1 and 2)

Dateline Hollywood: People reject police shows that glorify cops

WEBDEV101: Bloggers owe it to their readers to expose ugly truths, even if they have lived a life of it. Tell the hard stories. Leave the “fluff” for television. Go where TMZ would not dare go.

Gomer Pyle turns out to have been done in whiteface! George Nabors was born as Trajean Washington in Birmingham, AL.

Producer: “We thought it would be funny to have Trajean play a bumbling white “friend” of the cops for a change. Black people can play these roles readily and worked so much cheaper.”

When asked if it was “OK” back then to play in whiteface, ACTRA announced it was not only OK, it was also mandatory for blacks actors to get any job at all.

ACTRA “Ever since Jolson, the black people of America have KNOWN that to get a job, get out the bleach! If they did not “get” that, well, we can’t be held responsible. It is a documented fact they KNEW the difference between shit and Sani-White. And even Shinola in the 60’s was available in several shades of white for the medical community”

Reactions from real cops has been sporadically in support of suing Hollywood for false representation. They will get back to us.

Other Hollywood actors have been now been admonished for white face. Seinfeld, John Wayne, Robin Williams, Lassie and Ed Sullivan have all been outed, their estates beg daily for our forgiveness:

“The estate of Elvis Presley would like to apologize… “At no time did Deshean Washington III ever think that his swiveling hips and droopy lip would be offensive in whiteface. In fact Deshean suffered for years from chemicals applied hourly to keep his hair straight. At the end the whiteness killed him”


“His fried chicken passion had to be kept a secret, and until his weight bloated up near the end he had kicked the habit. But he spiralled into family buckets for breakfast. We all knew the end was near.”

France: “We see it as a national disgrace that all mimes have been Afro-centric since WWII. Sure, we saw the huge USA market for white humour after the war, but we should not have cornered the market unfairly. We could have taught white Frenchmen to also be mimes, but none of them wanted to wear the berets.”

Ltrelle/Joaquin: It dripped non stop!

Joaquin Phoenix described the technical complexity of a black man in whiteface playing a cartoon character in whiteface…. “At some point we knew the Joker white face chemicals would interact with the Sani-White and drip off to show Latrelle Washington underneath, but we adjusted the lighting to cover that up.”

Tomorrow: Would the world have accepted John Kennedy without the Sani-White?”

BL20-172 – Every Email I Have Sent

WEBDEV101: On occasion, you have to just put it all out there and let people decide for themselves. Innovate. Make data easy to see. People will make up their minds.

This post will provide access to PDF versions of every email I have sent on all Aurora issues to all people . Staff, Councillors, Mayors, contractors, volunteers…. everyone.

It will take a while. Many can be posted right now. See below for the early birds. Some need to be “approved” in a court review of my probation order.

Then, you can read them all. You can decide for yourself which ones were found by the courts to be “harassing” someone. Which emails were declared as violating court orders. All of them.

Both sides of every conversation will be shown so you can tell who was supporting me all along.

You will see which Councillors actually replied, or did not reply. Who did what… or not.

Included will be all communications to the OIPRD and the Law Society of Ontario as I spent 3 years working to stay out of prison for blogging. Not once has the OIPRD or Law Society found that any police officer or any lawyer has misbehaved.

Police and lawyers have done their jobs perfectly. Yet since July 14, 2017 I have been arrested 7 times on 27 charges. Net: 3 breaches of a “term” Justice Dawe found to be totally wrong, illegal, ambiguous, absolutely unintelligible. And If I displayed the actual photos here, you would NOT be able to read anything in them. Police used a magnifying zoom lens to blow up the photos for court so someone could see a fuzzy word or two on a legal document in the public domain. You can go to the court office now and get copies of my lawsuit and see all the defendants in the from page.

It will all be here. With transcripts of every day in court. Once they are cleared for publication of course.

Stay tuned

BL20-169A – How to author ANOTHER new word

WEBDEV101: Always try to find a new word that Google will bring up JUST for your site. To do that, you MUST invent a new word in Urban Dictionary. (All the hits are incorrect “text to data” scanning error in Google Books.)

In honour of Lloyd’s Appeal/aka “The Do Over”… a word to describe Bob Lepp’s outlook on life.

BL20-17I – YRP Safety/Scams warning… do not answer or call back “Unknown callers”

WEBDEV101: As often as you can, include free Public Service announcements. especially when police are already warning people… pass them along.

On we are warned to never answer unknown callers.

I don’t. Do you?

BL20-170 – Aurora fell for it

WEBDEV101: It’s ok to pat yourself on the back if you created an incident to prove your accusations are true. And it is an excellent use of “style” to start off with an image such as a cartoon angler dog as a “loser” in appeals court, and then end up with the same fishing rods being the real heroes…. read on! I hope this does NOT leave you a ghast! If it does, see me, I have a solution.

OK, picture this….. I sued Aurora for collusion to keep me arrested and impoverished….they pushed back “Frivolous and without merit, Your Honour, trust us!” then “Bob Lepp is a vexatious litigant!” ,… “No he’s not ruled” J. Edwards… “Do Over!”…. Aurora appeals, claims fresh evidence, all of it the criminal matters AURORA initiated AFTER I sued…. “No!” Says me, and I submit the response crafted to nail Aurora for admitting they interconnected criminal with civil.

When Aurora claimed its “do over”, they created a Banker’s Box full of documents as “evidence” for the appeal.

Now, in theory you only do that if each page has a place at the appeal. Or, you want the $1.99 a page in “costs”. The photocopier in any law firm is protected by security guards for one reason. This machine is capable of creating money. They put plain paper at 1 cent per page and it comes out the Peter end with black stuff on it and it is $1.99, better than the price of gold.

At all his appearances so far, Lloyd’s uses huge volumes of paper for 2 reasons:

  • Fool the justice
  • Nail me for $1.99 a page.

BUT… at the Appeal Court of Ontario, these pages must pass a date check, a “freshness check” if you will.

The only pages of any use describe incidents that he missed last time at trial, and by definition, MUST have occurred BEFORE the trial. So, Lloyd’s is supposed to dig up vexatious acts of mine dated PRIOR to September 2019.

Not ONE page of the Banker’s Box is dated PRIOR to September 2019. Every single one happened LATER and is not fresh evidence. It’s NEW! And this is one time you want to buy OLD/FRESH and not NEW. Because, “OLD” is “FRESH” in appeal-speak, and “NEW” is, well, NEW… as one would expect.

So, to help the Justices keep track, I made them a checklist to keep score.

Now, look down the “Date” column.. see anything FRESH about these dates?

