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BL19-136 – Jayne Dough is SLAPP’ing me around Monday August 26, 2019

Court: 10:00 am, 8th floor, 393 University Ave.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

a line from the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. 
A foot tall stack of PROOF it is not a SLAPP suit

THIS is the $18,000 Fraud,… J. Schabas awarded $18K for this stack which was NEVER heard!

I blogged and emailed the miss-represented spite fence built by Jayne Dough. She admitted that in court under oath. She built it ONLY because neighbour told her to remove the gate post she drilled 12 inches across 4 feet deep 100% on her neighbour’s land without asking. She assumed it was OK to go off of her OWN Land and completely ONTO the neighbour’s land and “almost touching the wall” erected a gate post to keeps her doing in the yard. She thought her neighbour would APPROVE of blocking her from her own land.

She was wrong, she was TOLD she was wrong, and so she retaliated by building a spite fence JUST 8 inches from 3 windows, blocking access to the neighbour’s own home. She admitted doing this in October 2018 in Small Claims Court, sworn in and on the stand.

She testified she built a spite fence.

“Had we left the gate where it was , there would never have been a fence.”

“We would just be living harmoniously”

“So just the gate alone would’ve – none of this would’ve happened.”

Ending at line 17

Page 576 at line 11….

Then Lawyer Adrian admitted in final submissions:

“The fence does not encroach above ground.”

If it did not encroach below ground she would have said that.

She is trying to get a “default judgement” of $80,000 from me for advocating for her neighbour when She built a “Spite Fence” right on her neighbour’s land without discussion or permission. She sued while I was in Mexico and I was a couple of days late filing my defence. She then filed with the court to have me placed “In Default” rather than read my defence.

She admits the gate post was 100% in trespass.

“A” is “A-nswer of Jayne Dough on cross.

I hired a surveyor, Bob Pearson, to agree with her surveyor, Delph and Jenkins on Industrial Parkway. He had already sited the fence as in trespass from the first hole being drilled. She had her lawyer send Bob Pearson a letter threatening to tie him up in court if he completed the survey. He then refused to do the work I had contracted.

She then refused to take me out of default status for free. Repeatedly. Lawyers charge $3,000 and up to do that. I will move it for free on Monday. Once active, I will move this is a SLAPP suit and must be dismissed with costs and UNCAPPED damages of the judge’s choice.

The aggrieved neighbour sued her, and in court she was sworn in and admitted she and fence builder Shiner’s Fencing in Newmarket knew they had drilled ALL the fence posts as 12 inch holes STRAIGHT into her neighbour’s foundation. She bragged to the court that she had kept a chunk of concrete foundation as a souvenir, but it was too heavy to bring to court.

Monday, Gwendolyn Adrian of law firm Kramer, Dhillon, Simaan will litigate her lies in her $80,000 suit against me in court. She will lie that her client feels I should shut up about this HUGE matter of public interest. Ms. Adrian will go on to claim that I had no Charter Right to discuss and publish my many opinions on it.

I will show the judge what she said in the verbatim transcript of Small Claims last October. She admitted she knew all along she built the fence on her neighbour’s land. She described Shiner’s calling her out as they drilled post holes. I’ll subpoena Shiner’s Fence’s owner and her suit ends. Then, Works Director Allan Downey of Aurora will testify how he advised Aurora to NOT inspect the fence after the second surveyor said EXACTLY what the first one said… Trespass!

Then, he told Techa Van Leeuwen to refuse a second inspection. And then Techa swore in a council meeting there was nothing she could do about the trespass.

She paid for a SLAPP suit against me to shut me up. The courts on Monday will be asked to find her in violation of 137.1 in the Courts of Justice Act forbidding suits to silence public discussion and involvement. Aurora has been convicted once already of SLAPP, Mayor Phyllis Morris did it in 2009-2012. She tried to make it look like she sued when the Town was paying her lawyers. Mayor Day promised bloggers Bill Hogg and Dick Johnson he would not allow Aurora to ever do that again to a taxpayer.

Today, I am ALSO sued PRIVATELY and TOWN lawyers, PMLaw, will defend against me in a counter claim.

So, click to email your Councillors : or phone the Mayor 905 727-1375.

Ask them to stop wasting YOUR taxes suing me!

There is no secret why Jayne was unable to sell her home with the spite fence bringing new owners very obvious legal expenses to settle. She dropped $90,000 from the asking price and still it did NOT sell.

Come Monday to watch the fun!