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BL20-100 – Is This The Apocalypse?, or, Should I Bother Trying To Save My Business?

As another part of my duty to help fellow businessmen survive these trying times, I am doubling up on the “Daily Tips” for my subscribers and you also get it…

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BL20-099 – The Importance of a Memorable Logo For Your Web Site

Note: Those of you on the paid service will notice I used the normal post numbering scheme and not the one for subscribers. This is called “free sampling”. You will…

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BL20-098 – Imbedding Video In Your Post To Attract New Clients

The easiest way in WordPress is to simply copy/paste the URL link and wrap some words around it to make it obvious what the link will reveal. So, let’s say…

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BL20-097 How To Build Excitement into Your Site

The next lesson is on Marketing your new site. How can you build anticipation and excitement in your viewers? In lesson 7 you learned how to determine your IP Address….

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BL20-096 – Study the Competition, Is Your Web Site Performing?

So your blog or web site is humming now. How is it performing? It is up to you to check out your competition. Look for other web sites similar to…

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BL20-094 – TVO is a model for others designing their new website

As you pick your new blog’s theme, consider TVO at chose a theme of investigations. And they keep at it. It is important to be consistent and focused. Don’t…

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BL20-093 – Remote PC (yours) Support

So, it’s COVID-19 and you have a PC problem, but so many companies are not even answering their phones. What to do? I can connect remotely to your PC, talk…

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BL20-091 – How Effective is a Street View virtual tour?

I am often asked to prove that $150 for a virtual tour will get paid back in business. Fact: People love virtual tours over simple flat photography because they can…

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BL20-092 – Lesson #13 – Developing A Web Site – The Wayback Machine

Those of you getting the private posts have already: Found an ISP Made up a catchy domain name Chose WordPress as your web site and blog software Created your theme…

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Protected: Password is 5 digit case number nnnnn in 4911-998-20-nnnnn-00 March 4 arrest. DOCS are ready now….Bail Review Hearing May 22, 2020 9:30 am – Documents are here.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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BL20-089 – cancelled – Request a Street View tour, pay at the Aurora Food Pantry

Let’s see if we can keep our neighbors fed during the pandemic. Cancelled 5/20/20 due to lack of interest of the Pantry and no Aurora businesses of 500 offered had…

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BL20-088 – Mayday! May 13, 2020: The Revival Of BLA

Your only authorized and active Street View photographer is now able to work during COVID-19. There are a few “good” things that happen in emergencies… people find out what they…