No, you do not. Because they emptied that pot back in September to no avail. So, all they HAVE is NEW.

And, even funnier… is number 11,,, being convicted of a crime.

Now, Lloyd’s defendants had me arrested using Thin Blue Line charter member Det. Sgt. Heather Bentham #627. Here, they put that on THEOR side in the checklist… they had me arrested as PROOF I am vexatious.

How sick is that?… VERY.

And, see in #1 the reference to J. Rose December 4, 2019? That was the day he assigned an illegally formed probation order filled with people that Crown Elder had been ordered TWICE to remove.

So, The Crown assisted the corrupted police to convict me, and then Lloyd’s uses that corruption as PROOF I am vexatious.

This would NOT be so funny if on March 4, 2020 THREE lawyers, 2 paid by Lloyd’s, again CREATED an arrest and 3 charges ALL of which are based on the statements of those SAME 3 lawyers.

Then, THAT arrest became PROOF I am vexatious.

The mind boggles. These are 3 licensees of the Law Society of Ontario, and all 3 pledged to be good lawyers, and yet here they are MAKING shit up to call “FRESH” evidence of my vexacity, my vexitiude… my very vexitated state of mind.

THEN, the Crown sends me off for a mental health assessment as if I am so crazy I cannot see what is going on.

So, I looked at all 42 (I swear, a coincidence.) and every last one is that same level of FRESH… as in “It’s Not FRESH at all, it’s NEW!”

WHO NEW? THEY did, and so Lloyd’s will pick up the tab again when they lose.

And for this complete waste of time, Lloyd’s claims over $30,000 costs FROM ME!

So, with a bow on it, Lloyds wants 3 judges, 3 of the best and most respected in Ontario, to give them MY $30,000+ for THEM creating arrests and charges and bringing a complete Banker’s Box full of $1.99 pages …NONE of which are valid for an appeal.

I am a ghast. NOT aghast. Which is the *WORST* I SHOULD be.

a·ghast. /əˈɡast adjective

filled with horror or shock.

“when the news came out they were aghast”

NO… this…..==>:

I am a ghast. A fireballing bombing…….

Ghast: white, floating, jellyfish-like hostile mobs 

that live in the Nether 

and shoot explosive fireballs at the player

And I swear this is true…. Ghosts look like Bankers’ Boxes.

To kill a ghast you can either shoot it with your bow or deflect its fireball back towards the ghast. To do this you can either shoot it with your bow or ‘attack’ the fireball when it gets close to you. You don’t have to hit the fireball with a sword, any item will do.

“ANY” item will do…

Lloyd’s has sent in a Ghast to attack me.

That is SOME runny makeup!

I choose a… “P-ersonal D-evice for F-ishing”, aka a “PDF”, to kill it. That was sent June 24 about 5:00 pm. It should be killing as I type. My PDF fishes for the truth. And when it finds some truth, it hooks it and lands the Ghast

“Fishing rods will be used to snag the Ghast”

“Fishing rods will be used to snag the Ghast”

…see what I did there?

Are YOU a Ghast now?

BL20-169 – How to author a new word

WEBDEV101: Sometimes the English language proves to be limiting, sometimes 171,476 words are just not enough. You can’t just jot off a request to Funk OR to Wagnall to get your new word included, but you CAN get a new word “coined” in minutes at Urban Dictionary. Use this concept to make new words for YOUR site. It will set you apart form the pack of dolts who never imagined needing more words.

You type out the new word, and a definition, then use it in a sentence.. and VOILA! you have submitted your request.

NOW, a bunch of people all over earth are asked to vote on your new word. If enough vote for you, your word is published.

Check this out!

AMATEURLIFIC is now a real word. Well… as “real” as the internet can be.

BL20-168 – Another Failing of CPIC

WEBDEV101: Do not hesitate to dig down deep and do extensive annotated research on any key claims or assertions you make. To retain eyeballs, you must be seen as “putting your Google where your money is” as they say. Prove it!

When I was arrested a few times ago, the officer cited I breached bail. To deduce that from out of the ether, he used “CPIC“. aka “The Cop Computer”

NO! Not that one…

Definitely NOT….==>

son solo nerds de la computadora

CPIC operator

NO! This one…

And, there, in CPIC, he found a faxed or poorly scanned copy of my recognizances. I could not read it at all, but he was blessed with Dick Tracy eyes. Not unlike Betty Davis’ eyes. But with a better dental plan.

So, he reads CPIC. He thinks about his choices. He decides. He arrests me…come hell or high water… UNLESS the Crown knows better. In my case they now DO know better. Crown Westgate at least knows Justice Jonathan Dawe (no relationship, nor is Atty General Downey related… this is just more of my Karmatic luck…) and J. Dawe ordered me to use the internet to communicate to my counsel and my defendant’s counsels.

And the Superior Court (SCJ) judges’ ROLE is to oversee the orders and decisions of Ontario Court of Justice (OCJ) judges… SCJ is the boss of the OCJ in a way.

And the Supreme Court trumps “Superior” even though it has one more letter in it. r. r. r. !😇

So, besides wasting money looking at my blog all day when they could just call me in and put me on video saying the same things, they now will waste money taking me back to Lindsay-19.

Think about that. Is that not a very odd thing to do?

What do you mean?… you ask?

Well, police get evidence in many different ways, what’s wrong is they choose using the Internet to find out if I broke the law, when instead I could just make them up a video at home, confessing to everything?

It was their choice on SIX out of SEVEN arrests to NOT ask me if I wanted to record a statement on video. Sure, they asked me if I would answer THEIR questions… NO! said every lawyer ever built…

BUT! Had they simply said: “Bob? Do you wish to lay down a track or two and record a segment all about why you are innocent? Or… would you just like us to assume you are innocent like the Charter says we should do?”

So, now, lacking SIX “easy to get videos” of me spilling my guts, they assign several MORE cops to sit and view my blog, and hand write ✏️ it all down in the all important notebook!

Cops’ notebooks are bibles in court. Whatever they write in them is gospel for the Crown at trial. “Officer! Would you like to refresh your memory (nudge nudge) by reading your notes?”

It takes a judge to take one look at that going on, and yell Bullexcrement! No, I am wrong there, it owl die in Latin of course. “

"hoc est Bullexcrement" or more accurately: faecibus exturbandis opitulatur

I kid you not, Latin needs 3 words to say “excrement”… Press the tiny speaker icon to hear it said….That’s evolution for you…. the Romans obviously died off due to overly complex and needlessly extended language structures. caca would suffice, though my favourite is feculenceonomatopoeia even. It literally sounds the like the aural and nasal equivalent too the call of nature #2, aka: “big business” in our house. Imagine James Earl Jones doing it…

THIS is FECULENCE. damn it!

BUT!…A video eliminates handwriting, and paper. And the courts want to be paperless? Hell, they MUST be paperless TODAY, there is no longer a choice.

So, in March of 2020, 3 months AFTER Parliament’s Bill C-75 says “fuh ged aboud dem breaches… they don’t count anymore. eh?”…. 204 years after the invention (1816) of the camera and a billion years after invention of the “2 legged court reporter” (Eve)… police choose yesterday to write in big block letters with a pencil everything I think about, and what I have done… RIGHT OFF A COMPUTER SCREEN!

They don’t even use screen capture.

LONG HAND PRINTED by hand at over $300K per year with overheads as a unit of staffing.

Wow, talk about bad judgement, MIPO!… that’s where, in the law, an official or a cop is allowed to make choices on how to accomplish their jobs. They can decide what to do, legally they have the right to make choices.

BUT, if they chose the ILLEGAL way, albeit a “choice” he/she is allowed to make… that is “Misfeasance in public office.” MIPO

Example: A buyer at Aurora is allowed by taxpayers to choose who will pave our roads. That is his legal choice to make. But, if he gives the job to ACME Paving, his stupid brother-in-law, for a kickback… that is misfeasance in public office. MIPO

I think that a cop, one who has total choice on how he goes about getting my thoughts and actions recorded into evidence for trial, and of all the possible, legal, normal, standard ways…. he chooses to employ a rat, puts her undercover, and then collects my personal “without prejudice” emails” as evidence” from her by Twitter account, well?… well, that is… say it with me, now… MIPO!.

Or, if he THEN takes ALL of his arrest guidance from the same undercover rat because, well, she is more motivated to take notes… if he does not investigate even ONE of 27 charges INDEPENDENTLY in the style he was trained to do….


Detective 101: Class! (year 1, day 1) : “Students! How do you most easily obtain a legal confession?” Every student: “1( Check Youtube, and 2) like him on Facebook, and 3) follow him on Twitter!”… or…4) “Ask the perp to record a video statement statement, he’ll always brag about doing it when the lights come up!” Millenials have evolved to always be ready to be “up” for a selfie. Pointa flashlight or a Zippo at ’em and they will sing like a canary.

Or a budgey, Whatever… any old tweeting boid!


To NOT just out and ask me to confess is MIPO. The illegal choice. I MUST be allowed to give a statement for court. It is my right to “Full Answer and Defence”.

General Principles

See also: Principles of Fundamental Justice

Anyone accused of a criminal charge has the right to know the case against them and put forward a defence. In addition to being a principle of fundamental justice, the right to Full Answer and Defence (FAD) is protected by the right to a fair trial under section 11(d) of the Charter.[1]Purpose of Full Answer and Defence

Its purpose is to “ensure that the innocent are not convicted”.[2]Meaning of Right to:…

…Full Answer and Defence

Full answer and defence” (FAD) encompasses a number of things, including the right to counsel (also see section 10), the right to examine witnesses, and most importantly, the right to full disclosure by the Crown.[3] Right to FAD is not so broad as to give “right to pursue every conceivable tactic to be used in defending oneself against criminal prosecution”.[4] Nor is it so broad as to create an entitlement to “rules and procedures most likely to result in a finding of innocence”. It entitles an accused to “rules and procedures which are fair in the manner in which they enable the accused to defend against and answer the Crown’s case.”[5]

FAD + MIPO = $$$

And it is my choice of media I would argue. I could do a painting, an oil-based, or watercolour, rendering of the entire crime scene with the knife raised high, or I may choose provide all of the security camera footage I stole before lighting the match.

I did not get that opportunity, I did not get video interviewed and I did not get Crown Pre-trial meetings to turn over my evidence and I did not get too have a paralegal represent me at trial.

Section 11(d) – Presumption of innocence


OTHER than that though… oh, and the 1 night in YRP jail, of course and 2 nights at Stalag-Lindsay-19 and the 3 nights in chains for a court building cell heart attack though, I was treated pretty darn good.


And, so, after that kind of treatment caused by Aurora Mayor Dawe approving the July 14, 2017 plan to arrest me… that is what I sued for back on December 2018 …. only AFTER my 4th arrest. I kept my cool 4 times, I never fought back.

Finally, when I was sued by a person for $1 million and Lloyd’s of London CHOSE to defend her when I countersued… I just lost my shit. I mean 3 times I was happy with arrests taking away my freedoms. But I had not yet slept in a jail overnight with no pillow, not blanket and no meds or CPAP machine. I could have died.

But September 1, 2018, when they arrested me on Labour Day Friday… the last long weekend of the year… and they made me sleep in my clothes on a cold steel bench with not even a sheet… I lost it.

Next day, the Duty Counsel said “Do exactly what I tell you to do, OR, you will be sent back to jail. OK?”

Now, that was his choice to tell me. the law gave him that choice. But he chose to NOT defend me. He chose to TELL me to agree to having the Internet taken away, and he used threat of JAIL as a lever to get done what his boss told him to do… “GET BALDY!”

Can we all sing it out? 🎶MIPO🎶MIPO!🎶Alive alive – O

Or, when given a choice of who to hire as my s.486 counsel, the Crown picked “Let’s hire two lawyers instead so we spread more easy money around to our “friends” instead, and keep one a surprise until after the start time!!”! MIPO

“Let’s choose to ignore the 6 month limit”… on alleged acts on a summary charge, and let’s choose 18 instead!” MIPO

Crown Elder chose”Let’s tell J. Harpur that J. Kenkel gave his OK on the record to triple the time period for BALDY!…” MIPO

Crown Elder TWICE had the legal choice of following or refusing the specific legal orders of a Superior Court Justice… and he refuses BOTH TIMES! MIPO AND one as the SENIOR Regional Justice.

“Detective: Let’s teach a witness exactly how a contract has to be written ho wCASH must change hands…and lie a lot!.”… MIPO

Det. Ward about interviewee: “Let’s tell the witness/complainant that “I don’t believe you COULD lie to me!“… MIPO

So, MIPO is a revered and ancient, a very important tort.

That use of MIPO really makes me laugh, because in Canine Commons, a man with two huge dogs, who had just that week been tossed out for no tags and no collars, attacking mine ON MY CAMERA and said: “I’m gonna break that leg!” and YRP X 2 detected that he was just threatening his girl friend…. true, I posted it here somewhere… Try the “Premium Features” option at Checkout!

Don’t ask why the cop did not arrest the Newmarket dog owner for threatening the girl, as usual, women usually get poorly served by the masculine sex in all aspects of life, why not policing?.

I don’t need to hire no stinkin’ lawyers!

BL20-911 – the world officially ended

WEBDEV101: Never let the fear of being called a muck raker. When the world has a shock felt around itself, ya gotta report it! Grab you some eyeballs!

Lust for the elusive “Fivesome”, the eponymous pinnacle of porn, has made a man turned WEALTHY being paid to have sex with beautiful women… was ARRESTED for raping all four women!

This is the same as winning the Masters and having your caddie sues you for making him carry your bag.

It most certainly provides a nice mental image to that oil’ saw….“don’t bite the hand that feeds!” (Insert oral sex joke of your choice her…)

BL20-167 – Mea Culpa, I told a lie! Al Downey did do something I asked for…sorry, eh?

In updating my posts for future inclusion in the book series, I came across Mr. Downey’s email asking what king of sign I’d like Him to build me at Canine Commons. Then, he built exactly what I asked for, and more.

I lied when I said the town NEVER did what I asked and, so, I used that to my advantage. Now I must apologize.

Now, I’m not certain here, but, if he trusted my judgement ONCE, is that not a proof he wanted me to communicate MORE with him? Does that not mean I am trusted?

Does that not say I know how to ask nicely? I know how to use proper channels?

Does that not mean he likes my ideas and is soliciting more of them from me?

Now, does that not give Lloyd’s more of a problem in the law suit! Yes, because how can you convince a justice of my intentions when all along there was never any proof that I harassed everyone?

When Mr. Downey made that sign exactly as I specified, he gave me carte Blanche to send lots of emails.

And that means I am not a vexatious litigant, the town literally ASKED ME for more communications by acknowledging my ideas are sound to them.

It does mean my ideas are not crazy. It means I cannot now be termed vexatious.

It means I have been treated with bias like when Lloyd’s tells everyone I’m sending too many emails, suing too many times… when in fact I was NOT…. and then telling a judge that is evidence of a “crime”.

Aurora’s appeal of my win is to be heard July 22 or so. So now I can prove Aurora wanted all that help so they can’t say I’m vexatious.
This is fresh evidence as well, not “new” evidence for my appeal of J Harpur. I can now argue there should have been no harassing charges because the town wanted more ideas from me. And no charges would have meant no breaches because there’d be no bail terms or probation order.

I think that by doing just That ONE thing I asked, making ME a sign, I win all the chips.

This may break the bank. Not for Lloyd’s though, bottomless pockets.

This is huge! Quiet, good thing this post can’t be seen!


Mea culpa, Mr. Downey!


And to make up for that, every hour, on the hour, I will unblock one post for the next hour, so eventually you can read everything I’ve written here. Hope that helps!

And thanks!

I don’t need to hire no stinkin’ lawyers!

BL20-I66 – Registration is now on request

WEBDEV101 – Never hesitate to change your website design when external pressures change. Resist the urge to stand and fight it out. Instead, stay a step ahead by thwarting the means by which you were attacked and get back to a stable environment. Horses like peace and quiet, just like blogs.

today, York Regional police spent three hours reading my crap from 11:13 or so. At the same time, I was attacked by bots registering in attempts to take over my site. I am sure it was coincidental. Yet, the Thin Blue Line International in Geneva likely has access to a few black hat hackers who have computer skills of various grades.

rather than lose sleep, I simply flicked off self registration.

So, from now just leave a comment or email me for access. If you wamnt to read the older historical archives, that is at a fee.

BL20-I65 – Hello Det. Sgt Bentham’s Team at York Regional Police!

In 3 sessions today from 11:13, you looked at 67 pages. Your IP address has long been identified as YRP.

Yet, not ONE of you registered. You should. That way you get the “whole truth” instead of “but nothing of the truth”.

You are answering the call of one or more persons who claim I am in breach of my probation order to “Not to mention…” them.

I have not, and if you registered you would EASILY prove that, so you won’t. Instead, you will arrest me without evidence as you did 7 times already. I even turned on “Print this post as a pdf” to make it easy for you.

What I have done is flesh out, or straw man or “wireframe” my posts for post Probation order time. I am writing a tell all book of course, I need the cash.

J. Dawe ruled that the “Not to mention” clause one of you wrote was illegal on so many levels. And he found after looking at ALL the evidence presented that I have NEVER harassed or maligned anyone, let alone women.

Crown…”trying to swat a fly by shooting at it with a blunderbuss

[44] Term 6 places sweeping restrictions on Mr. Lepp’s ability to “mention” the complainants’ names, without regard to the content of his communications or to their surrounding context. As discussed above, the extent of these restrictions is unclear, since the Term 6 condition can be understood broadly as applying to all communications that take place outside a courtroom or in court documents, but can also be read more narrowly as applying only to Mr. Lepp’s communications on the internet. On either reading, however, the term captures a vast range of expressive activity that is not likely to cause any identifiable harm to anyone, including the persons named in the order. While protecting these named persons from being harassed by Mr. Lepp would be a legitimate secondary ground objective, a term that bars Mr. Lepp from simply “mentioning” their names in any and all circumstances seems on its face to be somewhat like trying to swat a fly by shooting at it with a blunderbuss. The potential overbreadth remains striking even if Term 6 is interpreted as being limited to Mr. Lepp’s online communications. [47] The record before me also contains no evidence that Mr. Lepp has ever blogged about the complainants in a way that might raise legitimate concerns about their psychological health or personal safety. I recognize that when Rose J. sentenced Mr. Lepp for breaching the earlier version of this bail term, he described Mr. Lepp as having “engaged in a pattern of online postings, which constitute bullying” and declared that the bail term at issue had been imposed “to prevent him from online blogging in a manner which is hurtful and demeaning to YYYY, XXXX and ZZZZ”. These conclusions may very well have been justified on the evidence that was before Rose J. However, the problem I face is that they are not supported by the record that has been put before me.

To the contrary, the only specific information I have been given about Mr. Lepp’s blogging and other online activity is that he has “mentioned” the complainants’ names by posting documents from his civil case and other documents relating to the operations of the dog park, and once when responding to a negative “Google review” that attacked him personally.

Nothing about the content of these posts as they have been described in the materials before me would appear to raise any secondary ground concerns. 

Superior Court Justice Jonathan Dawe 0 June 3, 2020 at Newmarket

So, fill your boots.

The Charter is over here….

BL20-I64 – #4 in a series “Law Without Shame” by Bob Lepp

2019 – A Trial At Last

WEBDEV101 TIPS – Feel free to leave readers with a minor mystery, what does that graphic even MEAN?

BL20-I63 – #3 in a series “Law Without Shame” by Bob Lepp

2019 – A Trial At Last

WEBDEV101 TIPS – Make your graphics use a common style or them. Consistency tells readers you care about how you look as well as how you sound

BL20-162 – #2 in a series “Law Without Shame” by Bob Lepp

2018 – An email asking for help from police is rewarded with Arrest #2

WEBDEV101 TIPS – Make your graphics use a common style or them. Consistency tells readers you care about how you look as well as how you sound

BL20-16I – Announcing the book, podcast and e-book… “Law Without Shame” by Bob Lepp when Probation is lifted

It has been a long 3 years, 4 if you include 2016 when I advocated and won $70,000 for Canine Commons dog park.

WEBDEV101 TIPS – BEFORE you pick a name for a book or product, GOOGLE IT! Make sure the phrase has not be used already, other wise a search for your book will show some otters book”

Example: “Law Without Remorse” is Goggled HERE.

It will soon be over in the courts, and all that will remain is this book. So, it will be dated and complete.

My hope is it will help some people understand the 7 arrests, the 27 charges caused by 3 women with a refined sense of revenge for imagined problems they blame me for.

BL20-160 – Graphics You Will See At 227 Orchard Heights Blvd. Today

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So, you can memorialize your pet and earn $50 each.


Register 1 or 100



What is my IP address?

My IP address is: [show_ip]

Summery – The season after springy, but before fally.

BL20-158 – Counting Down… 33/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp – in the lead and the spine…with a bullet

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 33 is the number of vertebrae in the human spine.

It is the molecular weight of arsenic, and that is mixed with lead in bullets.

Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified and resurrected.

BL20-I57 – Have you ever wanted to “Fly From Montgomery”?

WEBDEV101 – As you build readership, tell people how you feel, not just what you think. That way, they get an idea of what motivates you to do what you do. They will come back to hear more if you blog interesting stuff.

It’s also ranked as one of the great country songs of all time.

But how the hell can a person

Go to work in the mornin’

And come home in the evenin’

And have nothin’ to say

John Prine

Yet, the world is full of them. Silent. Watching life whittle away at you and say nothing.

Please, say something. Have the courage to say what you think, and don’t just ramble on in reacting to one who does.

The worst that could happen is you get elected President of the United States.

And that would be good for America, right?

John Prine wrote “Angel from Montgomery” after a friend suggested writing “another song about old people,” referring to Prine’s song “Hello in There.” Although Prine had “said everything I wanted to [about seniors] in ‘Hello in There'” he was intrigued by the idea of “a song about a middle-aged woman who feels older than she is…[Eventually] I had this really vivid picture of this woman standing over the dishwater with soap in he hands…She wanted to get out of her house and her marriage and everything. She just wanted an angel to come to take her away from all this.” Prine believes he likely was drawn to Montgomery as the song’s setting by virtue of being a fan of Hank Williams, who had ties to that city.[2] “Angel from Montgomery” is a concert staple of Hank Williams’ granddaughter Holly Williams.

Angel from Montgomery was the original title of the Cherie Bennett/Jeff Gottesfeld screenplay that became the 2006 movie Broken Bridges. The screenplay’s setting of Montgomery was changed to the fictitious Armour Springs in the movie.[3]

The song is used in the film Who Bombed Judi Bari?.

Star of Bewitched in the day

BL20-143C – Daria Morgendorffer leaves her marks

Do You Know This Person?

So, we know who Daria is. In her cartoons at least.

And she seems to have come alive on the Internet and she does not like me at all.

I have a few movies on Youtube. People are permitted to comment on them. And so they do. And Daria is front and center with her feelings.

Next, someone named Bobb LeppBot is also opinionated.

When we figure out who has her hand up the back of these puppet accounts we will know why I have been arrested 7 times.

If anyone would like to confess, please contact Det. James Ward.

I have reason to believe it is the same person as both.

Thyme Two Pause – Pesci, and the 4 Seasons

Yes, it's thyme to pause! 😁 What a beautiful, sunny day! Today, it feels like spring came early. Even our lemon thyme…

Posted by Heaven Gardens on Friday, August 2, 2019

WEBDEV101 – The joy of a well tuned pun will keep your readers coming back (and going away Beethoven). In this pun, a seasoning is specified as a thyme to rest and relax.

Seasoning. n.

– Groans by Bob©️™ “Sure it’s the lowest form… unless YOU think of it FIRST!

There are only four (4):

  • wintering
  • springing
  • summering
  • falling (or fallen)

You just call out my name

And you know wherever I am

I’ll come running, to see you again

Wintering, springing, summering or falling

All you have to do is be calling

And I’ll be there

Because Ewe got friends!

– Carole Queene “Ewe Got Friends””

Beethoven n. proper

The appliance used by fisherman to thaw out their frozen offerings and temptations to the briny deep

– Groans by Bob©️™ Motto: “Sure it’s the lowest form… unless YOU think of it FIRST!”
THIS kind of bow…

That about ties that one up with a bow!

Not THIS kind of BOW
This is the bow-wow of a ship

And, “pesci” is Italian for “fishes”….. what are the odds?

And this, of course, this is the Stern of a ship
Did you guess what this is? The mastiff a ship!

So, of course, the next one must be …..

Water fight in the annual fishing boat parade, Old Town Week, Hastings East Sussex, UK

No one saw this coming I bet!

BL20-143B – What exactly are the 42 lies in Daria Morgendorffer’s interview? In Summery form here. (Premium Content)

WEBDEV101 – You must intrigue the casual reader to entice them to register so one day they will pay for premium content. Like, every drug dealer GIVES you the first hit for free.

Because he knows you will say “I vill be baaaaaack!”

And he will say “Sehr gut, then I shallllllllll be Beethoven!”

I was asked to do a simple summery list of #1 to #42 so here goes:

Summery n.

The season after springy, but before fally.

In a sentence: The Solstice is a summery event.

The mathematicians gather every August to show off how fast their electronic calculators can add up long lists of numbers, it’s their annual summery summery event.

Groans by Bob©️™

To summerize the 42:

  1. There was the first lie
  2. Then, the next lie
  3. Was an odd lie.
  4. was EVEN a lie.
  5. Another lie.
  6. Another lie.
  7. Another lie.
  8. Another lie.
  9. Another lie.
  10. Another lie.
  11. Another lie.
  12. Another lie.
  13. A baker’s lie.
  14. Another lie.
  15. Another lie.
  16. Another lie.
  17. Horrible lie.
  18. Another lie.
  19. Another lie.
  20. Another lie.
  21. Another lie.
  22. Another lie.
  23. Another lie.
  24. Another lie.
  25. Another lie.
  26. Enough lies now for TWO bakers.
  27. Another lie.
  28. Another lie.
  29. Another lie.
  30. Another lie.
  31. Another lie.
  32. Another lie.
  33. Another lie.
  34. Another lie.
  35. Another lie.
  36. Another lie.
  37. Another lie.
  38. Another lie.
  39. Another lie.
  40. Same old lie.
  41. Penultimate lie.
  42. The last lie.
Competitor in 2020 Summery Summery Contest

This made my day!

I would have trained my dogs to do this…. sadly, mine was killed by an illegal trespass started by Det. James Ward at the orders of Det. Sgt. Bentham

WEBDEV 101 – Always inject a humorous post at random to keep your audience interested in coming back for more fun. Find a theme you like, mine is funny dogs, and try to stick with the one theme. It gives your site a cohesiveness people enjoy. Make it “unblocked” so even non-registrants can view it as a “sample” of what they get when they register. Be Costco… hand out samples.

BL20-143A – Who EXACTLY is Daria Morgendorffer?

Everything you need to know about “her” is here….

Can art imitate life? Can Daria exist among us as a real person?

Wikipedia has a page on the name “Daria”…

Daria or Darya (Russian: Дарья) is the fem variant of the ancient-Persian origin name of Darius (via Latin Darius and Ancient Greek: Δαρεῖος Dareĩos from Old Persian داریوش Dārayavauš, literally “he who holds firm the good”). In modern-day Persia, the male variant of the name, Daria (Darya), is commonly written as Dara. [1] Daria is a saint of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. In Modern Persiandaryā (Old Persian drayah-) coincidentally means “sea”. The male variant Dara means “wealthy” or “prosperous”. The name has been used extensively in Russia and other Slavic countries. The common Russian nickname is Dasha. It has sometimes also been seen as a Russian form of the name Dorothy, though the names have different origins.[2] In Romania, in 2014, Daria was the 8th most popular name for baby girls.[3] Dolly, a diminutive of Dorothy, may also sometimes used as a nickname for Darya as it was for a character in Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina.” The name is also used among Iranians, especially those who live near the Caspian sea

My mother’s name is Dorothy

To answer that, we need a profile of her, then we can compare that to people we know and see if we HAVE another “real” Daria among us.

There are MANY articles written about her…

“I don’t have low self esteem … I have low esteem for everyone else.”

Daria Morgendorffer is the series’ titular protagonist. Originally a supporting character in Beavis and Butt-head, she is the eldest child in the Morgendorffer family and a disaffected, misanthropic student of Lawndale High.

In 2002, Daria placed at number 41 on TV Guide’s list of the Top 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time for her role in the two shows.

In stark contrast with most other female characters, Daria makes no attempt to dress attractively, never wearing any makeup or styling her long, reddish-brown hair in any particular fashion. She typically sports a large dark green jacket, an orange shirt underneath, a black skirt, and large lace-up boots, accompanied by her signature thick-rimmed circular glasses. 

She is relatively small in stature, standing at a mere 5’2″ according to Jane, and most clothes don’t fit her as a result, even including her usual outfit to an extent, as her coat and boots are clearly a bit large for her. Quinn the Brain is the only episode where her body type is actively showcased, and it seems to be fairly similar to Quinn‘s.

Daria primarily revolves around the main character’s cynical outlook and how it evolves throughout the series. Daria’s best known characteristic is her deadpan sarcasm; her usual reaction to almost anything and everyone being a dry, witty remark at their expense.

Deadpan, dry humour, or dry-wit humour[1] is the deliberate display of emotional neutrality or no emotion, commonly as a form of comedic delivery to contrast with the ridiculousness of the subject matter. The delivery is meant to be blunt, ironiclaconic, or apparently unintentional.

This commonality is what united her with her best friend, Jane Lane, and the two often enjoy a sort of innate pride in seeing high school life more objectively than their brain-dead classmates and condescending or self-focused teachers. 

Daria is naturally intelligent but also highly apathetic and somewhat lazy, showing no motivation to apply anything above the minimum required effort and never taking part in extracurricular activities by her own volition, entirely content to coast through high school with her inherent academic talents. Because of this lack of engagement with other students, in addition to her often bored or pessimistic expression and status as an outsider, she is commonly perceived as being very unhappy; while she considers herself realistic and in The Misery Chick she clarifies she’s not nihilistic, she will occasionally appeal to nihilism and even consideration of suicide for the sake of an offhand joke.

ni·hil·ism. (ˈnīəˌlizəm,ˈnēəˌlizəm)

the rejection of all religious and moral principles, in the belief that life is meaningless.

the doctrine of an extreme Russian revolutionary party c. 1900 which found nothing to approve of in the established social order.


  • negativity
  • cynicism
  • pessimism
  • rejection
  • repudiation
  • renunciation
  • denial
  • abnegation
  • disbelief
  • nonbelief
  • unbelief
  • scepticism
  • lack of conviction
  • absence of moral values
  • agnosticism
  • atheism
  • nontheism

Another one of Daria’s key traits is her staunchness, as she is often highly opinionated, sometimes harshly judgmental and even smug at points. Although she is ultimately fair, and will admit to being wrong after proven as such, she is typically opposed to or at least wary of generally accepted social norms and notions, as well as things such as superstition, and can be somewhat quick to anger in a divisive argument. Her sense of morality and unwillingness to conform often frustrates her family and the school faculty, but occasionally makes them proud when conformity would be unjust. She has admitted to having generally low opinions of others, but does occasionally socialize with Jodie Landon and Mack, and acknowledges them as two of the few decently intelligent and respectable students going to Lawndale. She once confided to Jodie that she knows her unaccepting and uninclusive attitude isn’t the perfect way to go about seeing the world, but it’s simply her most comfortable form of interaction. As Boxing Daria entails, this is rooted in poor childhood experiences of not relating to other kids and being mocked for it. This repeated result, compounded by her belief that she was becoming a burden to her parents, motivated her to stop trying to interact with people altogether and instead shield herself from possible rejection by isolating herself voluntarily.

In her own words, she is highly defensive to the point of actively trying to make people dislike her so that she won’t feel bad when they do. Although her stance on most things is unwavering, Daria is also highly self-aware, which is fairly evident given her sense of humor, but this means she is also willing to look at herself in the same critical light in order to learn from her mistakes. While her character is largely the same by the end of the series, she makes multiple strides to come out of her shell and reach out to people throughout it’s run, often with mixed but ultimately enlightening results.

The character is a smart, snarky, sensitive teenage girl in an otherwise “normal” environment. This is to say that she doesn’t fit in all that well, and was often subject to ridicule – and would ridicule back, poking at the idiocies of her peers, her elders, and herself. Though an outcast at her school, she has earned a degree of grudging, nearly surprising respect from her fellow students. (Surprising because there’s little evidence that they are capable of appreciating her.) She attempts to fly under the radar and blend into the background, but keeps getting drawn in to situations against her will, where she either restores sanity or causes things to descend into further chaos.

A career aptitude test in “It Happened One Nut” said she’d do well as a mortician: “Your lack of interest in personal interaction makes you an ideal candidate for working with the dead.” She was not happy with this result.

She has described Jane Lane as basically the only real friend she’s ever had. “The Daria Diaries” states she was “always invited to slumber parties” as a pre-teen, but only because she had an adult library card and could bring along sex-filled romance books.

Daria has a high intelligence for her age group, knowing about a wide variety of subjects and noted to be both at the top of many classes and getting straight A’s. However, Daria is shown to be quite lazy and apathetic: she manages to get her high grades despite, as far as we can see, not working that hard.

Her experience with romance appears to have been limited for most of her teenage life, until Tom Sloane consisting largely of a few dates and odd flirtations (see RobertTed DeWitt-Clinton, and Trent Lane).

Her parents try repeatedly to make her more sociable and ‘normal’. Although their intentions are well meant, these are usually in ways that are clearly unsuitable for Daria or outright idiotic; Daria attempts to get out of these at first opportunity, and more often than not, she usually ends up bringing out and showing why said ways don’t work, on both her and those who are also dragged along with her.

Daria enjoys reading classic literature from a variety of eras and genres – including Catch-22 (“Quinn the Brain“) and beatnik novel Howl (“The Old and the Beautiful“) – and arty foreign films (“Monster“). She also enjoys incredibly trashy junk culture, including B-movies and Sick, Sad World, and is frequently attending Punk Rock and Alt. Rock concerts (“Road Worrier“), (“Ill“), (“Pierce Me“) and playing incredibly violent video games (“The New Kid“, “The Story of D“). She collects medical teaching supplies and replicas of medical oddities. (“The Daria Database“, “Of Human Bonding“)

She is often viewed as miserable and gloomy by her peers and by adults, something she states annoys her in “The Misery Chick“: “I’m not miserable! I’m just not like them.”

Sources like “The Daria Diaries“, “Cafe Disaffecto“, and “Camp Fear” have established the following about Daria’s pre-Highland High life:

Daria Morgendor was born in  June 23, 1979 she was a very grumpy looking baby and toddler. (“Diaries”) She and Quinn drove babysitter after babysitter to despair with their sibling warfare, causing one to have a heart attack. (“The Big House“) When she was young, she was forced to play the flute: she stopped in third grade and her dad accidentally ran the flute over two years later. The tune of ‘Pop Goes The Weasel’ brings back bad memories. (“Cafe Disaffecto”)

Daria found it hard to fit in at school and early on decided to stop bothering. Her parents would be called in to school time and again over this. (“Boxing Daria“) The Morgendorffers visited the Grand Canyon when Daria was around ten or so – Helen spent the visit on her cell phone to work. (“Diaries”) She was sent to Camp Dragonfly and Camp Grizzly during the summer holidays. Grizzly in particular was hell for her, causing her to be trapped with the bullying Skip Stevens and sycophantic Amelia in close contact. Young Daria had an adult library card. This meant she was invited to a lot of slumber parties by other girls, because she could rent out books with sex scenes in them (including Sons and Lovers). (“Diaries”) When she was twelve, she started using Shakespearian insults on teachers. (“Boxing Daria”).

Beavis and ButtHead

Daria’s [concept]… was the only note from the network, a development note, and I actually agreed with it that it’d be a good idea to have a female character who didn’t necessarily like [Beavis and Butt-head] but kinda tolerated them.

Mike Judge about Daria’s genesis in the Beavis and Butt-Head DVD boxset

In Daria’s first incarnation as a recurring character on Beavis and Butt-head, she formed a female, intelligent foil to the two male dunderheads. (She was, a producer/writer for the show stated, “the smart girl who hung around with Beavis and Butt-head because it annoyed her parents.”) Often, the two would openly mock her and refer to her as “Diarrhea.” Daria was named by Mike Judge after a girl at his school who’d had that name… and also been nicknamed “Diarrhea”. He cites David Felton as coming up with her look (“like Lynda Barry“) and with the character, with producer John Andrews creating the original design.

Beavis and Butt-head took place in a small town called Highland in Texas, where Daria, Beavis, and Butt-head were in the ninth grade at Highland High.

Tracy Grandstaff‘s voice for Daria starts off sounding normal and gradually become deeper and flatter, though the full monotone version from her own series would not be completed until “Esteemsters“.

Daria scientific stuff

Though she is not amused by their antics, she does not have the passionate hatred for them that  Principal McVicker and Coach Buzzcut have nor does she really believe there is any hope for them either as Mr. Van Driessen had. At times, she would also make fun of the two for their stupidity. In the episode U. S. History, she turned around to talk to the duos and said they’ll never graduate, and she told them that “to graduate” means to be all done with the final year of school.

In It’s a Miserable Life, it is stated that Butt-Head had been responsible for giving her a negative outlook on boys. In the final episode of the series when the boys “died,” Daria expressed the sentiments that Beavis and Butt-head did not have very bright futures to look forward to. She was one of the few characters that the duo never managed to drive crazy as they had with many other students and teachers. In the Marvel comic books, however, the duo did manage to push her closer to the edge than they did in the TV show.

This early version of Daria was not as sarcastic or cutting (at least not to the lads) as she would be in Daria, and in a number of episodes would be shown trying to explain simple concepts or solutions to them, sometimes without any jokes at their expense at all. This side of Daria would be played down in her own show. (In the Beavis and Butt-head comic book, Daria was more prone to sarcastic remarks.) Butt-head was more willing to listen to her (and usually called her by her real name to her face), while Beavis appeared to irritate her more than Butt-head.

In one episode, Daria’s snarky mouthing off to then-President William J. “Bill” Clinton earned her some amused, and probably unwanted, respect from Beavis and Butt-head. “Daria’s cool,” Butt-head informed Beavis.

In an off-canon canon interview on the CBS Early Show (January 2002), Daria was asked whether she still keeps in touch with the duo, and replied: “I’d like to but first, they have to figure out that when the telephone makes that funny sound, you’re supposed to pick it up and say hello.”

In her eponymous series, Daria is a bespectacled, plain, unfashionably dressed, but highly intellectual and seemingly cynical teenage girl who is portrayed as an icon of sanity in an insane household, with her vacuous, fashion-obsessed sister Quinn and career-obsessed parents Helen and Jake.

The new show moves her to the middle-class suburb of Lawndale. She attends Lawndale High School, where on her first day she meets Jane Lane, the artist and classmate who will be her first real friend and her best friend through the rest of her high school life. Their strong friendship and mutual endurance of gloomy adolescence was a motif of the series, which survived despite Jane’s boyfriend, Tom Sloane, becoming Daria’s.

While much of the show is a vehicle for Daria’s droll deadpan monotone one-liners, a recurring plot element in early seasons is Daria standing up to misused authority, leading some fans to conclude that her apparent cynicism is only skin deep or at least that she is only cynical in the classical sense. The jump to main character also makes Daria become more angsty: she is now shown to have problems connecting to people or dealing with people she cares about.

Daria Jane

Daria’s personal views on politics and religion are subject to intense debate. Because she so often speaks with a sarcastic or cynical twist, one cannot always be sure she means what she says. In early episodes, she often said that she didn’t have a conscience, but it was repeatedly shown that she did have one. Although she could say cruel things to other people (especially Quinn), there were also cases where she acted out of kindness (e.g. The Old and the BeautifulI Loathe a ParadeIs It Fall Yet?).

According to the episode “Lane Miserables,” her height is 5’2″. Her eyes are brown, per an interview with Glenn Eichler and general implications made in “Through a Lens Darkly.”

Unlike most animated characters, Daria and her counterparts aged during the duration of the series. When the series began, Daria was a sophomore in high school and would graduate by the end of the series. (Depending on when she moved to Lawndale, as a Scorpio, she could’ve been fifteen for the first couple of episodes) When she graduated from high school in the show’s final TV movie, she was 18 years old. By the time graduation arrives, Daria’s character has undergone noticeable growth. She graduates from Lawndale High, winning the Dian Fossey Award “for dazzling academic achievements in face of near total misanthropy“, and crowning her acceptance speech with the assertion that “…[T]here is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza.”

mis·an·thro·py. [məˈsanTHrəpē] noun,

a dislike of humankind.

“the streak of misanthropy in his nature”

BL20-156 – Counting Down… 34/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp – Glassed over, amped up, and all rapped up even

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 34 has a couple of songs written for it.

This may be easier to listen to.

Appropriately, 34 is the atomic weight of selenium, a component of batteries.

If you said “Wow! That girl packing a nice pair of 34’s!”, you are simply saying she is loaded up with a couple of batteries.


BL20-155 – Counting Down… 35/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp – It’s a fuming red Stormer that brags about firemen!

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 35 does not get the respect it deserves. It is an absolute Stormer!

36 is both the square of six and a triangular number, making it a square triangular number.[1] It is the smallest square triangular number other than one, and it is also the only triangular number other than one whose square root is also a triangular number. It is also a circular number – a square number that ends with the same integer by itself (6×6=36).

Appropriately, 35 is the atomic weight of bromine, a component of fire extinguishers.

Woman workers at a Ministry of Aircraft Production factory which manufactures fire extinguishers for the Royal Air Force, 1941. (Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

If you said “Wow! They BOTH are packing a nice pair of 35’s!”, you are simply saying they are on their way to a fire with an extinguisher in each hand.

BL20-154 – Counting Down… 36/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp – “Supergirl’s triangular logic is just not fair”

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 36 needs to be better known.

36 is both the square of six and a triangular number, making it a square triangular number.[1] It is the smallest square triangular number other than one, and it is also the only triangular number other than one whose square root is also a triangular number. It is also a circular number – a square number that ends with the same integer by itself (6×6=36).

Appropriately, 36 is the atomic weight of krypton, used in light bulbs, the light is produced in fluorescent (NOT neon) bulbs.

If you said “Wow! Supergirl is packing a nice pair of 36’s!”, you are simply saying she is smuggling 2 pieces of kryptonite…. just before she dies… yes, BOTH she AND Superman have kryptonite as their, well… as their kryptonite!

Here at right, Lex Luthor used kryptonite rays and created a “Bad Supergirl” PROVING there IS an alternate universe and you can move between them… in comic books. If you are not a cartoon, you’re stuck in this universe with me.

BL20-153 – Counting Down… 37/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp – EXPLOSIVE! introducing colour as an issue

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 37 is impressive and very much of interest in a list of 42 lies. Especially when taken in context of 38.

Appropriately, 37 is the atomic weight of rubidium, the purple in fireworks

Dr. Suess only came up with 37 useful quotes.

“Kid, you’ll move mountains!”

“And will you succeed? Yes you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)”

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

BL20-152 – Counting Down… 38/42 of Queen (lies on behalf of citizens) v. Lepp

38 was responsible for the clarity we once had in choosing what we believed in. Today, that clarity has been replaced by some other forms of perceptibility. Appropriate or not.

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. 38 is impressive and is very much of interest in a list of 42 lies. Especially when taken in context of 37.

38 is the atomic weight of strontium, the element in TV picture tubes.

A “pair of 38’s” is an adolescent reference to mammaries which we need not examine here. I get the feeling no one wants to go there yet.

Let”s have dinner and think about it maybe?

If you see the number 38 everywhere you look, there’s no need to worry. That is a message from the angels and Ascended Masters, reminding you of their support and guidance in your current life circumstances.

The angels often use such signs to avert our attention and convey to us certain important messages. You only need to be attentive and watch for their signs. They can be quite explicit at times.

The angels are very persistent when there’s something they want to share with us.

BL20-151 – Counting Down… 39/42 of Queen v. Lepp

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you. Even the ominous 39 is of interest in a list of 42 lies.

Our series of 42 is at 39, an auspicious year for everyone.

But not as auspicious as for the Queen v. Lepp.

Queen – 1975

BL20-150 – Counting Down… 40/40

40, over 40. Sudbury. It all adds up. Well, it’s division, but it also adds up.

WEBDEV101 – When you retain eyeballs by offering a series, finishing it is crucial so next time readers will believe you.

BL20-149 – 6:00 am – 7:00 am open access exclusively for seniors

WEBDEV101 – Know your audience and adapt to them. Always.

Like Costco, we realize seniors deserve to read at leisure without the fear of being infected by other readers.

So, at 6:00 every day they can read for free for an entire hour since younger registered readers will be kept out. Also, they are still asleep.

BL20-148 – #41 of 42… counting down to #1

Where did all the bread go? Look no further.

Well, unless you register you can look no further.